Oldham Half Marathon

30th March 2003

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name club time mins/mile mins/km
11st1st u/40M1st MPaul GreenSale H1:14:22 5m40s3m31s
22nd1st M402nd MStewart HulmeMiddletn1:18:29 5m59s3m43s
33rd2nd M403rd MPaul BlackshawMiddletn1:20:30 6m08s3m49s
44th3rd M404th MBill GardnerLanc&Mor1:20:57 6m10s3m50s
55th4th M405th MJerry WatsonValleySt1:23:48 6m23s3m58s
66th2nd u/40M6th MEddie MilneMiddletn1:25:23 6m31s4m03s
77th1st M457th MBarry GreavesOldham&R1:25:35 6m31s4m03s
88th5th M408th MJohn FortescueFearnvil1:26:02 6m34s4m04s
99th3rd u/40M9th MChris Weeks 1:26:12 6m34s4m05s
1010th4th u/40M10th MAndrew DuffyBurnden1:27:25 6m40s4m08s
1111th6th M4011th MChris FordeTrans Pe1:27:38 6m41s4m09s
1212th1st M5012th MRaymond MarshBarnett 1:27:57 6m42s4m10s
1313th5th u/40M13th MBrent HigginsAccringR1:28:34 6m45s4m12s
1414th2nd M4514th MTerry HellingsLytham1:29:04 6m47s4m13s
1515th7th M4015th MGraham ChestersMiddletn1:29:36 6m50s4m15s
1616th1st u/35L1st LJenny CarsonECheshH1:29:47 6m51s4m15s
1717th3rd M4516th MJohn MoorhouseMeltham 1:31:33 6m59s4m20s
1818th8th M4017th MAndrew Poidevin5391:31:45 7m00s4m21s
1919th9th M4018th MJohn FouldsHorwich1:32:16 7m02s4m22s
2020th1st L452nd LJoan JacksonNth Vets1:32:24 7m03s4m23s
2121st4th M4519th MWilliam Howarth 1:33:36 7m08s4m26s
2222nd6th u/40M20th MVincent PeelBoltMetr1:34:52 7m14s4m30s
2323rd10th M4021st MPhillip Meade 1:34:53 7m14s4m30s
2424th11th M4022nd MDerek Murphy5211:34:53 7m14s4m30s
2525th7th u/40M23rd MDuncan RitchieTodmordn1:35:36 7m17s4m32s
2626th1st M5524th MA ApplebyPrestonH1:35:53 7m19s4m32s
2727th1st L403rd LAnne SweeneyPrestonH1:35:53 7m19s4m32s
2828th5th M4525th MDavid BeestonAbbeyRun1:35:54 7m19s4m32s
2929th8th u/40M26th MJames Sullivan5401:36:30 7m21s4m34s
3030th1st M6027th MAlan PeersSpectrum1:36:31 7m22s4m34s
3131st9th u/40M28th MBrian SpeakeReadngRR1:37:04 7m24s4m36s
3232nd10th u/40M29th MStephen SymonsMancYMCA1:37:10 7m25s4m36s
3333rd11th u/40M30th MGreen 1:37:26 7m26s4m37s
3434th12th M4031st MIan Dodds 1:37:47 7m27s4m38s
3535th2nd M5032nd MDon GreenECheshH1:37:55 7m28s4m38s
3636th12th u/40M33rd MSimon ClarkSelbyStr1:38:01 7m28s4m39s
3737th13th u/40M34th MGary Creer 1:38:06 7m29s4m39s
3838th14th u/40M35th MRon WoolmerECheshH1:39:03 7m33s4m41s
3939th6th M4536th MRobert FoxECheshH1:39:08 7m34s4m42s
4040th2nd M5537th MJ Brown 1:39:13 7m34s4m42s
4141st3rd M5538th MDave SchofieldRochdale1:39:19 7m34s4m42s
4242nd15th u/40M39th MPeter SmithSaddlew1:39:28 7m35s4m43s
4343rd16th u/40M40th MMark WalkerRochdale1:40:02 7m38s4m44s
4444th17th u/40M41st MLuke Torre4781:40:05 7m38s4m44s
4545th7th M4542nd MG StreetRRunners1:40:40 7m41s4m46s
4646th2nd M6043rd MChris DehanECheshH1:40:54 7m42s4m47s
4747th4th M5544th MDavid WoodNthFylde1:40:54 7m42s4m47s
4848th18th u/40M45th MDave Shackley4891:41:17 7m43s4m48s
4949th13th M4046th MCarl BarlowTramdon1:41:49 7m46s4m49s
5050th19th u/40M47th MTom Alexander4841:42:00 7m47s4m50s
5151st3rd M6048th MMalcolm ColesSkyracAC1:42:03 7m47s4m50s
5252nd14th M4049th MRonald Warrender5061:42:53 7m51s4m52s
5353rd3rd M5050th MAlan Clarey4701:43:25 7m53s4m54s
5454th4th M5051st MAllan KayMara1001:43:28 7m53s4m54s
5555th8th M4552nd MStephen InghamMancYMCA1:43:36 7m54s4m54s
5656th20th u/40M53rd MRichard Davies 1:43:39 7m54s4m55s
5757th5th M5054th MDavid HicklingSaddlew1:44:01 7m56s4m56s
5858th21st u/40M55th MPaul Ingram4761:44:37 7m59s4m57s
5959th22nd u/40M56th MGed Navesey4711:44:53 8m00s4m58s
6060th2nd L454th LChristine BrooksMiddletn1:45:07 8m01s4m59s
6161st5th M5557th MDerek MartinAbbeyRun1:45:25 8m02s5m00s
6262nd23rd u/40M58th MJohn PurdyRochdale1:45:36 8m03s5m00s
6363rd6th M5059th MMick BullMiddletn1:46:00 8m05s5m01s
6464th24th u/40M60th MPhil MonaghanFearnvil1:46:04 8m05s5m01s
6565th6th M5561st MJames FoxRochdale1:46:11 8m06s5m02s
6666th9th M4562nd MJames HarriesNotts AC1:46:21 8m07s5m02s
6767th25th u/40M63rd MStephen Buckley5101:46:37 8m08s5m03s
6868th15th M4064th MMatthew Hack4821:46:49 8m09s5m04s
6969th10th M4565th MSteve BrownHalifaxH1:47:03 8m10s5m04s
7070th11th M4566th MGarry Thompson 1:47:24 8m11s5m05s
7171st7th M5067th MT BostockNth Vets1:47:25 8m11s5m05s
7272nd2nd u/35L5th LD Mc Cormack4741:47:29 8m12s5m05s
7373rd1st L356th LMichelle Hushion 1:47:37 8m12s5m06s
7474th26th u/40M68th MJason Mellor5551:47:38 8m12s5m06s
7575th3rd u/35L7th LRuth Travis4791:47:46 8m13s5m06s
7676th7th M5569th MFrank GreenLiv RC1:47:56 8m14s5m07s
7777th27th u/40M70th MDarren Schofield 1:48:38 8m17s5m09s
7878th28th u/40M71st MAhmos Sansom5441:48:58 8m19s5m10s
7979th8th M5072nd MMichael Bayliss4811:48:59 8m19s5m10s
8080th8th M5573rd MBarry S-ColeWinstnR1:49:35 8m21s5m11s
8181st29th u/40M74th MDavid Gillian 1:50:05 8m24s5m13s
8282nd12th M4575th MNeal ShotterKirkstal1:50:10 8m24s5m13s
8383rd1st L508th LSue HeywoodSaddlew1:50:26 8m25s5m14s
8484th9th M5076th MJohn BrooksMiddletn1:50:27 8m25s5m14s
8585th10th M5077th MPhilip WestBaildon1:50:48 8m27s5m15s
8686th30th u/40M78th MMark Pilliner 1:50:50 8m27s5m15s
8787th13th M4579th MEamon O'Donnell5001:51:34 8m30s5m17s
8888th31st u/40M80th MJohnathan Conroy4941:51:45 8m31s5m18s
8989th16th M4081st MStephen JonesReal Run1:51:47 8m31s5m18s
9090th11th M5082nd MJohn Martindale 1:52:26 8m34s5m20s
9191st12th M5083rd MHarry Murray 1:52:26 8m34s5m20s
9292nd32nd u/40M84th MDavid Burton4771:52:33 8m35s5m20s
9393rd9th M5585th MTony GreeneSaddlew1:52:33 8m35s5m20s
9494th33rd u/40M86th MAlan SmithTrans Pe1:52:47 8m36s5m21s
9595th34th u/40M87th MPaul HughesLiv RC1:52:57 8m37s5m21s
9696th2nd L359th LMarian MansonHalifaxH1:53:02 8m37s5m21s
9797th35th u/40M88th MNicola Redford 1:53:15 8m38s5m22s
9898th4th u/35L10th LClover-Ann Lee4751:53:18 8m38s5m22s
9999th17th M4089th MEdward Dillon5271:53:19 8m39s5m22s
100100th13th M5090th MRobert MillerStockprt1:53:47 8m41s5m23s
101101st4th M6091st MTommy BrodlerickMiddletn1:54:21 8m43s5m25s
102102nd18th M4092nd MGerard BiggsBingleyH1:54:49 8m45s5m26s
103103rd5th u/35L11th LKath FovargueRobertto1:54:56 8m46s5m27s
104104th36th u/40M93rd MD Nuttall5541:55:07 8m47s5m27s
105105th37th u/40M94th MIan Diguffd 1:55:12 8m47s5m27s
106106th19th M4095th MColin PassECheshH1:55:22 8m48s5m28s
107107th38th u/40M96th MGareth AllenLeeds Tr1:55:33 8m49s5m28s
108108th39th u/40M97th MChris Bayley4721:56:25 8m53s5m31s
109109th14th M5098th MPeter HeyKirkstal1:57:21 8m57s5m34s
110110th5th M6099th MJohn Tinker 1:57:26 8m57s5m34s
111111th40th u/40M100th MWarren Pickup5111:57:28 8m58s5m34s
112112th15th M50101st MKeith Rant5471:57:45 8m59s5m35s
113113th41st u/40M102nd MT KokolakokisBelleVue1:59:01 9m05s5m38s
114114th20th M40103rd MAeron ReesNth Vets1:59:05 9m05s5m38s
115115th42nd u/40M104th MSimon Kirkby5291:59:49 9m08s5m41s
116116th6th M60105th MMalcolm Towler 2:00:16 9m10s5m42s
117117th43rd u/40M106th MJohn Hannan 2:01:36 9m16s5m46s
118118th44th u/40M107th MPaul Fallon 2:01:47 9m17s5m46s
119119th16th M50108th MPatrick Ryan4992:02:17 9m20s5m48s
120120th21st M40109th MDavid Wakefield 2:02:29 9m20s5m48s
121121st7th M60110th MAlec RatcliffeKeighley2:03:14 9m24s5m50s
122122nd8th M60111th MDon't know???2:03:14 9m24s5m50s
123123rd17th M50112th MMaurice ClarkeLiv RC2:03:34 9m25s5m51s
124124th45th u/40M113th MJohn Ewbank4902:04:16 9m29s5m53s
125125th9th M60114th ML GizahamPennyLn2:05:40 9m35s5m57s
126126th10th M60115th MDerek Mitchell 2:06:20 9m38s5m59s
127127th22nd M40116th MPeter Quayle4802:06:24 9m38s5m59s
128128th18th M50117th MMichael McManus 2:06:48 9m40s6m00s
129129th6th u/35L12th LLisa Thompson 2:07:47 9m45s6m03s
130130th10th M55118th MLes Roper5172:09:11 9m51s6m07s
131131st3rd L3513th LRaffle Jennifer 2:09:22 9m52s6m08s
132132nd19th M50119th MEd StaceySaddlew2:10:57 9m59s6m12s
133133rd23rd M40120th MDave Reid5482:11:17 10m01s6m13s
134134th20th M50121st MBrent ArmsteadOldham&R2:11:23 10m01s6m13s
135135th24th M40122nd MHardman 2:11:31 10m02s6m14s
136136th25th M40123rd MMark Taylor5082:11:42 10m03s6m14s
137137th26th M40124th MM Gharooni5182:12:36 10m07s6m17s
138138th46th u/40M125th MDennis Comissar 2:13:43 10m12s6m20s
139139th47th u/40M126th MColin ChadwickSthVets2:14:00 10m13s6m21s
140140th27th M40127th MRobert TantumNth Vets2:14:27 10m15s6m22s
141141st4th L3514th LJulia Fawcett4962:16:46 10m26s6m29s
142142nd28th M40128th MNazim Ali 2:17:13 10m28s6m30s
143143rd7th u/35L15th LClaire Mardsen5072:17:36 10m30s6m31s
144144th48th u/40M129th MBrian S-ColeWinstnR2:17:37 10m30s6m31s
145145th11th M55130th MSamuel BlackAbbeyRun2:18:50 10m35s6m35s
146146th29th M40131st MAnil Bose5432:23:35 10m57s6m48s
147147th5th L3516th LA Fairclough 2:23:59 10m59s6m49s
148148th6th L3517th LDebbie Fallon 2:24:03 10m59s6m50s
149149th8th u/35L18th LEmma Rogers5092:26:53 11m12s6m58s
150150th49th u/40M132nd MRashed Ahmed 2:27:12 11m14s6m59s
151151st7th L3519th LAndrea Ward4972:27:27 11m15s6m59s
152152nd2nd L4020th LWendy GlasperQuakers2:43:30 12m28s7m45s
153153rd9th u/35L21st LPenny Lewthwaite 2:52:4713m11s8m11s
Number finishing in each age group out of the 153 finishers in the race
Men under 40 49
Men 40 to 44 29
Men 45 to 49 13
Men 50 to 54 20
Men 55 to 59 11
Men 60 to 64 10
Ladies under 35 9
Ladies 35 to 39 7
Ladies 40 to 44 2
Ladies 45 to 49 2
Ladies 50 to 54 1