PAA Cross Country Championship

Formby, 9th March 2002

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All Results - All Ages : position 1 to 200

pos in
pos in
age group
pos in
name club time mins/mile mins/km
11st1st u/40M1st M
Steve Cairns

22nd2nd u/40M2nd M
Darren Daniels

33rd3rd u/40M3rd M
Mathew Tomlinson

44th4th u/40M4th M
Ian Wetherhall

55th5th u/40M5th M
Malcolm Fowler

66th6th u/40M6th M
Simon Paterson

77th7th u/40M7th MNeil ArmsworthNorthumb36:56

88th8th u/40M8th M
Martin Slein

99th9th u/40M9th M
Karl Webster

1010th10th u/40M10th MJohn BentNorthumb37:56

1111th11th u/40M11th MRhys PetersGwent38:05

1212th12th u/40M12th MBill GilroyNorthumb38:14

1313th1st M4013th MIain CampbellMetro38:29

1414th2nd M4014th MSimon MorleySussex38:32

1515th13th u/40M15th MMichael HarveyFife39:02

1616th14th u/40M16th MTony CarrolSYorks39:07

1717th15th u/40M17th MDarren RileyWMids39:10

1818th3rd M4018th MDavid HallNorthumb39:11

1919th4th M4019th MTony CaultonDerbysh39:13

2020th16th u/40M20th MNigel CookKent39:25

2121st17th u/40M21st MStuart BanwellAvon39:36

2222nd18th u/40M22nd MJohn PrettyStrathcl39:40

2323rd5th M4023rd MDave TongeLancs39:47

2424th19th u/40M24th MPaul SandfordNorfolk39:48

2525th20th u/40M25th MColin ScottStrathcl39:52

2626th6th M4026th MJim BentlyGtrManch39:54

2727th7th M4027th MAlan SeamerNotts39:57

2828th8th M4028th MMark EvansGtrManch39:58

2929th21st u/40M29th MDerek WalkerEssex39:59

3030th22nd u/40M30th MCarl DunneWMids40:02

3131st23rd u/40M31st MNell DuttonWYorks40:05

3232nd24th u/40M32nd MRaymond MilliganHants40:08

3333rd25th u/40M33rd MEdward ArmstrongRUC40:09

3434th1st M4534th MPaul SpickNorthant40:12

3535th9th M4035th MChris WalkerWYorks40:14

3636th2nd M4536th MMick BondEssex40:28

3737th26th u/40M37th MBill HeatonCheshire40:33

3838th3rd M4538th MAlan DevanyWMids40:34

3939th27th u/40M39th MPaul BennieStrathcl40:38

4040th4th M4540th MAlan NewmanKent40:41

4141st5th M4541st MRichard WestWYorks40:49

4242nd10th M4042nd MNeal SmithNorthumb40:58

4343rd11th M4043rd MVis SpainEssex41:02

4444th28th u/40M44th MAlis0N PaddonKent41:12

4545th29th u/40M45th MLain TaylorCentScot41:22

4646th30th u/40M46th MDomonic O'BrienSussex41:28

4747th31st u/40M47th MPaul HardyWMids41:35

4848th6th M4548th MHarry YoungStrathcl41:36

4949th12th M4049th MSteve WallWMids41:36

5050th32nd u/40M50th MRuss WelchEssex41:39

5151st33rd u/40M51st MDavid RayfieldNorthant41:39

5252nd7th M4552nd MMalcolm HyderSussex41:39

5353rd34th u/40M53rd MBob FurseyKent41:40

5454th35th u/40M54th MDuncan MalloyLeics41:42

5555th36th u/40M55th MGary RooneyLincs41:58

5656th37th u/40M56th MDavid DeaconNorthumb42:01

5757th38th u/40M57th MSteve CableKent42:02

5858th39th u/40M58th MAdrew WrayCambr42:03

5959th40th u/40M59th MMark HillSussex42:04

6060th13th M4060th MMike GriffenDevonCor42:06

6161st41st u/40M61st MChris BlincowLeics42:07

6262nd14th M4062nd MJohn BrookerKent42:15

6363rd15th M4063rd MRobert SmithWYorks42:21

6464th8th M4564th MPeter GrayNorthant42:22

6565th16th M4065th MKevin BrayNorthumb42:27

6666th17th M4066th MMichael DickerSussex42:29

6767th42nd u/40M67th MSean BunnNorthant42:33

6868th43rd u/40M68th MTony PriceWMids42:38

6969th44th u/40M69th MAdrian MoodyKent42:39

7070th9th M4570th MKevin LincolnSYorks42:41

7171st18th M4071st MChris JeffsNWales42:47

7272nd45th u/40M72nd MMalcolm GrahamLothian42:55

7373rd19th M4073rd MHuw ProleBedford43:05

7474th46th u/40M74th MCraig MannMetro43:07

7575th47th u/40M75th MJeff RossNorthumb43:12

7676th48th u/40M76th MBen MabonSurrey43:14

7777th49th u/40M77th MBobby SatevenLothian43:16

7878th20th M4078th MDave McConvilleGtrManch43:20

7979th21st M4079th MAdrian AllsoppWMids43:22

8080th50th u/40M80th MSean McAllisterLincs43:23

8181st22nd M4081st MPeter OrmeDerbysh43:24

8282nd1st M5082nd MJohn McInnesStrathcl43:27

8383rd51st u/40M83rd MIan BaggottDevonCor43:43

8484th52nd u/40M84th MDarren ClarkeDerbysh43:43

8585th53rd u/40M85th MRichard GummeryKent43:45

8686th23rd M4086th MBarry FrostDevonCor43:49

8787th54th u/40M87th MPaul AllenHerts43:50

8888th24th M4088th MMalcolm DunneHumber43:55

8989th25th M4089th MJames MeekFife43:57

9090th55th u/40M90th MAlan AuldStrathcl44:01

9191st56th u/40M91st MJon LelliottSussex44:03

9292nd57th u/40M92nd MNick PowellDevonCor44:07

9393rd26th M4093rd MDavid HowarthAvon44:15

9494th2nd M5094th MSid PaskCentScot44:23

9595th58th u/40M95th MStewart CroulStrathcl44:24

9696th10th M4596th MKen WillisNorthant44:26

9797th59th u/40M97th MNick BoughayHerts44:29

9898th27th M4098th MJohn SansomBedford44:32

9999th11th M4599th MSteve AdelsbergKent44:33

100100th60th u/40M100th MMartin WilliamsWMids44:34

101101st28th M40101st MRod GrahamLancs44:36

102102nd29th M40102nd MGraham KayDevonCor44:37

103103rd30th M40103rd MDavid MitchellStrathcl44:46

104104th61st u/40M104th MCraig JonesNWales44:58

105105th31st M40105th MLiam O'BrlanNWales45:01

106106th62nd u/40M106th MJeff PurvesNorthumb45:02

107107th32nd M40107th MKevin LoftusDerbysh45:04

108108th33rd M40108th MMike BowronKent45:07

109109th63rd u/40M109th MNeil GreenDevonCor45:11

110110th64th u/40M110th MGary GoacherDerbysh45:17

111111th65th u/40M111th MNeale AdamsSussex45:19

112112th66th u/40M112th MAndy WinfieldWYorks45:19

113113th67th u/40M113th MGordon ThomsonStrathcl45:20

114114th34th M40114th MSteve LelliottKent45:30

115115th1st M60115th MReg BrettBedford45:34

116116th68th u/40M116th MJim GaleDevonCor45:35

117117th69th u/40M117th MGeof HammilSYorks45:36

118118th3rd M50118th MPeter HorneWYorks45:40

119119th70th u/40M119th MCraig BanningMetro45:43

120120th35th M40120th MPaul GogginsLeics45:49

121121st71st u/40M121st MNkholas PamborisMetro45:53

122122nd2nd M60122nd MJoe ClareHerts46:02

123123rd72nd u/40M123rd MPaul GrindrodGtrManch46:04

124124th36th M40124th MSteve BroadbentLancs46:07

125125th73rd u/40M125th MDavid GarrickNorthumb46:08

126126th74th u/40M126th MJohn FieldMetro46:11

127127th75th u/40M127th MJohn DiffeySWales46:34

128128th12th M45128th MPaul GroundHants46:40

129129th37th M40129th MPaul MannWMids46:55

130130th38th M40130th MPeter MerifieldWYorks46:56

131131st76th u/40M131st MStuart AltoftHumber46:59

132132nd77th u/40M132nd MRonald NeilMetro47:00

133133rd39th M40133rd MAlan McGillDerbysh47:03

134134th78th u/40M134th MIan JacksonDerbysh47:06

135135th40th M40135th MRobert MawhoodSYorks47:07

136136th13th M45136th MTim CrumptonHants47:11

137137th14th M45137th MNigel McNeilSussex47:18

138138th79th u/40M138th MJohn SchofieldBedford47:34

139139th80th u/40M139th MPaul FeeneyLeics47:41

140140th81st u/40M140th MAndy DoranCheshire47:43

141141st82nd u/40M141st MNeal HedleyNorthumb47:48

142142nd83rd u/40M142nd MGeoff FoxLancs47:50

143143rd15th M45143rd MPaul ShanahanAvon47:56

144144th41st M40144th MDave WoodGtrManch48:01

145145th84th u/40M145th MSteve PlumbLeics48:13

146146th16th M45146th MMick KaiserLeics48:14

147147th85th u/40M147th MMartin EarlMersey48:15

148148th86th u/40M148th MAldo MatrundolaLothian48:28

149149th42nd M40149th MJohn CooperKent48:34

150150th43rd M40150th MDerek NicholsHants48:43

151151st87th u/40M151st MNeil MurphyCheshire48:47

152152nd17th M45152nd MJohn ForsythLothian48:50

153153rd88th u/40M153rd MMyles MarshallLothian48:56

154154th89th u/40M154th MAlex PerksHerts48:56

155155th1st M55155th MAndrew SayersAvon48:58

156156th90th u/40M156th MCharles QuaeyEssex49:14

157157th44th M40157th MMark StirmeyNorthant49:17

158158th91st u/40M158th MGordon ThyneFife49:25

159159th45th M40159th MSteve O'GradyWMids49:30

160160th92nd u/40M160th MDave MillsHants49:35

161161st93rd u/40M161st MIan PoolmanFife49:37

162162nd94th u/40M162nd MKevin RussellSWales49:41

163163rd95th u/40M163rd MRod HockinLeics49:42

164164th96th u/40M164th MAndrew ThomasSWales49:47

165165th97th u/40M165th MSteve BycroftLancs49:58

166166th98th u/40M166th MDave OwensNWales50:15

167167th4th M50167th MDave ChapmanWMids50:24

168168th99th u/40M168th MLloyd TobinNorthant50:25

169169th46th M40169th MMartin WilliamsGwent50:26

170170th47th M40170th MIan StoughtonBedford50:33

171171st18th M45171st MGraham ParlourKent50:34

172172nd2nd M55172nd MJohn LeggettLincs50:39

173173rd5th M50173rd MPeter MainstoneAvon50:45

174174th100th u/40M174th MRoderick SmartNotts51:01

175175th101st u/40M175th MRoland WardCambr51:05

176176th6th M50176th MRich Dixon-GoughHerts51:06

177177th48th M40177th MPete BryanEssex51:11

178178th49th M40178th MMichael HorneLancs51:21

179179th7th M50179th MGraham BayesNorthant51:30

180180th19th M45180th MEdward NicholsonNotts51:48

181181st20th M45181st MDavid WatkinsonLancs51:57

182182nd50th M40182nd MDanny BensonStrathcl52:25

183183rd8th M50183rd MEddie BradburyGtrManch52:36

184184th51st M40184th MMick HillWMids52:38

185185th52nd M40185th MSteve KingEssex52:53

186186th21st M45186th MNyk NykolyszynLeics53:10

187187th53rd M40187th MDave StillwellCambr53:12

188188th102nd u/40M188th MHugh RoperHerts53:40

189189th103rd u/40M189th MRobert CaineyAvon53:58

190190th104th u/40M190th MPeter ShieldsWYorks54:18

191191st22nd M45191st MAndrew WalkerNotts54:28

192192nd54th M40192nd MGregory RoulstonHants54:42

193193rd105th u/40M193rd MSteve NewGwent54:55

194194th55th M40194th MRoss JohnsWMids55:14

195195th106th u/40M195th MTyrone BroomeGwent55:20

196196th3rd M55196th MIan FortuneMersey55:48

197197th56th M40197th MNick WestwoodMetro55:59

198198th107th u/40M198th MJamie FrameLothian56:11

199199th23rd M45199th MGraham TrousdaleFife56:41

200200th108th u/40M200th MRon KellettMersey57:01

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Number finishing in each age group out of the 206 finishers in the race
Men under 40 110
Men 40 to 44 56
Men 45 to 49 24
Men 50 to 54 9
Men 55 to 59 4
Men 60 to 64 2
Men 65 to 69 1
Ladies under 35 0
Ladies 35 to 39