Northern and Midland University Cross Country

20th November 2002

Men's race
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All Results - All Ages : position 1 to 200

pos in
pos in
age group
pos in
name club time mins/mile mins/km
11st1st u/35L1st LJulia RussellHallam17:51

22nd2nd u/35L2nd LRuth ProctorHallam17:54

33rd3rd u/35L3rd LSarah WilliamsLoughbgh17:58

44th4th u/35L4th LLiz DayNottingh18:06

55th5th u/35L5th LDonna DalyHallam18:09

66th6th u/35L6th LRebecca RobinsonNewcastl18:10

77th7th u/35L7th LJo AnwerNottingh18:33

88th8th u/35L8th LErica MartinLoughbgh18:44

99th9th u/35L9th LOlivia WalwynDurham18:54

1010th10th u/35L10th LBecky CronshawNottingh19:25

1111th11th u/35L11th LAndrea WoodvineNottingh19:30

1212th12th u/35L12th LNicola FifieldDurham19:31

1313th13th u/35L13th LRachael TownendNottsTr19:35

1414th14th u/35L14th LRebecca SmithLoughbgh19:45

1515th15th u/35L15th LSarah PurvisLoughbgh20:05

1616th16th u/35L16th LAnna FergusonNottingh20:09

1717th17th u/35L17th LNisha DesaiNottingh20:10

1818th18th u/35L18th LHarriet LanterLoughbgh20:14

1919th19th u/35L19th LJenny AbbottDurham20:18

2020th20th u/35L20th LEstelle DamantLoughbgh20:19

2121st21st u/35L21st LCharlotte AdamsDurham20:20

2222nd22nd u/35L22nd LSusanna DaleLoughbgh20:57

2323rd23rd u/35L23rd LMichelle MaddickHallam21:14

2424th24th u/35L24th LRona MacnivenLoughbgh21:19

2525th25th u/35L25th LMichelle HoltDurham21:25

2626th26th u/35L26th LAlice NaylorLoughbgh21:26

2727th27th u/35L27th LEmma BarrattNottsTr21:37

2828th28th u/35L28th LAlison DraperNottingh21:39

2929th29th u/35L29th LEmily HooperNottingh21:45

3030th30th u/35L30th LKate ChapmanNewcastl22:24

3131st31st u/35L31st LVicky StevensonHull22:57

3232nd32nd u/35L32nd LGemma JohnsonNottsTr24:19

3333rd33rd u/35L33rd LAnna ShoneNottsTr24:38

3434th34th u/35L34th LLaura CondonNottsTr24:44

3535th35th u/35L35th LJenny BlackmanLoughbgh25:34

Number finishing in each age group out of the 35 finishers in the race
Men under 40 0
Men 40 to 44
Ladies under 35 35
Ladies 35 to 39