Preston Ladies 10k : 26th August 2001

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All Results - All Ages : position 1 to 200

pos in
pos in
age group
pos in
name club time mins/mile mins/km
11st1st L451st L
Joan Jackson
Nth Vets42:11

22nd1st u/35L2nd L
Rachel Smith

33rd1st L353rd L
Karen Bradley

44th1st L404th L
Anne Sweeney

55th2nd u/35L5th L
Jayne Perry

66th2nd L456th LGen WilliamsPennyLn46:18

77th2nd L357th LPaula RivasSkemBoun48:27

88th3rd L358th LMichelle HoldenBlkburn48:39

99th3rd u/35L9th LKatherine Ross 49:25

1010th3rd L4510th LChristine PerryLanc&Mor50:10

1111th4th L3511th LRose GannSROrient50:19

1212th4th u/35L12th LLaura Hargreaves 50:32

1313th5th u/35L13th LHeather BeatieLanc&Mor50:38

1414th6th u/35L14th LCarolin Pover 50:40

1515th2nd L4015th LAnnie DownieKeswick51:14

1616th5th L3516th LC Gallagher 51:37

1717th1st L6017th LDoreen CallanBelleVue52:00

1818th6th L3518th LSue Turner 52:01

1919th7th u/35L19th LCarla Miller 52:27

2020th8th u/35L20th LAngela LetchfordLanc&Mor52:35

2121st9th u/35L21st LD Summerland 52:36

2222nd1st L5522nd LCarolyn DouglasRed Rose52:43

2323rd7th L3523rd LJosie Birmingham 52:54

2424th3rd L4024th LFelicity Cross 53:21

2525th8th L3525th LTracey ElkingtonLanc&Mor53:42

2626th9th L3526th LGale EvansBowland 53:50

2727th1st L5027th LEileen InghamBury AC53:59

2828th10th L3528th LA Hargreaves 54:36

2929th10th u/35L29th LElaine Sheaton 54:44

3030th4th L4030th LJeanette Grimes 54:45

3131st11th L3531st LC Collinson 54:52

3232nd12th L3532nd LAlison BuryBlkburn55:03

3333rd5th L4033rd LVal RobertsClayton55:29

3434th1st L6534th LEvelyn ElkintonLanc&Mor55:45

3535th6th L4035th LB DavidsonIlkley H55:50

3636th11th u/35L36th LShiela Best 56:09

3737th13th L3537th LAndrea Hudson 56:30

3838th12th u/35L38th LVicky Brete 56:31

3939th2nd L5539th LJudith DeakinPrestonH56:32

4040th13th u/35L40th LDebbie RudlandBlkburn56:39

4141st7th L4041st LJanet HoldenBurnley57:05

4242nd4th L4542nd LJanice PughGM Fire57:09

4343rd3rd L5543rd LD FairhurstStHelens57:14

4444th2nd L6044th LPatricia AshtonNth Vets57:22

4545th14th L3545th LColleen Pike 57:24

4646th15th L3546th LSarah Sharrock 57:36

4747th4th L5547th LMonica BrownPennyLn57:41

4848th14th u/35L48th LM Charnet-Ruit 58:03

4949th8th L4049th LPauline HartleyTrawden58:07

5050th16th L3550th LJuanita Sintes 58:15

5151st15th u/35L51st LNatalie McGuffie 58:15

5252nd17th L3552nd LLiona RidingBlkburn58:38

5353rd18th L3553rd LJill Cooper 58:39

5454th9th L4054th LJacqui Pugh 58:43

5555th10th L4055th LJanet O'Brien 58:58

5656th16th u/35L56th LTamara Castillo 58:59

5757th17th u/35L57th LCath Catterson 59:18

5858th19th L3558th LDiane Ogden 59:38

5959th11th L4059th LC Fletcher 59:40

6060th18th u/35L60th LTina Carr 59:58

6161st20th L3561st LBrenda Harg 1:00:21

6262nd19th u/35L62nd LAngela McGee 1:00:29

6363rd12th L4063rd LJane CoupeIlkley H1:00:32

6464th20th u/35L64th LJoanne Hayter 1:00:56

6565th21st u/35L65th LClaire Marsden 1:01:33

6666th13th L4066th LBarbara Wicks 1:01:42

6767th5th L4567th LHelen Fenton 1:02:41

6868th6th L4568th LFreda Peacock 1:02:41

6969th22nd u/35L69th LKirsten McAteer 1:03:12

7070th7th L4570th LRose McIver 1:03:30

7171st8th L4571st LBarbara Wignall 1:04:05

7272nd21st L3572nd LHelen Atherton 1:04:19

7373rd22nd L3573rd LJudith Flynn 1:04:19

7474th9th L4574th LSusan Makinson 1:05:22

7575th23rd L3575th LJulia Collinson 1:06:28

7676th10th L4576th LGill Towers 1:06:29

7777th24th L3577th LAngela Tranter 1:07:17

7878th23rd u/35L78th LEmma Jenkinson 1:07:32

7979th24th u/35L79th LJoanne WhitworthGM Fire1:08:04

8080th14th L4080th LMarie Broughton 1:10:03

8181st25th u/35L81st LAmanda Watson 1:10:04

8282nd26th u/35L82nd LNicola Knox 1:11:45

8383rd15th L4083rd LSuzanne Baines 1:12:17

8484th11th L4584th LCynthia NuttallBurnden1:12:28

8585th2nd L5085th LT CooksonRed Rose1:14:02

8686th27th u/35L86th LAlison Walsh 1:15:30

8787th28th u/35L87th LSandra ParkinsonGM Fire1:15:54

Number finishing in each age group out of the 87 finishers in the race
Men under 40 0
Men 40 to 44
Ladies under 35 28
Ladies 35 to 39 24
Ladies 40 to 44 15
Ladies 45 to 49 11
Ladies 50 to 54 2
Ladies 55 to 59 4
Ladies 60 to 64 2
Ladies 65 to 69 1