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OMM 2006 Results

Results here will be regularly updated as any outstanding queries are processed.

Important note for B & C classes: Unfortunately the marshalls at the event centre on day 1 asked you to punch a start control S1 BEFORE you got onto your bus. This should not have happened. It was intended that you punch the start control only AFTER you got off the bus.

The tags only register the first time they see a control, so when you punched S1 again as you got off the bus this second control was not recorded, since the tags already had the previous S1 control registered. Consequently we cannot tell what time you got off the bus so don't know what time you actually started. It was hoped that since we knew what time each bus arrived, and knew who should have been on which bus, we would be able to work out your start time from that. However, because some competitors ignored the marshalling directions and parked their cars in the restricted areas at the entrance to the event centre, the buses were delayed because they could either not get in at all, or not turn around once they'd arrived. This caused the whole bus timetable to be seriously delayed. To avoid having people waiting so long out in the rain it was decided to pack the buses as quickly as possible when they did arrive, and it seems that way too many teams got on the wrong buses. Thus it was impossible to work out who arrived at the start at what time.

The controller therefore made a decision to start timing the courses from your time at the first control, so the time from S1 to DB (for the C class) and from S1 to DD (for the B class) has been ignored and treated as a 'road crossing timeout'.

Note for E,A,L,M,S classes: We have two ways to do the start times, we can use your programmed start time, or we can use a punched start time. One day 1, because of the parking difficulties with all the mud and the distance to the start there was a high probability of many teams turning up late, so the controller decided to go with punched starts for all. The decision was also made to punch at the Start-2 point so that marshalls could have time to check that all teams punched ok and to note any that weren't. This means that all run times are measured from the start-2 point, not the actual start, but the 2 minutes extra applies to everyone so it really doesn't matter. For score classes, the allowed time out was extended by 3 minutes so allow for the time difference so that penalties were not incurred.
For those armchair orienteers who have enquired as to why results were not immediately available online during the competition as usual, the camp sites and the event centre were in forests in remote areas of Scotland, with very limited phone availability - most of the time the signals drifted between no-signal and just one bar. At the C and S camp there was no signal at all apart from one spot around 800m away from where were working, at the other camp results were uploaded at 18:55 after trying 4 or 5 times for each file. All results were uploaded again at 01:15 on Sunday morning - this took over 90 minutes at a connection speed which dropped below 500 bits per second for much of the time...not exactly broadband! Sadly it simply isn't cost effective to install satellite uplinks for just a few hours use.
Note: if you downloaded these prior to 19:00 on Monday 30th October, please re-download them. The grid references in the orginal files were incorrect.

Long Score - Handicap

Last updated: 19:22:17 Sunday 5 November 2006
Key: a = allowed by controllerm = missingw = wrong not on this course (ignored)
pos teamcategorycompetitorsday 1day 2totalageh/capnett
11190VetChristopher Lumb & Stephen Lumb23018041010235445
21068VetPeter Gorvett & Phil Cox22015037010540410
31168VetTrevor Smith & Dave Prentice17512329812490388
41089VetBill Johnson & Rod Sutcliffe1851803659620385
51024VetDave Marr & Roger Jay17014531511155370
61054VetColwyn Jones & Bill Shaw16815031810950368
71037VetAlan Duncan & Rob Woodall22010932910235364
81177MixVetKevin Gooch & Rachael Gooch16015031010850360
91044VetJohn Price & Andy Heald18012530510745350
91106VetAndy Howie & Darren Dunn190155345905350
91180VetAlan Stone & Haydn Griffiths1801603409310350
91181VetBrian Layton & Paul Eastwood18013531510235350
131026MixVetAdrian Moir & Ellie Salisbury195145340905345
131154VetDavid Howarth & Steve Powell1751503259620345
151270VetIan Cowie & Glen Davies2109730710235342
161215MixVetAnnette Morris & Phil Cheek18012530510335340
171191VetLawrie Jones & Andy Clough19011530510030335
181235VetAndy Wilson & Malcolm Sizer1809027011260330
191088VetColin Spears & Michael Dugmore14565210135115325
191127VetRichard Ayres & Simon Richards2101053159210325
191141VetAlan Kitchener & William Patterson17510528010745325
191171VetDerek Fryer & Mike Readman1759026511360325
231232VetTom Westgate & Richard Hakes1791303099515324
241094VetGraeme Beavers & Dave McPartlan1501553059415320
241234VetMaurice Musson & Kevin Saville1801203009720320
261138VetRobert Small & John Bagge1801253059210315
271116VetA/UIan Charlesworth & Geoffrey Dimelow1801152959515310
271121VetTony Morley & Peter Eagan1801203009210310
271134MixVetNicky Spinks & Steve Burgess170135305905310
271179VetClive Giddis & Martin Smith1801152959415310
311224VetTim Joynson & Andy Gibson1721172899720309
321103VetSteve Jeffs & Anthony Sinton1751152909515305
331135VetMike Wimpenny & Steve Brodfield15811527310130303
341041MixVetBill Maxwell & Fiona Maxwell1601222829310292
351018VetA/UMichael Mitchell & Sara Green160125285905290
361166VetDavid Nicholson & Paul Garner1558023510850285
371077VetTom Hutchison & Richard Thorn1501052559925280
371204VetEric Winfield & Ian Cooksey1509024010540280
391084VetTim Lord & Cris Miles150115265905270
401201MixVetDavid Wilson & Helen Wilson1501002509210260
401220VetWilliam Taylor & Alan Neilson160752359925260
421193VetPaul Williams & Paul White9613022610130256
431069VetMark Pearce & Alan Easingwood16090250915255
431247MixVetDavid Fryer & Cherry Fryer1407521510540255
451241VetSteve Leach & Allan Pollock1406820810745253
461074MixVetMike Goodyer & Maggie Beggs150852359415250
471216MixVetHelen Macdonald-Jones & Glenn Macdonald-Jones1605021010335245
471246VetHywel Watkin & Alan Parry1506521510030245
491231VetJerzy Matuszewski & Frank Reilly1185517311670243
501174VetPhil Hodgson & Dave Makin180472279515242
511071VetPhil Martin & Mike Saul145752209415235
511261VetP/CDavid Adamson & Greg Adamson1101152259210235
531003VetDavid Funnell & James Parker1405519510235230
541113VetDavid Wolfendale & Ray Barlow1006016011465225
551264VetTerry Nelson & Anoy Bennett1383016810745213
561189MixVetCarol Emmons & Richard Sagar130551859825210
571029VetMartinus Bijl & Chris Day907016010745205
581142VetIan Grace & Brian Davies905514511055200
581160VetNigel Tansley & Martyn Williams1205017010030200
601038VetIan Dorling & Ken Caunter116651819515196
611198VetMark Stevens & Don Anderson110641749620194
621228VetSteve Rust & John Harding15033183905188
631169VetA/UJohn Bennett & Tim Staniland110601709210180
641221MixVetPaul Champion & Susan Wilkin1202214210030172
651233VetP/CRoger Hadland & Nicholas Hadland96551519720171
651272VetAndy Kilby & Robert Woodward1003613610235171
671214FemVetHilary Bondi & Sheila Silcock901010010745145
681222MixVetDennis Mitchell & Pamela Caswell70-39311115586
691095VetWarren Danby & Peter Thompson203555992580