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OMM 2006 Results

Results here will be regularly updated as any outstanding queries are processed.

Important note for B & C classes: Unfortunately the marshalls at the event centre on day 1 asked you to punch a start control S1 BEFORE you got onto your bus. This should not have happened. It was intended that you punch the start control only AFTER you got off the bus.

The tags only register the first time they see a control, so when you punched S1 again as you got off the bus this second control was not recorded, since the tags already had the previous S1 control registered. Consequently we cannot tell what time you got off the bus so don't know what time you actually started. It was hoped that since we knew what time each bus arrived, and knew who should have been on which bus, we would be able to work out your start time from that. However, because some competitors ignored the marshalling directions and parked their cars in the restricted areas at the entrance to the event centre, the buses were delayed because they could either not get in at all, or not turn around once they'd arrived. This caused the whole bus timetable to be seriously delayed. To avoid having people waiting so long out in the rain it was decided to pack the buses as quickly as possible when they did arrive, and it seems that way too many teams got on the wrong buses. Thus it was impossible to work out who arrived at the start at what time.

The controller therefore made a decision to start timing the courses from your time at the first control, so the time from S1 to DB (for the C class) and from S1 to DD (for the B class) has been ignored and treated as a 'road crossing timeout'.

Note for E,A,L,M,S classes: We have two ways to do the start times, we can use your programmed start time, or we can use a punched start time. One day 1, because of the parking difficulties with all the mud and the distance to the start there was a high probability of many teams turning up late, so the controller decided to go with punched starts for all. The decision was also made to punch at the Start-2 point so that marshalls could have time to check that all teams punched ok and to note any that weren't. This means that all run times are measured from the start-2 point, not the actual start, but the 2 minutes extra applies to everyone so it really doesn't matter. For score classes, the allowed time out was extended by 3 minutes so allow for the time difference so that penalties were not incurred.
For those armchair orienteers who have enquired as to why results were not immediately available online during the competition as usual, the camp sites and the event centre were in forests in remote areas of Scotland, with very limited phone availability - most of the time the signals drifted between no-signal and just one bar. At the C and S camp there was no signal at all apart from one spot around 800m away from where were working, at the other camp results were uploaded at 18:55 after trying 4 or 5 times for each file. All results were uploaded again at 01:15 on Sunday morning - this took over 90 minutes at a connection speed which dropped below 500 bits per second for much of the time...not exactly broadband! Sadly it simply isn't cost effective to install satellite uplinks for just a few hours use.
Note: if you downloaded these prior to 19:00 on Monday 30th October, please re-download them. The grid references in the orginal files were incorrect.

Class C - Handicap

Last updated: 19:51:41 Wednesday 29 November 2006
Key: a = allowed by controllerm = missingw = wrong not on this course (ignored)
posteamcategorycompetitorsday 1day 2totalh/capagemin/hr
1847VetBrian Morris & Alan Morris04:33:5204:29:4309:03:3505:53:2013021
2680VetDerek Graves & John Tasker05:08:2505:15:1510:23:4006:45:2313021
3925VetPer Sjogren & Hans Hedin03:53:2203:52:5707:46:1907:38:33911
4823VetNeville Baker & Dave Ryder03:58:1604:20:3108:18:4707:45:32974
5852VetPhil Bellamy & Tim Forster03:48:4404:15:1208:03:5607:47:49932
6665VetDavid Thompson & Keith Bell05:19:1404:39:4109:58:5507:49:1011413
7772VetRay Johnstone & Chris Johnstone04:29:5304:32:1909:02:1207:49:551058
8601VetGreg Manning & Chris Mutton05:42:1205:19:0911:01:2107:53:5912217
9718VetColin Prior & Derek Quirk05:25:3904:29:1109:54:5007:55:5211312
10728MixVetAnne Jago & Mike Solomon05:50:3905:13:5111:04:3007:56:1412317
11785MixVetIsabel McCord & Derek McCord05:29:3804:47:2610:17:0408:03:2311513
12743VetAndy Cleminson & Dave Norsworthy04:24:5203:47:2208:12:1408:04:02911
13610VetDei Huws & Jim Bennell04:10:0204:30:0208:40:0408:05:24964
14647VetIain Reid & Halliday Peter04:43:0804:32:5309:16:0108:11:091037
15900VetA/USteve Bush & Dave Smith04:02:3604:30:1308:32:4908:24:17911
16794VetIan Marshall & Graham Decourcy05:35:5805:00:5010:36:4808:29:2711212
17731VetJeff Goodwin & John Bacon04:31:5404:15:4608:47:4008:30:05922
18854VetPeter Mullarkey & Phil James04:35:1604:22:5208:58:0808:31:14943
19786VetNigel Priestley & Tosh Brannan04:47:0704:24:5709:12:0408:35:16974
20682MixVetIan Whitehead & Mandy Whitehead04:57:3704:36:3809:34:1508:36:501016
21875VetAlan Huyton & Philip Hopkins05:24:3505:24:0510:48:4008:38:5611212
22764VetMichael Gigg & Simon Stokes04:43:2304:16:1608:59:3908:41:40932
23745MixVetAlex Brett & Lynda Johnston04:55:1904:36:5409:32:1308:44:32985
24868VetJohn Worth & Roger Ramsbottom05:13:2204:33:0009:46:2209:07:17964
25784VetSean Dolan & Glen Mallett05:31:0005:44:4811:15:4809:23:1010910
26753VetEdward Rockliffe & Sam Sherratt06:23:0306:27:3512:50:3809:25:0812116
27795VetLaurence Dunn & Steven Briggs05:03:1304:40:4709:44:0009:34:16911
28804VetSimon Willis & Jerzy Krol04:57:3105:07:2410:04:5509:34:41953
29698VetChristopher Huntley & Ivan Field05:17:2904:29:1909:46:4809:37:02911
30662VetGrant Carstairs & Gordon Binnie05:05:0205:05:5510:10:5709:40:25943
31863VetDavid Christopher Gilbert & Cledwyn Jones07:59:1506:12:1814:11:3309:41:5412619
32781MixVetDave Chapman & Karine Palacios05:09:1904:44:3809:53:5709:44:04901
33910FemVetJanice Nisbet & Dominique Desoutter05:23:5405:07:5710:31:5109:49:44964
34661VetRoy Ashman & John Forster06:14:5905:32:5311:47:5209:49:5410910
35640VetDave Swallwell & Christopher Elgenia05:13:1504:47:2510:00:4009:50:40911
36726VetNigel Burnett & Ray Powell05:54:0705:12:4211:06:4910:00:091016
37606VetP/CDavid Cheesewright & Robert Cheesewright06:26:2306:30:4612:57:0910:08:4711413
38818VetMark Bealey & Stephen Smith05:13:1605:06:4310:19:5910:09:40901
39638VetMark Weaver & Neil McInnes05:20:5005:24:0310:44:5310:12:39943
40617VetJohn McGinty & Andrew Middleton05:58:2204:43:2710:41:4910:20:26922
41880VetNorman Staples & Darren Graham05:29:1605:24:0010:53:1610:20:37953
42894VetDavid Chisman & David Clarke05:10:3205:20:3710:31:0910:20:38911
43845FemVetDenise Ellis & Janet Hill06:41:3504:59:1611:40:5110:42:27995
44827VetRobert Stork & Michael Lucking06:05:0605:51:5111:56:5710:57:13995
45633FemVetJean Hall & Christine Middleton08:08:0207:17:2015:25:2211:18:3712016
46663MixVetRichard Bartlett & Miranda Bartlett06:33:2506:38:4013:12:0511:26:291048
47624VetLeslie Pullen & Mark Newell06:30:4405:59:4412:30:2811:27:56985
48816VetMarc Compernol & Hans Vancauwenbergh06:05:1906:06:4012:11:5911:35:24953
49896VetJos Van Leeuwen & Bert Van Der Knaap08:00:2406:15:3914:16:0311:53:2310910
50798VetIan Harris & Richard Colman05:54:2606:36:1612:30:4212:05:41922
51720VetJim Murphy & Joe Mattews06:36:4906:31:4213:08:3112:15:57974
52697VetSteve Clinton & Mark Thomas07:00:4206:45:1313:45:5513:32:10901
53643VetGary Waller & Kevin Jack07:29:0406:47:4114:16:4513:48:12922
54687MixVetChris Jones & Cindi Fewlass07:41:0406:48:2214:29:2614:00:28922
55890VetAnthony Lavin & John Clarke08:05:1708:10:1616:15:3314:05:291058
56773VetTony Mellon & John Gregory08:58:5906:30:5115:29:5014:27:51974