Penny Lane Striders 10k : 1st July 2001

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name club time mins/mile mins/km
11st1st u/40M1st M
Lee Cadwallader

22nd2nd u/40M2nd MBrian CurriePembSeft32:36

33rd3rd u/40M3rd MMark LaithwaiteWiganPhx32:57

44th1st M454th MMichael McDevittWirralAC33:06

55th4th u/40M5th MJohn HuntSthLpool33:34

66th5th u/40M6th MPaul SankeyLiv RC33:57

77th1st M407th MGeoff RawlinsonWarr AC34:06

88th6th u/40M8th MNigel GrantSthLpool34:17

99th7th u/40M9th MIan MagillLiv RC34:33

1010th8th u/40M10th MHermann Buys 34:45

1111th9th u/40M11th MJason Vlasman 34:50

1212th2nd M4012th MStephen MacavoySthLpool34:55

1313th3rd M4013th MAndy StarkeyWChesh34:59

1414th10th u/40M14th MMaurice CollinsLiv RC35:19

1515th11th u/40M15th MNick LloydDLloyd R35:22

1616th1st M5016th MDarrell SorenPembSeft35:23

1717th12th u/40M17th MSteve SpenceWirralAC35:27

1818th4th M4018th MStephen LeonardFordHale35:32

1919th13th u/40M19th MPaul Jamieson 35:36

2020th14th u/40M20th MPhil LanganRivacreR35:39

2121st2nd M5021st MPhilip BaileyLiv RC35:42

2222nd2nd M4522nd MJim PriceLiv RC35:42

2323rd3rd M4523rd MBill FaircloughLiv RC35:57

2424th5th M4024th MRick BowkerSptWloo36:05

2525th6th M4025th MChris PedderNewburgh36:12

2626th7th M4026th MKeith HattonLivpoolH36:15

2727th1st L351st L
Jill Taylor

2828th15th u/40M27th MAdrian RoachCleeth36:20

2929th16th u/40M28th MIain WedgeDLloyd R36:32

3030th8th M4029th MRay Cole16736:39

3131st3rd M5030th MAlan PoverStockprt36:40

3232nd1st u/35L2nd LHelen LawrenceWirralAC36:54

3333rd17th u/40M31st MPaul SchumannMarconiH37:03

3434th18th u/40M32nd MNeil RothwellSptWloo37:10

3535th4th M4533rd MJohn ChaplinChorleyH37:11

3636th2nd u/35L3rd LR ConnollyWirralAC37:14

3737th9th M4034th MSean ButlerSale H37:16

3838th10th M4035th MPete HowarthSale H37:31

3939th19th u/40M36th MMichael BoydWallasey37:35

4040th1st L454th LSusan CooperSptWloo37:38

4141st20th u/40M37th MNeil ChestersLivpoolH37:46

4242nd21st u/40M38th MPaul Bell15137:49

4343rd3rd u/35L5th LGill JonesWiganPhx37:55

4444th5th M4539th MTony WrightWirralAC37:56

4545th22nd u/40M40th MBobby RiddawaySkemBoun37:57

4646th23rd u/40M41st MArthur Wilson4838:07

4747th6th M4542nd MArthur CurlettLiv RC38:09

4848th24th u/40M43rd MJulian JacobsSalford38:11

4949th25th u/40M44th MRobert Porter 38:14

5050th7th M4545th MFrank MurphyWalmsley38:16

5151st4th M5046th MMike WalkerSptWloo38:19

5252nd1st M6047th MStan FitzpatrickLiv RC38:24

5353rd11th M4048th MAndrew WaringBirkenhd38:25

5454th8th M4549th MAndie GowRRunners38:27

5555th4th u/35L6th LElizabeth DuttonLivpoolH38:29

5656th26th u/40M50th MSteve BroadfootLiv RC38:31

5757th1st M5551st MChris SlavinLiv RC38:33

5858th27th u/40M52nd MWilliam Davies17038:36

5959th28th u/40M53rd MShaun Duffy18838:53

6060th5th M5054th MJohn Freeman 38:54

6161st29th u/40M55th MMark YoungLiv RC38:55

6262nd2nd M5556th MMichael LearyWiganPhx38:57

6363rd1st L407th LJacky ThornValeRoyl39:01

6464th9th M4557th MJohn AppletonStHelens39:01

6565th12th M4058th MPaul HowellsToneZone39:06

6666th2nd L358th LSarah SingletonLivpoolH39:11

6767th30th u/40M59th MJames DowneyWirralAC39:25

6868th31st u/40M60th MWilliam MerrittLiv RC39:27

6969th32nd u/40M61st MMike HoughtonSpectrum39:29

7070th13th M4062nd MJohn DurandRedHerrg39:32

7171st3rd M5563rd MKeith Crute 39:36

7272nd33rd u/40M64th MGary JonesBolton39:39

7373rd34th u/40M65th MPeter Mallison 39:52

7474th4th M5566th MAlan BewleyFordHale39:53

7575th6th M5067th MJohn MorrisWolv&Bil39:59

7676th10th M4568th MEddie Taylor2640:01

7777th11th M4569th MAlan MealingSpectrum40:02

7878th14th M4070th MPaul CalderbankWilmslow40:07

7979th12th M4571st MPeter ButlerLiv RC40:08

8080th35th u/40M72nd MDerek Hendy15240:09

8181st5th u/35L9th LDavid Low17140:13

8282nd36th u/40M73rd MJohn Littler22040:13

8383rd13th M4574th MSteve HollisRRunners40:21

8484th37th u/40M75th MDavid Bond19740:24

8585th15th M4076th MMark LloydSale H40:26

8686th7th M5077th MTim WarnUnited U40:28

8787th38th u/40M78th MConor MurphyFordHale40:29

8888th8th M5079th MBernard RileyLivpoolH40:31

8989th39th u/40M80th MMichael Williams19340:33

9090th40th u/40M81st MChris Harbron 40:57

9191st41st u/40M82nd MGary Burcher 41:16

9292nd42nd u/40M83rd MChris Marshall4641:18

9393rd43rd u/40M84th MBrian Duckworth6641:19

9494th44th u/40M85th MAnthony Chadwick20541:20

9595th16th M4086th MPaul McDonald10341:21

9696th5th M5587th MYiannis TridimasBowland41:22

9797th9th M5088th MMal GodfreyPensbyRR41:23

9898th45th u/40M89th MRobert BurkeLiv RC41:27

9999th2nd L4010th LClare HawkesWirralAC41:28

100100th46th u/40M90th MAlex Power 41:39

101101st3rd L4011th LAnne BrizellOswestry41:42

102102nd47th u/40M91st MJoseph Connolly18041:43

103103rd48th u/40M92nd MMartin Swensson 41:44

104104th49th u/40M93rd MMartin Tyrer8841:45

105105th50th u/40M94th ME Kabluczenko22341:53

106106th14th M4595th MPhilip HowarthToneZone41:54

107107th15th M4596th MMichael Stenson4741:55

108108th51st u/40M97th MIan Dodds 41:57

109109th16th M4598th MBarry ChambersValeRoyl41:58

110110th52nd u/40M99th MBarry Powell6742:00

111111th53rd u/40M100th M? ?29042:04

112112th4th L4012th LGill DarbyPembSeft42:05

113113th54th u/40M101st MShaun Molloy 42:08

114114th55th u/40M102nd MJulian ClarkeDLloyd R42:11

115115th3rd L3513th LMichelle MurphyLivpoolH42:14

116116th56th u/40M103rd MIan Burgess10642:16

117117th57th u/40M104th MPeter RossLiv RC42:20

118118th17th M45105th MMike Evans1942:23

119119th58th u/40M106th MPeter WongVillageR42:26

120120th59th u/40M107th MPaul JohansenWirralAC42:34

121121st60th u/40M108th MAnthony Condliff21942:35

122122nd61st u/40M109th MDerek Farrington7142:36

123123rd62nd u/40M110th MSteve BeechVillageR42:37

124124th63rd u/40M111th MPaul Newcome 42:39

125125th18th M45112th MLes Read17942:40

126126th10th M50113th MChris LambTattenhl42:41

127127th11th M50114th MPat HenleyLivpoolH42:42

128128th19th M45115th MJohn RaffertyWallasey42:43

129129th12th M50116th MMeiron RobertsDenbighH42:44

130130th5th L4014th LKaren ButlerSale H42:45

131131st20th M45117th MTony WrightWirralAC42:46

132132nd21st M45118th MJim McClaneWirralAC42:47

133133rd17th M40119th MGary ThompsonLivpoolH42:48

134134th6th L4015th LSue GreeneLiv RC42:49

135135th22nd M45120th MArthur Smith 42:50

136136th23rd M45121st MBrian LimacherNthWales43:01

137137th24th M45122nd MAlan Clarey543:04

138138th25th M45123rd MBrian GriffithsRivacreR43:05

139139th6th u/35L16th LPaula CooperWirralAC43:06

140140th18th M40124th MPaul HanniganMarconiH43:12

141141st64th u/40M125th MSimon Booth11443:13

142142nd65th u/40M126th MAlan JonesWrexham43:14

143143rd7th u/35L17th LSarah BetteridgeWorksop43:15

144144th19th M40127th MA SingletonPensbyRR43:16

145145th2nd M60128th MTerry HarperWirralAC43:17

146146th66th u/40M129th MAndrew SpencerWirralAC43:18

147147th8th u/35L18th LJan CulshawLiv RC43:21

148148th13th M50130th MRonnie Smith14943:34

149149th67th u/40M131st MSteven TroakeLiv RC43:34

150150th20th M40132nd MIan AinscoughDeeStrid43:35

151151st68th u/40M133rd MGareth Sumner2543:36

152152nd21st M40134th MMichael BreslinWalmsley43:37

153153rd6th M55135th MM HopkinsonNth Vets43:38

154154th69th u/40M136th MJason Dowling2943:40

155155th70th u/40M137th MCarl Fairclough9143:45

156156th71st u/40M138th MJohn Briers9043:46

157157th26th M45139th MJohn Nolan7543:48

158158th27th M45140th MPaul Young1043:49

159159th72nd u/40M141st MMoiz Alibhai 43:50

160160th22nd M40142nd MAndy Fitzsimons 43:51

161161st14th M50143rd MDavid RedpathSpectrum43:51

162162nd23rd M40144th MJohn TateRugeley43:52

163163rd28th M45145th MJohn TyrerLiv RC43:56

164164th9th u/35L19th LTracey Molloy 43:57

165165th24th M40146th MGraham Furniss8643:58

166166th15th M50147th MJames McGlynn 44:01

167167th16th M50148th MPeter Jones12344:02

168168th1st M65149th MGordon BrownLivpoolH44:04

169169th25th M40150th MMark Ward1244:15

170170th73rd u/40M151st MMike Parker 44:16

171171st74th u/40M152nd MPeter CornesValeRoyl44:19

172172nd17th M50153rd MJohn DooleySpectrum44:24

173173rd29th M45154th MBarry AllmanHorwich44:26

174174th75th u/40M155th MJohn Maddocks1444:29

175175th76th u/40M156th MIain WoodsToneZone44:32

176176th18th M50157th MAlan DursonRivacreR44:33

177177th26th M40158th MDavid GodwinWallasey44:35

178178th19th M50159th MRoy Tasker 44:43

179179th77th u/40M160th MA McClements15344:44

180180th1st L5020th LSusan BennettWirralAC44:45

181181st30th M45161st MStephen Church11744:49

182182nd78th u/40M162nd MMichael Kendall9644:50

183183rd79th u/40M163rd MMark FazakerleyToneZone44:51

184184th80th u/40M164th MRobert Saunders20644:52

185185th27th M40165th MWill Weir 44:53

186186th81st u/40M166th MJames Lamond 44:56

187187th10th u/35L21st LJulia Day47444:58

188188th82nd u/40M167th M? ?29545:00

189189th83rd u/40M168th MPaul Filkins5945:07

190190th28th M40169th MPhillip BrizellOswestry45:10

191191st31st M45170th MPhil Marriott5145:12

192192nd84th u/40M171st MAshley Whiting 45:18

193193rd3rd M60172nd MJohn RichmondSthLpool45:22

194194th20th M50173rd MHarry CowleyRRunners45:25

195195th29th M40174th MColin Leyland19145:34

196196th7th L4022nd LJanet ChaplinChorleyH45:36

197197th85th u/40M175th MMike McCabe 45:37

198198th32nd M45176th MDavid KendallSptWloo45:47

199199th21st M50177th MJim EdwardsBirkenhd45:49

200200th4th L3523rd LB Gaillard49845:50

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Number finishing in each age group out of the 480 finishers in the race
Men under 40 168
Men 40 to 44 59
Men 45 to 49 54
Men 50 to 54 35
Men 55 to 59 12
Men 60 to 64 8
Men 65 to 69 6
Men 70 to 74 2
Men 75 to 79 1
Ladies under 35 61
Ladies 35 to 39 22
Ladies 40 to 44 24
Ladies 45 to 49 11
Ladies 50 to 54 12
Ladies 55 to 59 3
Ladies 60 to 64 2