Macclesfield Half Marathon : 28th September 2003

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name club time mins/mile mins/km
11st1st u/40M1st MAndrew Norman 1:09:16 5m17s3m17s
22nd2nd u/40M2nd MDavid NormanAltrchm1:09:16 5m17s3m17s
33rd3rd u/40M3rd MRobert DeakinStafMoor1:09:25 5m17s3m17s
44th4th u/40M4th MTony TaylorSalford1:13:47 5m37s3m30s
55th1st M405th MAdri HartveldCofStoke1:15:02 5m43s3m33s
66th5th u/40M6th MLee ReynoldsStafMoor1:15:02 5m43s3m33s
77th2nd M407th MJohn PrattMacclesf1:16:01 5m48s3m36s
88th3rd M408th MDavid ArdernGoytVal1:16:53 5m52s3m38s
99th6th u/40M9th MDamian Nicholls 1:17:15 5m53s3m39s
1010th7th u/40M10th MKarl WebsterMatlock1:18:00 5m57s3m42s
1111th8th u/40M11th MSaul MuldoonHolmfth1:18:16 5m58s3m42s
1212th4th M4012th MPaul Boileau 1:18:30 5m59s3m43s
1313th9th u/40M13th MKevin BeattieStockprt1:18:34 5m59s3m43s
1414th10th u/40M14th MAndrew LamontMacclesf1:18:46 6m00s3m44s
1515th5th M4015th MLes Footitt 1:18:51 6m01s3m44s
1616th11th u/40M16th MMike ShawStockprt1:18:57 6m01s3m44s
1717th12th u/40M17th MRoger Whitehead 1:18:59 6m01s3m44s
1818th1st M5018th MAlan PoverStockprt1:19:07 6m02s3m45s
1919th2nd M5019th MGeoff FarmerChase H1:19:15 6m02s3m45s
2020th6th M4020th MMark Richards 1:20:20 6m07s3m48s
2121st13th u/40M21st MJonathan DabbsManchTri1:20:48 6m10s3m50s
2222nd14th u/40M22nd MJ Bradshaw 1:21:01 6m11s3m50s
2323rd7th M4023rd MStuart ParrottWilmslow1:21:04 6m11s3m50s
2424th8th M4024th MVincent BoothTrafford1:21:09 6m11s3m51s
2525th1st M4525th MRaphael MurrayMacclesf1:21:19 6m12s3m51s
2626th1st u/35L1st LChristine HowardMatlock1:21:52 6m14s3m53s
2727th9th M4026th MJohn Sugden 1:22:08 6m16s3m53s
2828th15th u/40M27th MA WhittinghamStockprt1:22:27 6m17s3m54s
2929th16th u/40M28th MRichard MarltonStockprt1:22:36 6m18s3m55s
3030th2nd M4529th MPaul LightStafMoor1:22:59 6m20s3m56s
3131st10th M4030th MMike HattonSthChesh1:23:18 6m21s3m57s
3232nd1st M5531st MBarry BlythMacclesf1:23:39 6m23s3m58s
3333rd2nd M5532nd MStan WintertonTrentham1:23:51 6m24s3m58s
3434th2nd u/35L2nd LJenny MurrayStockprt1:24:36 6m27s4m00s
3535th17th u/40M33rd MMatt RoeschWirralAC1:25:22 6m30s4m03s
3636th11th M4034th MDave OwenStafMoor1:25:35 6m31s4m03s
3737th18th u/40M35th MPaul Nyland 1:25:48 6m32s4m04s
3838th3rd u/35L3rd LRachel PleethMacclesf1:26:07 6m34s4m05s
3939th19th u/40M36th MPhilip Wood 1:26:16 6m35s4m05s
4040th20th u/40M37th MRichard Suttle 1:26:21 6m35s4m05s
4141st21st u/40M38th MJonathan BoothTrafford1:26:43 6m37s4m06s
4242nd12th M4039th MChris Tratalos 1:26:45 6m37s4m06s
4343rd22nd u/40M40th MNigel CritchlowBuxtonAC1:27:01 6m38s4m07s
4444th23rd u/40M41st MJohn HurstStafMoor1:27:06 6m38s4m07s
4545th24th u/40M42nd MSimon Ward 1:27:24 6m40s4m08s
4646th25th u/40M43rd MDuncan RitchieTodmordn1:27:31 6m40s4m09s
4747th3rd M4544th MJohn ParrottStockprt1:27:36 6m41s4m09s
4848th1st L354th LMichela SteptoStockprt1:27:48 6m42s4m09s
4949th3rd M5045th MTrevor LongmanMacclesf1:27:58 6m42s4m10s
5050th26th u/40M46th MTim ReynoldsGWestRun1:28:00 6m43s4m10s
5151st13th M4047th MGlen Holmes 1:28:04 6m43s4m10s
5252nd14th M4048th MMike Hood 1:28:04 6m43s4m10s
5353rd15th M4049th MIan James 1:28:22 6m44s4m11s
5454th4th M4550th MJohn MoorhouseMeltham 1:28:36 6m45s4m12s
5555th5th M4551st MMike CutlerSthChesh1:28:39 6m46s4m12s
5656th3rd M5552nd MAlan AustinTrentham1:28:49 6m46s4m12s
5757th27th u/40M53rd MSylvain Husson 1:28:56 6m47s4m13s
5858th16th M4054th MTony Hurst 1:29:01 6m47s4m13s
5959th4th M5055th MGavin MendhamWilmslow1:29:02 6m47s4m13s
6060th28th u/40M56th MRichard Joel 1:29:05 6m48s4m13s
6161st17th M4057th MDave Walmsley 1:29:13 6m48s4m13s
6262nd29th u/40M58th MMartin LeaMatlock1:29:15 6m48s4m14s
6363rd30th u/40M59th MPaul Henderson 1:29:18 6m49s4m14s
6464th31st u/40M60th MAndrew Fletcher 1:29:26 6m49s4m14s
6565th18th M4061st MCarl Mottershead 1:29:31 6m50s4m14s
6666th5th M5062nd MC ManclarkStockprt1:29:36 6m50s4m15s
6767th32nd u/40M63rd MSimon Moseley 1:29:44 6m50s4m15s
6868th6th M5064th MRobin BrittonStafMoor1:29:51 6m51s4m15s
6969th4th M5565th MJim HumphriesMacclesf1:30:17 6m53s4m16s
7070th33rd u/40M66th MEwan Douglas 1:31:00 6m56s4m19s
7171st19th M4067th MA Morton-Smith 1:31:02 6m56s4m19s
7272nd6th M4568th MPhil Colville 1:31:12 6m57s4m19s
7373rd34th u/40M69th MAndrew Bradley 1:31:18 6m58s4m19s
7474th2nd L355th LJanet Hatton 1:31:21 6m58s4m20s
7575th7th M5070th MPaul ThompsonSale H1:31:45 7m00s4m21s
7676th8th M5071st MMichael DunneSale H1:31:50 7m00s4m21s
7777th35th u/40M72nd MAndy PennyWilmslow1:31:58 7m01s4m21s
7878th36th u/40M73rd MMark Philbin 1:32:01 7m01s4m21s
7979th1st L406th LSally GilliverWilmslow1:32:07 7m01s4m22s
8080th37th u/40M74th MPhilip Shering 1:32:16 7m02s4m22s
8181st7th M4575th MRoy Woodland 1:32:27 7m03s4m23s
8282nd8th M4576th MPete DoyleCongletn1:32:47 7m04s4m24s
8383rd38th u/40M77th MRichard Storey 1:32:52 7m05s4m24s
8484th20th M4078th MDeon BamfordTodmordn1:33:08 7m06s4m25s
8585th39th u/40M79th MCharlie Mulliner 1:33:14 7m07s4m25s
8686th5th M5580th MEric LanderStafford1:33:14 7m07s4m25s
8787th9th M4581st MBrian TonksTrentham1:33:19 7m07s4m25s
8888th2nd L407th LCatherine HurstTrafford1:33:23 7m07s4m25s
8989th21st M4082nd MDerek Paton 1:33:27 7m08s4m26s
9090th3rd L408th LSally Pattison 1:33:39 7m08s4m26s
9191st40th u/40M83rd MMick FernyhoughBearbrkJ1:33:45 7m09s4m26s
9292nd10th M4584th MNeil Gunn 1:33:49 7m09s4m27s
9393rd11th M4585th MPeter BatesMacclesf1:34:01 7m10s4m27s
9494th1st M6086th MJim BradleyBuxtonAC1:34:06 7m10s4m27s
9595th9th M5087th MBernard RileySpectrum1:34:15 7m11s4m28s
9696th41st u/40M88th MTom Neill 1:34:17 7m11s4m28s
9797th22nd M4089th MDavid Fitzgerald 1:34:18 7m11s4m28s
9898th42nd u/40M90th MJames Wilson 1:34:26 7m12s4m28s
9999th23rd M4091st MJohn FouldsHorwich1:34:30 7m12s4m29s
100100th43rd u/40M92nd MDavid Arthur 1:34:31 7m12s4m29s
101101st4th u/35L9th LHilary WoodStafMoor1:34:34 7m13s4m29s
102102nd12th M4593rd MBrian MacfadyenMacclesf1:34:42 7m13s4m29s
103103rd44th u/40M94th MJonathan Davies 1:34:42 7m13s4m29s
104104th13th M4595th MRichard GayMacclesf1:34:43 7m13s4m29s
105105th14th M4596th MKen Clewlow 1:34:44 7m13s4m29s
106106th45th u/40M97th MMark Crampton 1:34:44 7m13s4m29s
107107th15th M4598th MNeil Davies 1:34:53 7m14s4m30s
108108th46th u/40M99th MJ Williams 1:35:06 7m15s4m30s
109109th3rd L3510th LW HigginbottomBuxtonAC1:35:07 7m15s4m30s
110110th10th M50100th MRichard Impey 1:35:12 7m16s4m30s
111111th47th u/40M101st MAlan BirchIvanhoe1:35:17 7m16s4m31s
112112th4th L4011th LJulie HustwitKirkstal1:35:24 7m16s4m31s
113113th6th M55102nd MNicolas Penn 1:35:30 7m17s4m31s
114114th48th u/40M103rd MPaul Maxwell 1:35:31 7m17s4m31s
115115th5th u/35L12th LRachel Moore 1:35:36 7m17s4m32s
116116th24th M40104th MNick Wood 1:35:37 7m17s4m32s
117117th16th M45105th MNeil Goodman 1:35:58 7m19s4m33s
118118th25th M40106th MPaul SellersCongletn1:36:00 7m19s4m33s
119119th26th M40107th MIan Scott 1:36:02 7m19s4m33s
120120th49th u/40M108th MGlenn Wilson 1:36:10 7m20s4m33s
121121st11th M50109th MDavid TuckerMacclesf1:36:12 7m20s4m33s
122122nd27th M40110th MRobin PayneMacclesf1:36:24 7m21s4m34s
123123rd50th u/40M111th MAndrew GoodaTattenhl1:36:26 7m21s4m34s
124124th28th M40112th MDale Harratt 1:36:34 7m22s4m34s
125125th51st u/40M113th MSimon Parkinson 1:36:35 7m22s4m34s
126126th52nd u/40M114th MLiam BrowneBuxtonAC1:36:40 7m22s4m35s
127127th7th M55115th MPaul PlimmerStoneMas1:36:44 7m23s4m35s
128128th29th M40116th MSimon NunnStockprt1:36:48 7m23s4m35s
129129th17th M45117th MMark SattlerECheshH1:36:51 7m23s4m35s
130130th53rd u/40M118th MCraig WrightBolton1:36:54 7m23s4m35s
131131st54th u/40M119th MSimon Merrick 1:36:59 7m24s4m36s
132132nd8th M55120th MMalcolm RobertsClevedon1:37:02 7m24s4m36s
133133rd55th u/40M121st MA NorthcottStafMoor1:37:10 7m25s4m36s
134134th56th u/40M122nd MMartin Coleman 1:37:19 7m25s4m37s
135135th57th u/40M123rd MOliver Johnstone 1:37:24 7m26s4m37s
136136th58th u/40M124th MJohn Greensmith 1:37:33 7m26s4m37s
137137th30th M40125th MDane Elliott 1:37:34 7m26s4m37s
138138th59th u/40M126th MChristian Wild 1:37:43 7m27s4m38s
139139th18th M45127th MPeter Gilman 1:37:43 7m27s4m38s
140140th6th u/35L13th LSharon CaileMacclesf1:37:47 7m27s4m38s
141141st12th M50128th MRichard BensonCongletn1:37:48 7m27s4m38s
142142nd60th u/40M129th MAndy RipponStckpct1:37:50 7m28s4m38s
143143rd31st M40130th MAntony Nuttall 1:37:53 7m28s4m38s
144144th32nd M40131st MDan Byrne 1:37:54 7m28s4m38s
145145th61st u/40M132nd MMarcus Byrne 1:37:54 7m28s4m38s
146146th62nd u/40M133rd MSimon Ellis 1:38:00 7m28s4m38s
147147th63rd u/40M134th MBrian BaileyBAEWoodf1:38:00 7m28s4m38s
148148th64th u/40M135th MJohn Croxford 1:38:04 7m29s4m39s
149149th4th L3514th LAndrea Frost 1:38:07 7m29s4m39s
150150th65th u/40M136th MTony Moss 1:38:17 7m30s4m39s
151151st66th u/40M137th MMick Hocking 1:38:20 7m30s4m39s
152152nd7th u/35L15th LSu WilsonSale H1:38:21 7m30s4m39s
153153rd67th u/40M138th MJames Luther 1:38:30 7m31s4m40s
154154th68th u/40M139th MJames Windsor 1:38:30 7m31s4m40s
155155th69th u/40M140th MSimon Leary 1:38:36 7m31s4m40s
156156th8th u/35L16th LS AddisonTrafford1:38:39 7m31s4m40s
157157th19th M45141st MDerek OkseniukLongtonH1:38:43 7m32s4m41s
158158th33rd M40142nd MSteven Platt 1:38:46 7m32s4m41s
159159th13th M50143rd MJohn BrannellyECheshH1:38:49 7m32s4m41s
160160th70th u/40M144th MJohan Bradley 1:38:55 7m33s4m41s
161161st71st u/40M145th MRob Staggs 1:38:57 7m33s4m41s
162162nd72nd u/40M146th MDarren TaylorChase H1:39:00 7m33s4m41s
163163rd34th M40147th MRon IlsleyStockprt1:39:00 7m33s4m41s
164164th73rd u/40M148th MChris SandersRoylMail1:39:04 7m33s4m42s
165165th74th u/40M149th MMatthew Duck 1:39:07 7m33s4m42s
166166th20th M45150th MStephen Donnelly 1:39:11 7m34s4m42s
167167th75th u/40M151st MKevin DayGoytVal1:39:13 7m34s4m42s
168168th35th M40152nd MKevin Gleave 1:39:14 7m34s4m42s
169169th36th M40153rd MPhil Leonard 1:39:14 7m34s4m42s
170170th37th M40154th MKevin Griffin 1:39:17 7m34s4m42s
171171st76th u/40M155th MAndrew Thurlow 1:39:21 7m35s4m42s
172172nd21st M45156th MPaul AyresWilmslow1:39:21 7m35s4m42s
173173rd14th M50157th MIan BlakebroughChes HHH1:39:25 7m35s4m42s
174174th77th u/40M158th MMartin Jackson 1:39:30 7m35s4m43s
175175th22nd M45159th MRob FoxECheshH1:39:32 7m35s4m43s
176176th9th u/35L17th LA Li-Kwai-CheungNHertsRR1:39:39 7m36s4m43s
177177th38th M40160th MJohn Williams 1:39:45 7m36s4m43s
178178th78th u/40M161st MOwen Driskell 1:39:46 7m36s4m43s
179179th79th u/40M162nd MClive Culkin 1:39:52 7m37s4m44s
180180th2nd M60163rd MChris DehanECheshH1:39:54 7m37s4m44s
181181st39th M40164th MJohn Franklin 1:40:01 7m38s4m44s
182182nd5th L4018th LLiz ThorntonLiv RC1:40:07 7m38s4m44s
183183rd80th u/40M165th MC Rooney 1:40:10 7m38s4m45s
184184th81st u/40M166th MF Brancia 1:40:12 7m38s4m45s
185185th40th M40167th MP Hollinshead 1:40:28 7m40s4m45s
186186th82nd u/40M168th MMatthew Barnes 1:40:30 7m40s4m46s
187187th83rd u/40M169th MTimothy RaineySale H1:40:35 7m40s4m46s
188188th41st M40170th MMike Cadman 1:40:36 7m40s4m46s
189189th23rd M45171st MPeter TimsonChestTri1:40:37 7m40s4m46s
190190th1st L5019th LP Vernazza 1:40:40 7m41s4m46s
191191st15th M50172nd MJerry ComerfordCongletn1:40:50 7m41s4m47s
192192nd84th u/40M173rd MStephen Burke 1:40:53 7m42s4m47s
193193rd85th u/40M174th MMark Fielding 1:40:56 7m42s4m47s
194194th24th M45175th MManfred Keune 1:40:56 7m42s4m47s
195195th42nd M40176th MPaul Hegerty 1:40:59 7m42s4m47s
196196th86th u/40M177th MJohn Marland 1:41:01 7m42s4m47s
197197th43rd M40178th MKevin Davis 1:41:08 7m43s4m47s
198198th87th u/40M179th MDoug BrammerMacclesf1:41:11 7m43s4m48s
199199th5th L3520th LV GriffithsHelsbyRC1:41:13 7m43s4m48s
200200th88th u/40M180th MGeoff SpencerStockprt1:41:19 7m44s4m48s
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Number finishing in each age group out of the 556 finishers in the race
Men under 40 231
Men 40 to 44 90
Men 45 to 49 49
Men 50 to 54 42
Men 55 to 59 19
Men 60 to 64 6
Men 65 to 69 4
Men 70 to 74 1
Ladies under 35 49
Ladies 35 to 39 27
Ladies 40 to 44 19
Ladies 45 to 49 10
Ladies 50 to 54 4
Ladies 55 to 59 1
Ladies 60 to 64 4