32nd Parbold Hill Race

16th February 2002

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All Results - All Ages : position 1 to 200

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name club time mins/mile mins/km
11st1st u/40M1st M
J Hodgson

22nd2nd u/40M2nd M
R Burnley

33rd1st M403rd M
P Muller

44th3rd u/40M4th M
P Darbyshire

55th4th u/40M5th M
C Rigby

66th5th u/40M6th MA SelbyHorwich43:20

77th6th u/40M7th M
R Jackson

88th7th u/40M8th MJ HuntSthLpool43:30

99th8th u/40M9th MA SmithStHelens43:31

1010th9th u/40M10th MM LaithwaiteWiganPhx43:46

1111th10th u/40M11th MM HammerBlkburn43:56

1212th2nd M4012th MN ClementsonHorwich44:13

1313th11th u/40M13th ML PasscoClayton44:19

1414th3rd M4014th M
A Eccles

1515th12th u/40M15th MC HeysSale H44:43

1616th13th u/40M16th MS FitzpardesHyndburn44:50

1717th14th u/40M17th MM ManirWiganPhx44:53

1818th1st M4518th MT OrrellHorwich45:14

1919th4th M4019th MD FarringtonSptWloo45:15

2020th2nd M4520th MP DerbyshireWiganPhx45:17

2121st3rd M4521st MR WalmsleySkemBoun45:19

2222nd5th M4022nd MP BrannonClayton45:50

2323rd15th u/40M23rd MG CallaghanPembSeft45:54

2424th6th M4024th MC PedderNewburgh46:04

2525th4th M4525th MA DuncanBowland46:28

2626th5th M4526th MD SouthernAltrchm46:30

2727th16th u/40M27th MA MencleCEPAC46:35

2828th17th u/40M28th MC BurgessWiganPhx46:36

2929th1st u/35L1st L
L Heyes

3030th7th M4029th MD TongeLancCons47:15

3131st8th M4030th MR BowkerSptWloo47:18

3232nd18th u/40M31st MD GoughValeroyl47:26

3333rd19th u/40M32nd MN ShepherdWarr AC47:29

3434th20th u/40M33rd MT CourtWiganPhx47:56

3535th21st u/40M34th MM ConroyLeigh H47:56

3636th22nd u/40M35th MJ VeseyAltrchm47:59

3737th9th M4036th MP Summers(174)48:08

3838th23rd u/40M37th MM LeicesterSptWloo48:21

3939th10th M4038th MPhil PercivalChorleyH48:42

4040th11th M4039th MP AirdDeeStrid48:51

4141st6th M4540th MB DaveySptWloo48:55

4242nd24th u/40M41st MR RiddawaySkemBoun48:58

4343rd25th u/40M42nd MR CarySptWloo48:59

4444th12th M4043rd MP CarrollWiganPhx49:00

4545th26th u/40M44th MN RothwellSptWloo49:10

4646th27th u/40M45th MA ClanseySptWloo49:37

4747th13th M4046th MJ SpencerSpectrum49:38

4848th7th M4547th MR GrayMersyTri49:42

4949th28th u/40M48th MA ArnoldLeigh H49:45

5050th29th u/40M49th MG Kenny(426)50:02

5151st8th M4550th MK FowlerBolton50:07

5252nd14th M4051st MF MartinPennyLn50:12

5353rd30th u/40M52nd MP SwindellsChorleyH50:12

5454th31st u/40M53rd MM YoungLiv RC50:13

5555th32nd u/40M54th MD ReynoldsNewburgh50:20

5656th33rd u/40M55th MY SitchcameCEPAC50:23

5757th15th M4056th MW CoppelovNewburgh50:26

5858th34th u/40M57th MC GillespieLiv RC50:30

5959th9th M4558th MA CurlettLiv RC50:32

6060th2nd u/35L2nd LJ RaffellWiganPhx50:40

6161st16th M4059th MJ BellChorleyH50:50

6262nd1st M5060th MA TurnbullWiganPhx50:51

6363rd35th u/40M61st MD BamfordWiganPhx50:52

6464th36th u/40M62nd MI PudgeSpectrum50:59

6565th37th u/40M63rd MK Taylor(339)51:07

6666th38th u/40M64th MS JaquesLivpoolH51:07

6767th39th u/40M65th MW MerrittLiv RC51:12

6868th40th u/40M66th MR Roberts(269)51:15

6969th41st u/40M67th MI CrabtreeChorleyH51:17

7070th42nd u/40M68th MM SmithHorwich51:22

7171st2nd M5069th MT BurkePennyLn51:25

7272nd17th M4070th MS BroadfootLiv RC51:27

7373rd43rd u/40M71st MK TuzioWiganPhx51:36

7474th3rd M5072nd MK TyeresHorwich51:45

7575th44th u/40M73rd MP RobertsFordHale51:47

7676th10th M4574th MM RoughneenNewburgh51:49

7777th45th u/40M75th MC MurphyFordHale51:51

7878th46th u/40M76th MM TaylorSkemBoun52:02

7979th47th u/40M77th MC Tyrer(440)52:05

8080th18th M4078th MR WoodPembSeft52:07

8181st19th M4079th MD JonesWiganPhx52:08

8282nd48th u/40M80th MM SelbyBolton52:09

8383rd11th M4581st MN CochraneNewburgh52:12

8484th20th M4082nd MB AbramWiganPhx52:16

8585th49th u/40M83rd MC NightingaleWiganPhx52:17

8686th3rd u/35L3rd LG BaconWiganPhx52:33

8787th50th u/40M84th MJ Pugh(493)52:45

8888th1st L404th LR IsaacsPensbyRR52:55

8989th1st M5585th MM SelbyNth Vets52:56

9090th51st u/40M86th ME CullenSkemBoun52:58

9191st12th M4587th MR HandleySptWloo53:00

9292nd52nd u/40M88th MA ZoellenerSkemBoun53:16

9393rd2nd M5589th MC SlavinLiv RC53:19

9494th53rd u/40M90th MP WestonNewburgh53:20

9595th13th M4591st MD TolsonRed Rose53:21

9696th21st M4092nd MI McNeillPennyLn53:23

9797th14th M4593rd MP ButlerLiv RC53:24

9898th3rd M5594th MJ DoisiePembSeft53:30

9999th54th u/40M95th MA Hudson(130)53:31

100100th22nd M4096th MB ConnollyPicton R53:31

101101st55th u/40M97th MM Sims(329)53:32

102102nd4th M5098th MP BlandHorwich53:34

103103rd15th M4599th MD CainPennyLn53:38

104104th5th M50100th MD FaircloughPembSeft53:40

105105th4th M55101st MM LearyWiganPhx53:40

106106th56th u/40M102nd MM TickleHorwich53:41

107107th23rd M40103rd MG Morley(239)53:44

108108th6th M50104th MG GatonSptWloo53:57

109109th7th M50105th MDon't know???54:02

110110th8th M50106th MB KennedyNewburgh54:08

111111th57th u/40M107th MD UptonScarbrgh54:12

112112th58th u/40M108th MJ Lloyd(322)54:17

113113th9th M50109th MP HillDumfr RC54:19

114114th10th M50110th MP SimpsonLivpoolH54:25

115115th59th u/40M111th MM HoughtonSpectrum54:30

116116th5th M55112th MB HastingsWChesh54:34

117117th6th M55113th MG LargeNth Vets54:38

118118th60th u/40M114th MA BennWiganPhx54:40

119119th61st u/40M115th MP Miles(136)54:50

120120th24th M40116th MP SingletonBpool&Fy54:53

121121st16th M45117th MM KerrFordHale54:53

122122nd62nd u/40M118th MT ManPennyLn54:58

123123rd7th M55119th MB HargreavesLivpoolH55:01

124124th11th M50120th MF RobertsPensbyRR55:20

125125th63rd u/40M121st MD CousinsPicton R55:21

126126th17th M45122nd ME DaviesNewburgh55:27

127127th18th M45123rd MS WilliamsSptWloo55:29

128128th19th M45124th MP MitchinsonWiganPhx55:38

129129th20th M45125th MJ Stronach(140)55:44

130130th25th M40126th MC Brierley(428)55:46

131131st21st M45127th MA TaylorAbergele55:50

132132nd64th u/40M128th MM HirrellPennyLn55:54

133133rd22nd M45129th MS PembertonPennyLn56:01

134134th23rd M45130th MK MussonRivacreR56:03

135135th65th u/40M131st MM WilkinsonCarnegie56:05

136136th12th M50132nd MP Smith(372)56:07

137137th66th u/40M133rd MP Leach(368)56:10

138138th67th u/40M134th MR McHargSpectrum56:17

139139th1st L355th LS BudgettHorwich56:26

140140th13th M50135th MD HammerBlkburn56:45

141141st68th u/40M136th MG Burcher(330)56:52

142142nd24th M45137th MJ McGlynnPennyLn56:54

143143rd14th M50138th MG WilsonSpectrum56:58

144144th26th M40139th MD N RigbyLytham S56:58

145145th25th M45140th MK WilliamsChorleyH56:59

146146th26th M45141st MA Rigbye(164)57:00

147147th27th M45142nd MP HoganLancCons57:03

148148th69th u/40M143rd MD RobinsonLiv RC57:04

149149th70th u/40M144th MC Fallon(354)57:07

150150th28th M45145th MB AllmanHorwich57:21

151151st71st u/40M146th MG BoothChorleyH57:22

152152nd27th M40147th MH WakeWiganPhx57:25

153153rd15th M50148th MA BlinkhornHorwich57:27

154154th72nd u/40M149th MM EarlTonezone57:33

155155th73rd u/40M150th MS Hartley(274)57:36

156156th2nd L356th LJ RobertsonSpectrum57:39

157157th29th M45151st MG HandSpectrum57:42

158158th74th u/40M152nd MM Smith(297)57:48

159159th30th M45153rd MD AshcroftSthLpool57:50

160160th75th u/40M154th MJ Webster(497)57:50

161161st31st M45155th MR Grew(171)57:56

162162nd4th u/35L7th LR MetcalfeNthWales57:58

163163rd8th M55156th MN PrattenWirralAC58:04

164164th28th M40157th MA NorrisChorleyH58:10

165165th9th M55158th MJ GrestySkemBoun58:11

166166th2nd L408th LG DarbyPembSeft58:14

167167th32nd M45159th MK CarrollPembSeft58:23

168168th29th M40160th MI Roche(197)58:25

169169th33rd M45161st MS WhittleRedHerrg58:27

170170th30th M40162nd MM CarrNewburgh58:35

171171st16th M50163rd MS MolyneuxPicton R58:51

172172nd76th u/40M164th MM CunninghamSptWloo58:56

173173rd77th u/40M165th MA LeesFordHale58:56

174174th78th u/40M166th MR Meggers(194)58:59

175175th79th u/40M167th MD HeskethWiganPhx59:01

176176th10th M55168th MR HartWiganPhx59:02

177177th1st L509th LA FosterHorwich59:03

178178th80th u/40M169th MS Mason(188)59:04

179179th31st M40170th MN BarnwellNewburgh59:05

180180th32nd M40171st MS McGinnigie(487)59:07

181181st5th u/35L10th LJ CulshawLiv RC59:09

182182nd3rd L4011th LE SmartHorwich59:10

183183rd6th u/35L12th LN GuffuggHorwich59:10

184184th17th M50172nd MG HowellLivpoolH59:11

185185th33rd M40173rd MK SpencerPennyLn59:16

186186th81st u/40M174th MT HughesAstley59:21

187187th18th M50175th MJ NieldWiganPhx59:25

188188th34th M40176th MS Howe(229)59:36

189189th35th M40177th MM PitmanWiganPhx59:42

190190th34th M45178th MA SmartBpool&Fy59:42

191191st82nd u/40M179th MN Astill(488)59:48

192192nd83rd u/40M180th MW Wills(334)59:57

193193rd19th M50181st ME RobertsFordHale59:59

194194th36th M40182nd MS RuffleyLeigh H1:00:03

195195th7th u/35L13th LL ArventCEPAC1:00:06

196196th37th M40183rd MP McMaster(213)1:00:06

197197th84th u/40M184th MM Beaumont(202)1:00:10

198198th38th M40185th MP WilkinsonSkemBoun1:00:18

199199th35th M45186th MD ColleyTonezone1:00:21

200200th85th u/40M187th MP Walsh(353)1:00:22

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Number finishing in each age group out of the 402 finishers in the race
Men under 40 138
Men 40 to 44 66
Men 45 to 49 52
Men 50 to 54 43
Men 55 to 59 22
Men 60 to 64 9
Men 65 to 69 4
Men 70 to 74 2
Ladies under 35 19
Ladies 35 to 39 6
Ladies 40 to 44 14
Ladies 45 to 49 18
Ladies 50 to 54 5
Ladies 55 to 59 3
Ladies 60 to 64 1