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Last updated Thursday 20th May at 22:45

Results available now include all the comments so far sent to me. Please send any further comments to the address at the top of the results pages.

Unfortunately there was a software glitch somewhere in the system which I still haven't been able to trace. This meant that the information being downloaded from the start and stop boxes during the weekend didn't give all the start/stop times which ARE recorded on the tags. There wasn't time over the weekend to sort out the problem - besides, it is far too dangerous to try to radically alter code in real-time which is needed to keep the event running, particularly when one has been awake for so long - it is all too easy to break it. The good thing was that my backup system worked in that we had the data being stored in two different places: on the tag, and in the boxes, so if one or other had problems, the data was still held somewhere.

I've now re-read every tag and got the extra information missing from the downloads over the weekend.