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OMM 2006 Results

Results here will be regularly updated as any outstanding queries are processed.

Important note for B & C classes: Unfortunately the marshalls at the event centre on day 1 asked you to punch a start control S1 BEFORE you got onto your bus. This should not have happened. It was intended that you punch the start control only AFTER you got off the bus.

The tags only register the first time they see a control, so when you punched S1 again as you got off the bus this second control was not recorded, since the tags already had the previous S1 control registered. Consequently we cannot tell what time you got off the bus so don't know what time you actually started. It was hoped that since we knew what time each bus arrived, and knew who should have been on which bus, we would be able to work out your start time from that. However, because some competitors ignored the marshalling directions and parked their cars in the restricted areas at the entrance to the event centre, the buses were delayed because they could either not get in at all, or not turn around once they'd arrived. This caused the whole bus timetable to be seriously delayed. To avoid having people waiting so long out in the rain it was decided to pack the buses as quickly as possible when they did arrive, and it seems that way too many teams got on the wrong buses. Thus it was impossible to work out who arrived at the start at what time.

The controller therefore made a decision to start timing the courses from your time at the first control, so the time from S1 to DB (for the C class) and from S1 to DD (for the B class) has been ignored and treated as a 'road crossing timeout'.

Note for E,A,L,M,S classes: We have two ways to do the start times, we can use your programmed start time, or we can use a punched start time. One day 1, because of the parking difficulties with all the mud and the distance to the start there was a high probability of many teams turning up late, so the controller decided to go with punched starts for all. The decision was also made to punch at the Start-2 point so that marshalls could have time to check that all teams punched ok and to note any that weren't. This means that all run times are measured from the start-2 point, not the actual start, but the 2 minutes extra applies to everyone so it really doesn't matter. For score classes, the allowed time out was extended by 3 minutes so allow for the time difference so that penalties were not incurred.
For those armchair orienteers who have enquired as to why results were not immediately available online during the competition as usual, the camp sites and the event centre were in forests in remote areas of Scotland, with very limited phone availability - most of the time the signals drifted between no-signal and just one bar. At the C and S camp there was no signal at all apart from one spot around 800m away from where were working, at the other camp results were uploaded at 18:55 after trying 4 or 5 times for each file. All results were uploaded again at 01:15 on Sunday morning - this took over 90 minutes at a connection speed which dropped below 500 bits per second for much of the time...not exactly broadband! Sadly it simply isn't cost effective to install satellite uplinks for just a few hours use.
Note: if you downloaded these prior to 19:00 on Monday 30th October, please re-download them. The grid references in the orginal files were incorrect.

Short Score - Handicap

Last updated: 19:51:41 Wednesday 29 November 2006
Key: a = allowed by controllerm = missingw = wrong not on this course (ignored)
pos teamcategorycompetitorsday 1day 2totalageh/capnett
11721MixVetPaul Dodd & Joyce Dodd25516542010030450
21807VetArthur Boyt & Dick Amour164114278134115393
31749VetChris Buxton & David Turton270873579925382
41775VetRichard Brewster & Richard Griffiths225111336915341
51646VetJohn Mursell & Sean Driscoll11517529010645335
61694MixVetJulie Carter & John Byrne1201752959825320
71656VetRay Collins & Jonathan Howell10215926110540301
81735VetAndrew Gates & Michael Letheren11013524510130275
91628MixVetVal Belton & Mark Elder1151332489925273
101710VetSteve Hall & Pete Fenlan1251172429925267
111608VetStephen Hutchinson & Ian Alexander7813120911055264
121654FemVetVeronica Crawford & Sue Hands1354017512385260
131816VetAndy Mullett & Chris Unsworth-White168682369210246
141740VetDean Robinson & John Oaks856515011565215
151867FemVetLinda Smith & Elaine Stewart135591949210204
161737VetRichard Towler & Stephen Searle1053013511260195
171820VetGareth Roberts & Robin Phillips1451115610130186
181788MixVetDavid Watson & Claire Watson127371649720184
191835VetPeter Manancourt & John Franklin705312311360183
201746VetGary Allsopp & Peter Smith11760177905182
211744VetAshley Cooper & Steve Darling70851559925180
221814MixVetPeter Tayler & Hazel Tayler135341699210179
231847VetMervyn Bassett & Rorigh Ainslie1351014510030175
241793VetRuss Liddell & Alex Mead951110611260166
251623VetSteve Hampshire & Doug Taylor-Helps105441499210159
261834VetPeter Cheung & Ian Twiselton145-2012510030155
271703VetRobert Tooze & Michael Cope60228211670152
281645VetColin Harding & Ian Hudson753010510645150
281707VetDennis Beard & John Anderson371350129100150
301630VetAlan Hunt & Daniel Brison125141399310149
311822VetWilliam Ion & Bruce Kinnear153-221319415146
321872VetAlan Craft & Alan Fortune70-195112385136
331800VetRod Smith & Melvyn Holloway95-276811360128
331875VetRobert Salisbury & Robert Heywood65-224312385128
351741VetDavid Heaney & Colin Tanner145-26119905124
361714MixVetJill Manning & Ken Manning75-324311770113
371799VetRaymond Stone & Graham Stuart115-526310645108
381683MixVetDiana Mitchell & Clyde Mitchell105-822312180103
391790MixVetRichard Gledhill & Judith Anne Jones90-1278972098
401755MixVetPatrick Murray & Pamela Murray45-29161187591
411862VetPaul Stephens & David Lomas631477921087
421803VetDelme Rees & John Owen40-3911238586
431731VetPaul Hutton & Peter Gillespie45358091585
441648VetDavid Morrow & Graham Riminton501868921078
451717VetNeil Short & Bob Gardener40206091565
451860FemVetAnne Darlington & Helena Burrows812201064565
471658FemVetHelen Goodall & Patti Colquhoun50-4641105559
481663VetP/CDavid Jones & Philip Jones75-47281013058
491767MixVetMike Hobson & Sheila Hobson30-33-31136057
501777VetMartin Brown & Andrew Muston81-4734941549
511718FemVetMargaret Huyton & Mary White55-80-251126035
521627VetAnthony Hatfield & Andrew Wright60-546982531
531824VetPeter Wood & Ray Burgess-19-58-77121803
541668VetBrian Palmer & Merlyn Vyner-8411-7311770-3
551699VetRichard Croft & Mervyn McGowan-5132-199415-4
561760VetTony Tombs & Dave Meek-41-24-6511360-5
571869MixVetJudith Evans & Lester Evans40-93-5310335-18
581784VetDavid Murray & John Hammond-31-82-11311875-38
591768MixVetIan Smith & Denise Smith-87-7-94905-89
601661VetPaul Nicholls & Norman King11-150-13910440-99
611697MixVetKate Small & David Yetton-53-91-14410335-109
621762VetA/UDavid Patton & Benjamin Patton-52-88-14010130-110
631704MixVetElizabeth Treherne & Simon St.Leger-Harris-27-92-119905-114
641844VetColin McMurtry & Barry Breed-28-244-272128100-172
651854FemVetJane Breed & Anne McMurtry-76-236-31211360-252
661692FemVetAdrienne Garner & Sally Collison0-390-39010540-350
671605FemVetCaroline Langdon & Claire Palmer-353-189-542915-537