4th Mersey Tunnel 10k : 23rd September 2001

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All Results - All Ages : position 1 to 200

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name club time mins/mile mins/km
11st1st u/40M1st MStephen SpenceWirralAC35:41

22nd1st M452nd MChris ShawVivid RC36:59

33rd1st M403rd MLeonard Murphy 37:09

44th2nd M454th MAndie GowRRunners37:23

55th1st M505th MIan CarsonWrexham37:25

66th2nd u/40M6th MCarl Page 37:29

77th3rd u/40M7th MSteve BroadfootLiv RC37:45

88th4th u/40M8th MPaul Bell 38:00

99th3rd M459th MTony SmithRivacreR38:01

1010th2nd M5010th MAndrew McCallum 38:06

1111th4th M4511th MStephen O'Neill 38:59

1212th5th u/40M12th MTim CourtWiganPhx39:16

1313th2nd M4013th MAnth ParkinsonNth Vets39:18

1414th3rd M4014th MLeslie FleetwoodRivacreR39:19

1515th6th u/40M15th MSimon Edwards 39:23

1616th7th u/40M16th MMike Entwistle 39:27

1717th8th u/40M17th MBarry Powell 39:29

1818th9th u/40M18th MPhil MonaghanFearnvil39:30

1919th4th M4019th MDavid BestonAbbeyRun39:32

2020th10th u/40M20th MArian Tartari 39:34

2121st5th M4521st MStephen HollisRRunners39:38

2222nd5th M4022nd MIan McCann 39:44

2323rd11th u/40M23rd MMichael WebsterWirralAC39:44

2424th6th M4524th MFred RobertsPensbyRR39:50

2525th1st M6025th MEric FogartyStHelsSt39:52

2626th12th u/40M26th MAlec Power 39:57

2727th13th u/40M27th MPhilip Williams 39:58

2828th14th u/40M28th MIan Russell 40:02

2929th15th u/40M29th MRobert Mitchell 40:22

3030th16th u/40M30th MBarry Higson 40:33

3131st6th M4031st MPeter Bolton 40:53

3232nd17th u/40M32nd MMark Sims 40:56

3333rd18th u/40M33rd MMike CunninghamSptWloo40:58

3434th1st L351st LRuth IsaacsPensbyRR40:59

3535th7th M4534th MHenry Baggaley 41:00

3636th8th M4535th MThomas Wilcock 41:01

3737th3rd M5036th MFrancis Slavin 41:32

3838th19th u/40M37th MDavid Whitley 41:41

3939th20th u/40M38th MPeter Larsen 41:42

4040th9th M4539th MHoward BarlowBpool&Fy41:43

4141st21st u/40M40th MInnes MacdonaldWigan H41:45

4242nd4th M5041st MJohn Badley 41:47

4343rd10th M4542nd MJohn TyrerLiv RC41:54

4444th22nd u/40M43rd MMike SmithNew Frst41:57

4545th23rd u/40M44th MKenneth Burns 41:58

4646th24th u/40M45th MMichael Robson 41:59

4747th7th M4046th MGraham Furniss 42:00

4848th8th M4047th MMatthew Nelson 42:03

4949th25th u/40M48th MMark Cartman 42:05

5050th26th u/40M49th MAndrew PierceyWirralAC42:06

5151st11th M4550th MColin McCallumPembSeft42:07

5252nd27th u/40M51st MKevan Collier 42:08

5353rd9th M4052nd MGordon WhelanSoton42:11

5454th28th u/40M53rd MMike Parker 42:12

5555th10th M4054th MPatrick CorriganBirkenhd42:13

5656th29th u/40M55th MAndy McAllister 42:23

5757th30th u/40M56th MMichael BurnsRivacreR42:24

5858th31st u/40M57th MPeter Whitehead 42:29

5959th32nd u/40M58th MTrevor Jones 42:30

6060th33rd u/40M59th MRaymond Williams 42:31

6161st34th u/40M60th MJohn Breckell 42:38

6262nd35th u/40M61st MPhilip Royles 42:41

6363rd36th u/40M62nd MMichael Abbott 42:42

6464th11th M4063rd MMichael Shevlin 42:45

6565th12th M4064th MMichael Brady 42:47

6666th37th u/40M65th MAlan Berry 42:47

6767th5th M5066th MJohn Griffiths 42:51

6868th12th M4567th MTerence LongPennyLn42:52

6969th38th u/40M68th MPaul JohansenWirralAC42:54

7070th2nd L352nd LAlison MacdonaldRivacreR42:55

7171st39th u/40M69th MDavid Platt 42:58

7272nd40th u/40M70th MAndy AbramSthpStr43:01

7373rd13th M4071st MAnthony Beyea 43:03

7474th14th M4072nd MPeter ElliottPensbyRR43:10

7575th1st M6573rd MGordon BrownLivpoolH43:11

7676th2nd M6074th MReg ArmstrongPembSeft43:14

7777th13th M4575th MColin Williams 43:15

7878th41st u/40M76th MPeter HinmanLincolnW43:16

7979th42nd u/40M77th MBarrie Murphy 43:18

8080th14th M4578th MPaul TurnerAvonVall43:25

8181st1st L453rd LThelma Davies 43:26

8282nd15th M4079th MJohn PercivalRRunners43:32

8383rd43rd u/40M80th MDave Kirkham 43:46

8484th44th u/40M81st MPaul Filkins 43:46

8585th45th u/40M82nd MSyd Anderson 43:48

8686th15th M4583rd MGeorge Williams 43:49

8787th16th M4584th MTom Carson 43:50

8888th46th u/40M85th MAllan Hayman 43:51

8989th47th u/40M86th MMichael Joyce 43:52

9090th48th u/40M87th MJoseph Hall 43:53

9191st49th u/40M88th MVincent Kelly 43:56

9292nd1st M5589th MJames Johnson 43:57

9393rd16th M4090th MMike Jennings 44:10

9494th17th M4091st MPeter Kyle 44:18

9595th50th u/40M92nd MAlan Williams 44:21

9696th18th M4093rd MChris Riley 44:23

9797th19th M4094th MMartin GreeneLiv RC44:24

9898th51st u/40M95th MWarren MarshallPennyLn44:28

9999th17th M4596th MMike BlackurnLiv RC44:29

100100th3rd M6097th MMalcolm Parry 44:31

101101st52nd u/40M98th MGary Smith 44:35

102102nd20th M4099th MSte Butterfield 44:37

103103rd53rd u/40M100th MJohn Prebble 44:38

104104th21st M40101st MMark Ward 44:41

105105th22nd M40102nd MMark Nile 44:42

106106th54th u/40M103rd MDavid CousinsSAfrica44:42

107107th55th u/40M104th MMark PembrokeWallasey44:45

108108th23rd M40105th MStephen Brown 44:49

109109th56th u/40M106th MDavid Dillon 44:49

110110th18th M45107th MLeslie Read 44:58

111111th19th M45108th MPaul Bownbill 44:59

112112th6th M50109th MRoy Tasker 45:04

113113th24th M40110th MDavid Kenney 45:06

114114th25th M40111th MPeter Leavesey 45:10

115115th57th u/40M112th MRichard Williams 45:20

116116th20th M45113th MDavid CartmanLittLegg45:25

117117th26th M40114th MJohn Houghton 45:26

118118th58th u/40M115th MGraham Morton 45:26

119119th59th u/40M116th MLeslie IsaacsPensbyRR45:32

120120th60th u/40M117th MMark Ward 45:36

121121st61st u/40M118th MGerard CarneyLiv RC45:37

122122nd27th M40119th MAndrew Cowing 45:37

123123rd28th M40120th MJohn Kearney 45:38

124124th21st M45121st MJames SmithNW Vets45:41

125125th22nd M45122nd MDavid Johnson 45:43

126126th29th M40123rd MTerry Maher 45:47

127127th62nd u/40M124th MShaun Phoenix 45:50

128128th63rd u/40M125th MThomas McHugh 45:52

129129th7th M50126th MAlan Brighouse 45:53

130130th23rd M45127th MJoseph Furmedge 45:54

131131st64th u/40M128th MMark PoveyWChesh45:59

132132nd1st L404th LHelen SandelandsNth Vets46:05

133133rd30th M40129th MJohn Morrison 46:05

134134th65th u/40M130th MA Hayes 46:06

135135th66th u/40M131st MDavid Graham 46:08

136136th67th u/40M132nd MKurt Goldman 46:12

137137th31st M40133rd MKevin Simon 46:13

138138th68th u/40M134th MSimon Booth 46:13

139139th69th u/40M135th MClive George 46:14

140140th32nd M40136th MGareth Thomas 46:14

141141st24th M45137th MJim Coats 46:17

142142nd25th M45138th MMichael Dooris 46:22

143143rd33rd M40139th MSteve MoorhouseKnowsley46:28

144144th34th M40140th MMark Roche 46:29

145145th35th M40141st MBrian Duckworth 46:30

146146th70th u/40M142nd MPhilip Hilton 46:30

147147th2nd L405th LAnn Hughes 46:31

148148th71st u/40M143rd MJoseph Chambers 46:32

149149th1st u/35L6th LAngela Stratford 46:32

150150th72nd u/40M144th MRichard Grisdale 46:33

151151st73rd u/40M145th MStephen Godwin 46:33

152152nd26th M45146th MBarry McKeanKnowsley46:35

153153rd4th M60147th MBill MansleyNth Vets46:36

154154th27th M45148th MFrank Adlen 46:36

155155th74th u/40M149th MDavid BohlLiv RC46:40

156156th36th M40150th MWill McAllister 46:43

157157th75th u/40M151st MPaul Holsgrove 46:48

158158th76th u/40M152nd MAndrew Rigby 46:49

159159th2nd M55153rd MTony Smith 46:49

160160th77th u/40M154th MSteven Belmar 46:50

161161st78th u/40M155th MJ Hibbert-Jones 46:53

162162nd3rd M55156th MJames Telford 46:57

163163rd8th M50157th MKenneth Williams 47:00

164164th2nd u/35L7th LMelanie CheungLittLegg47:02

165165th79th u/40M158th MNeil ShackladySptWloo47:04

166166th80th u/40M159th MTimothy Jones 47:05

167167th37th M40160th MJames Dooris 47:07

168168th81st u/40M161st MJames Derby 47:12

169169th82nd u/40M162nd MRoy Morris 47:14

170170th83rd u/40M163rd M? ?97847:15

171171st38th M40164th MKevin Groom 47:15

172172nd84th u/40M165th MPhillip Cross 47:19

173173rd4th M55166th MErnie PryceNth Vets47:21

174174th9th M50167th MGraham O'Neill 47:22

175175th85th u/40M168th MAntony Roberts 47:24

176176th10th M50169th MJohn Blower 47:26

177177th11th M50170th MEdward Aliu 47:29

178178th86th u/40M171st MAndrew DoyleMersyPol47:30

179179th39th M40172nd MPaul Shannon 47:33

180180th87th u/40M173rd MAnthony Price 47:37

181181st28th M45174th MAnthony Mallon 47:38

182182nd88th u/40M175th MColin Sawer 47:45

183183rd29th M45176th MAlan Clarey 47:49

184184th89th u/40M177th MPhilip Charles 47:52

185185th90th u/40M178th MDarren Slack 47:56

186186th5th M55179th MJohn TaylorBICCPres47:56

187187th91st u/40M180th MIan Watts 47:59

188188th92nd u/40M181st MIan Hadwin 48:01

189189th93rd u/40M182nd MChris Gettel 48:06

190190th40th M40183rd MGerry Fairhurst 48:11

191191st5th M60184th MFrank HughesNewWorld48:13

192192nd30th M45185th MDavid Douglas 48:14

193193rd31st M45186th MPhil Marriott 48:14

194194th94th u/40M187th MMichael Tomkins 48:17

195195th95th u/40M188th MPaul Goodenough 48:18

196196th12th M50189th MDavid Owen 48:20

197197th96th u/40M190th MGarry Colgan 48:26

198198th97th u/40M191st MEdward JonesDeeStrid48:28

199199th98th u/40M192nd MPhilip QuigleyBirkenhd48:28

200200th13th M50193rd MFrank McCann 48:29

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Number finishing in each age group out of the 498 finishers in the race
Men under 40 183
Men 40 to 44 82
Men 45 to 49 55
Men 50 to 54 34
Men 55 to 59 17
Men 60 to 64 15
Men 65 to 69 7
Ladies under 35 29
Ladies 35 to 39 29
Ladies 40 to 44 22
Ladies 45 to 49 11
Ladies 50 to 54 8
Ladies 55 to 59 5
Ladies 60 to 64
Ladies 65 to 69
Ladies 70 to 74 1