Northern and Midland University Cross Country

20th November 2002

Ladies race
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All Results - All Ages : position 1 to 200

pos in
pos in
age group
pos in
name club time mins/mile mins/km
11st1st u/40M1st MEd JacksonNottingh32:04

22nd2nd u/40M2nd MJames WalshDurham32:37

33rd3rd u/40M3rd MPaul MilesLeedsMet32:38

44th4th u/40M4th MJames HenryLoughbgh32:44

55th5th u/40M5th MNicholai BabilNottingh32:49

66th6th u/40M6th MAdam DysonHallam33:08

77th7th u/40M7th MJamie PlumbNottingh33:20

88th8th u/40M8th MChris ClementNottingh33:28

99th9th u/40M9th MTim WoodthorpeNottsTr33:37

1010th10th u/40M10th MMatt NicholsonLeedsMet33:51

1111th11th u/40M11th MRicky WilsonLoughbgh33:58

1212th12th u/40M12th MTim LawrenceNewcastl34:07

1313th13th u/40M13th MBruce RaesideNottsTr34:08

1414th14th u/40M14th MChris PownerLoughbgh34:25

1515th15th u/40M15th MJohn MuddemanNottsTr34:34

1616th16th u/40M16th MDave RaganHallam34:44

1717th17th u/40M17th MChris WrightonNottingh34:46

1818th18th u/40M18th MMark CarterDerby35:11

1919th19th u/40M19th MJames BoxalLeedsMet35:16

2020th20th u/40M20th MMatt KrelleNottingh35:31

2121st21st u/40M21st MPhil SangerDurham35:35

2222nd22nd u/40M22nd MTom BushDurham35:37

2323rd23rd u/40M23rd MRick O'TooleHallam35:41

2424th24th u/40M24th MJames ThompsonDurham35:53

2525th25th u/40M25th MScott WardmanLeedsMet35:54

2626th26th u/40M26th MChris WilsonDurham35:55

2727th27th u/40M27th MSteven DunnLeedsMet36:13

2828th28th u/40M28th MAndrew GreenleafNottingh36:18

2929th29th u/40M29th MMartin GauntNottingh37:01

3030th30th u/40M30th MStuart FallLoughbgh37:21

3131st31st u/40M31st MThomas DanbyNewcastl38:00

3232nd32nd u/40M32nd MMartin ReganHull38:14

3333rd33rd u/40M33rd MStuart SharpDerby38:21

3434th34th u/40M34th MWill TownsendNewcastl38:55

3535th35th u/40M35th MPete LeareyNottsTr39:23

3636th36th u/40M36th MMark SmithDurham39:36

3737th37th u/40M37th MMatt GibsonNewcastl39:41

3838th38th u/40M38th MPaul HighamNewcastl39:47

3939th39th u/40M39th MPete FisherHallam40:15

4040th40th u/40M40th MFather TedDurham40:35

4141st41st u/40M41st MTom ReynoldsDurham40:36

4242nd42nd u/40M42nd MMichael ChaterNewcastl41:10

4343rd43rd u/40M43rd MChristian TrummeHull41:55

4444th44th u/40M44th MGary ThurtleHull42:09

4545th45th u/40M45th MRichard LaveryHull42:39

4646th46th u/40M46th MDave PattersonDurham43:23

4747th47th u/40M47th MIan WallaceNottsTr43:31

4848th48th u/40M48th MDrew GathererNottsTr43:46

Number finishing in each age group out of the 48 finishers in the race
Men under 40 48
Men 40 to 44
Ladies under 35 0
Ladies 35 to 39