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name club time mins/mile mins/km
11st1st u/35L1st LHelen LawrenceWirral A C00:34:27 5m32s3m26s
22nd1st L352nd LChristine MurphyLiverpool Harriers00:36:36 5m53s3m39s
33rd2nd u/35L3rd LKarrissa HawittWarrington A C00:37:00 5m57s3m42s
44th3rd u/35L4th LMegan Clark
00:37:42 6m03s3m46s
55th4th u/35L5th LClaire DaviesSpectrum Striders00:37:47 6m04s3m46s
66th5th u/35L6th LAngela DickieWakefield A C00:37:57 6m06s3m47s
77th2nd L357th LLynne CloughWigan Phoenix00:38:16 6m09s3m49s
88th6th u/35L8th LEmma JonesBelle Vue Racers00:38:27 6m11s3m50s
99th7th u/35L9th LJenny MurrayStockport Harriers00:38:38 6m12s3m51s
1010th1st L4010th LCathy WrightHarrogate Harriers00:38:38 6m12s3m51s
1111th8th u/35L11th LCaroline McIlroyWirral A C00:38:43 6m13s3m52s
1212th3rd L3512th LSarah SingletonLiverpool Harriers00:38:52 6m15s3m53s
1313th9th u/35L13th LHana CarrollLIverpool Harriers00:38:53 6m15s3m53s
1414th1st L5014th LSusan CooperSouthport Waterloo00:38:56 6m15s3m53s
1515th10th u/35L15th LSarah ScarrottChorley Harriers00:39:15 6m18s3m55s
1616th11th u/35L16th LHelen Cawley
00:39:36 6m22s3m57s
1717th4th L3517th LJane RaffellWigan Phoenix00:40:03 6m26s4m00s
1818th12th u/35L18th LEmma JacksonUniversity of Liverpool00:40:23 6m29s4m02s
1919th13th u/35L19th LRachael MooreWigan Phoenix00:40:26 6m30s4m02s
2020th5th L3520th LVicky BarrettNorth Fylde00:40:28 6m30s4m02s
2121st2nd L5021st LZina MarchantCity of Bath A C00:41:20 6m39s4m08s
2222nd2nd L4022nd LFrances McLaughlinPenny Lane Striders00:41:25 6m39s4m08s
2323rd3rd L4023rd LAmanda HewittWirral A C00:41:26 6m39s4m08s
2424th14th u/35L24th LNabilah SalihiSpectrum Striders00:41:26 6m39s4m08s
2525th15th u/35L25th LAlison DraperLiverpool Harriers00:41:32 6m40s4m09s
2626th16th u/35L26th LMarina Ali
00:41:37 6m41s4m09s
2727th6th L3527th LDiane BallardBlackheath & Bromley00:41:45 6m43s4m10s
2828th4th L4028th LDebbie EdmondsonDavid Lloyd00:41:59 6m45s4m11s
2929th17th u/35L29th LCarol Parsons
00:42:02 6m45s4m12s
3030th18th u/35L30th LNatalie CheersLiverpool R C00:42:08 6m46s4m12s
3131st7th L3531st LPamela MorganLiverpool Harriers00:42:35 6m51s4m15s
3232nd8th L3532nd LCathy Dawson
00:42:39 6m51s4m15s
3333rd1st L4533rd LAnne SweeneyPreston Harriers00:42:40 6m51s4m16s
3434th19th u/35L34th LSarah Lowe
00:42:54 6m54s4m17s
3535th20th u/35L35th LVickie WallisPine Tops00:42:54 6m54s4m17s
3636th21st u/35L36th LJane Jones
00:42:58 6m54s4m17s
3737th22nd u/35L37th LNicola McGlory
00:43:09 6m56s4m18s
3838th23rd u/35L38th LRachel Shepherd
00:43:16 6m57s4m19s
3939th9th L3539th LJoanne Wilson
00:43:21 6m58s4m20s
4040th24th u/35L40th LZoe Miveld
00:43:27 6m59s4m20s
4141st10th L3541st LClaire GouldenChorley Harriers00:43:33 7m00s4m21s
4242nd25th u/35L42nd LLynsey Maddock
00:43:34 7m00s4m21s
4343rd26th u/35L43rd LLucy Bowen
00:43:41 7m01s4m22s
4445th27th u/35L44th LMarie Whalley
00:43:42 7m01s4m22s
4546th5th L4045th LClare HawkesWirral A C00:43:46 7m02s4m22s
4647th28th u/35L46th LMelanie WoodhousePicton00:43:49 7m03s4m22s
4748th29th u/35L47th LFiona Wright
00:43:50 7m03s4m23s
4849th3rd L5048th LMary DoyleLiverpool R C00:43:55 7m03s4m23s
4950th30th u/35L49th LLaura DixonLiverpool R C00:43:57 7m04s4m23s
5051st31st u/35L50th LLynn JolleyWigan Phoenix00:43:57 7m04s4m23s
5152nd11th L3551st LAlison MacdonaldEllesmere Port R C00:44:02 7m05s4m24s
5253rd32nd u/35L52nd LPamela ThurtlePenny Lane Striders00:44:02 7m05s4m24s
5354th33rd u/35L53rd LKate PrattenBlackheath & Bromley00:44:04 7m05s4m24s
5455th6th L4054th LKaren Sears
00:44:08 7m06s4m24s
5556th34th u/35L55th LJudy Nicholson
00:44:09 7m06s4m24s
5657th35th u/35L56th LNicola LeePenny Lane Striders00:44:15 7m07s4m25s
5758th7th L4057th LTracey SandersonPenny Lane Striders00:44:15 7m07s4m25s
5859th2nd L4558th LTricia JonesPensby R C00:44:16 7m07s4m25s
5960th8th L4059th LTracy LewisB W R A00:44:17 7m07s4m25s
6061st36th u/35L60th LClaire Radin
00:44:20 7m07s4m26s
6162nd4th L5061st LGen WilliamsMossley Hill00:44:20 7m07s4m26s
6263rd37th u/35L62nd LTracy MurphySouthport Waterloo00:43:42 7m01s4m22s
6363rd9th L4063rd LBrigitte GaillardLiverpool Harriers00:44:29 7m09s4m26s
6464th1st L5564th LElizabeth Caddick
00:44:40 7m11s4m28s
6565th38th u/35L65th LKatarine Swettenham
00:44:40 7m11s4m28s
6666th10th L4066th LLiz ThorntonLiverpool R C00:44:43 7m11s4m28s
6767th12th L3567th LNicola Richards
00:44:49 7m12s4m28s
6868th11th L4068th LCaroline Taylor
00:44:52 7m13s4m29s
6969th39th u/35L69th LAngharad Care
00:44:53 7m13s4m29s
7070th40th u/35L70th LSuzanne Caulfield
00:44:53 7m13s4m29s
7171st12th L4071st LSue SharpBarrow in Furness Striders00:44:57 7m13s4m29s
7272nd41st u/35L72nd LDebbie Waldie
00:45:00 7m14s4m30s
7373rd42nd u/35L73rd LClaire Campbell
00:45:00 7m14s4m30s
7474th13th L3574th LHuma RahmanRochdale Harriers00:45:10 7m16s4m31s
7575th3rd L4575th LSusan CainPenny Lane Striders00:45:13 7m16s4m31s
7676th43rd u/35L76th LJennifer Morris
00:45:18 7m17s4m31s
7777th44th u/35L77th LJennifer Darcy
00:45:19 7m17s4m31s
7878th45th u/35L78th LZena HarropHyde Village Striders00:45:20 7m17s4m32s
7979th46th u/35L79th LCharlotte SandersonLiverpool Harriers00:45:23 7m18s4m32s
8080th13th L4080th LBernice ShaffiPicton00:45:35 7m20s4m33s
8181st47th u/35L81st LHelen GuyWomens Running Network00:45:38 7m20s4m33s
8282nd14th L4082nd LSandra Evans
00:45:40 7m20s4m34s
8383rd2nd L5583rd LSue StaffordGoyt Valley Striders00:45:45 7m21s4m34s
8484th4th L4584th LLinda LeylandHorwich RMI00:45:47 7m21s4m34s
8585th14th L3585th LHenrietta GriceHelsby00:45:48 7m22s4m34s
8686th15th L3586th LMichelle Murphy
00:45:48 7m22s4m34s
8787th16th L3587th LSandra Connolly
00:45:48 7m22s4m34s
8888th48th u/35L88th LLesley Lawson
00:45:49 7m22s4m34s
8989th5th L5089th LMaureen MuirPensby R C00:45:51 7m22s4m35s
9090th15th L4090th LJeanette FoxWirral A C00:45:51 7m22s4m35s
9191st6th L5091st LRosemary PriceBs Deestriders00:45:56 7m23s4m35s
9292nd16th L4092nd LJudith JonesAbergele Harriers00:46:02 7m24s4m36s
9393rd5th L4593rd LCatherine Nevin
00:46:02 7m24s4m36s
9494th49th u/35L94th LJulie Williams
00:46:04 7m24s4m36s
9595th6th L4595th LMaureen McKenzieMerseyside Fire Brigade00:46:07 7m25s4m36s
9696th50th u/35L96th LAlison Roberts
00:46:08 7m25s4m36s
9797th17th L3597th LJan Culshaw
00:46:10 7m25s4m37s
9898th51st u/35L98th LCarole HeskethWigan Phoenix00:46:15 7m26s4m37s
9999th52nd u/35L99th LAnne RosbottomWirral A C00:46:16 7m26s4m37s
100100th53rd u/35L100th LNicola BaxterRiverside Runners00:46:17 7m26s4m37s
101101st18th L35101st LSandie Hayes
00:46:20 7m27s4m38s
102102nd54th u/35L102nd LKate McCormick
00:46:20 7m27s4m38s
103103rd55th u/35L103rd LJenni NewellVillage R R00:46:21 7m27s4m38s
104104th56th u/35L104th LRhiannon Seys Llewellyn
00:46:26 7m28s4m38s
105105th19th L35105th LJoanne CowleyPenny Lane Striders00:46:27 7m28s4m38s
106106th7th L45106th LAnne WallworthRed Rose R R00:46:27 7m28s4m38s
107107th57th u/35L107th LJoanne Fleming
00:46:30 7m28s4m39s
108108th58th u/35L108th LLisa Warbis
00:46:34 7m29s4m39s
109109th20th L35109th LLouise WilliamsWesham R R00:46:35 7m29s4m39s
110110th59th u/35L110th LNicola Gill
00:46:36 7m29s4m39s
111111th60th u/35L111th LHeidi SalminenLiverpool University00:46:36 7m29s4m39s
112112th21st L35112th LClare HindeWirral A C00:46:38 7m30s4m39s
113113th17th L40113th LJane TideswellBuckley Runners00:46:39 7m30s4m39s
114114th8th L45114th LGillian CollenWarrington R R00:46:42 7m30s4m40s
115115th61st u/35L115th LRosanne Gunning
00:46:45 7m31s4m40s
116116th22nd L35116th LHelen Cunningham
00:46:45 7m31s4m40s
117117th62nd u/35L117th LJustine RestonDavid Lloyd00:46:48 7m31s4m40s
118118th18th L40118th LCollette Purcell
00:46:50 7m32s4m41s
119119th63rd u/35L119th LRaelene Butler
00:46:50 7m32s4m41s
120120th19th L40120th LCarmel Russell
00:46:51 7m32s4m41s
121121st7th L50121st LCaroline MarlerBournemouth00:46:52 7m32s4m41s
122122nd64th u/35L122nd LAnnette Bowden
00:46:53 7m32s4m41s
123123rd65th u/35L123rd LAngela Stratford
00:46:54 7m32s4m41s
124124th66th u/35L124th LSusan Mathias
00:46:54 7m32s4m41s
125125th67th u/35L125th LJulia EcclestonSt Helens Sutton00:46:55 7m32s4m41s
126126th23rd L35126th LSamantha Rhodes
00:46:57 7m33s4m41s
127127th8th L50127th LSusan ExonTrafford A C00:46:57 7m33s4m41s
128128th3rd L55128th LJean MitchellSkelmersdale Boundary00:47:01 7m33s4m42s
129129th68th u/35L129th LAlison SmithTattenhall00:47:02 7m34s4m42s
130130th20th L40130th LBrigitta Bende
00:47:02 7m34s4m42s
131131st69th u/35L131st LHelen AllisonWirral A C00:47:04 7m34s4m42s
132132nd70th u/35L132nd LClaire Evans
00:47:07 7m34s4m42s
133133rd9th L45133rd LSusan Tippin
00:47:09 7m35s4m42s
134134th24th L35134th LElizabeth StanfieldSouthport Waterloo00:47:09 7m35s4m42s
135135th10th L45135th LMargot BowkerSouthport Waterloo00:47:12 7m35s4m43s
136136th25th L35136th LKathleen RaffertyBirkenhead A C00:47:12 7m35s4m43s
137137th71st u/35L137th LTanya Triantafyllou
00:47:14 7m35s4m43s
138138th4th L55138th LJulie SmallRuskin Globetrotters00:47:14 7m35s4m43s
139139th72nd u/35L139th LDiane HenniganSale Harriers00:47:14 7m35s4m43s
140140th73rd u/35L140th LChevaun Tarrach
00:47:15 7m36s4m43s
141141st74th u/35L141st LWendy Berg
00:47:17 7m36s4m43s
142142nd75th u/35L142nd LHelen WhitePenny Lane Striders00:47:20 7m36s4m44s
143143rd76th u/35L143rd LClare LewisPenny Lane Striders00:47:21 7m37s4m44s
144144th77th u/35L144th LEmily Christie
00:47:22 7m37s4m44s
145145th21st L40145th LJane ForrestLostock00:47:22 7m37s4m44s
146146th26th L35146th LJulie Matthews
00:47:28 7m38s4m44s
147147th78th u/35L147th LVictoria Davies
00:47:30 7m38s4m45s
148148th27th L35148th LCynthia De-SilvaTotal Fitness00:47:37 7m39s4m45s
149149th79th u/35L149th LJohanna Waddilove
00:47:37 7m39s4m45s
150150th22nd L40150th LAlison Smith
00:47:38 7m39s4m45s
151151st23rd L40151st LMichelle Hale
00:47:40 7m40s4m46s
152152nd24th L40152nd LHelena McGoldrickGolborne Trotters00:47:40 7m40s4m46s
153153rd9th L50153rd LPauline Donohue
00:47:45 7m40s4m46s
154154th25th L40154th LMary Smallwood
00:47:46 7m41s4m46s
155155th28th L35155th LEsther Keeling
00:47:50 7m41s4m47s
156156th26th L40156th LDiane Winter
00:47:50 7m41s4m47s
157157th80th u/35L157th LLouisa Anderson
00:47:52 7m42s4m47s
158158th11th L45158th LJudith TinsleyWirral A C00:47:55 7m42s4m47s
159159th81st u/35L159th LPamela Lomoro
00:47:57 7m42s4m47s
160160th27th L40160th LHilary Kevan
00:48:00 7m43s4m48s
161161st29th L35161st LDebra Barlow McCannStockport Harriers00:48:04 7m44s4m48s
162162nd82nd u/35L162nd LSue Roach
00:48:05 7m44s4m48s
163163rd30th L35163rd LCaroline Howard
00:48:05 7m44s4m48s
164164th83rd u/35L164th LAngela ShurieLiverpool R C00:48:06 7m44s4m48s
165165th84th u/35L165th LNicola TaylorSouthport Waterloo00:48:08 7m44s4m48s
166166th31st L35166th LJudith DyerPenny Lane Striders00:48:12 7m45s4m49s
167167th85th u/35L167th LSue Fox
00:48:13 7m45s4m49s
168168th32nd L35168th LElaine CoulterPicton00:48:16 7m45s4m49s
169169th28th L40169th LJulie Henderson
00:48:19 7m46s4m49s
170170th1st L70170th LLouise GilchristValley Striders00:48:19 7m46s4m49s
171171st86th u/35L171st LNicola Richmond
00:48:22 7m46s4m50s
172172nd33rd L35172nd LJulie Graham
00:48:25 7m47s4m50s
173173rd87th u/35L173rd LClaire Hood
00:48:28 7m47s4m50s
174174th12th L45174th LPam GrantAbergele Harriers00:48:30 7m48s4m51s
175175th34th L35175th LClare O'Brien
00:48:32 7m48s4m51s
176176th88th u/35L176th L 20003
00:48:37 7m49s4m51s
177177th13th L45177th LNicci DaviesWallasey00:48:40 7m49s4m52s
178178th29th L40178th LBarbara Benton
00:48:44 7m50s4m52s
179179th89th u/35L179th LBaljit Gandhi
00:48:45 7m50s4m52s
180180th10th L50180th LJacqueline RobertsLostock00:48:50 7m51s4m53s
181181st14th L45181st LSue KellyNorthern Vets00:48:50 7m51s4m53s
182182nd90th u/35L182nd LMaria AdamsLiverpool Harriers00:48:55 7m52s4m53s
183183rd91st u/35L183rd L 20004
00:48:56 7m52s4m53s
184184th30th L40184th LHelle Healey
00:48:57 7m52s4m53s
185185th15th L45185th LSheila BickertonSouth Cheshire Harriers00:48:58 7m52s4m53s
186186th92nd u/35L186th LKatie Wilkinson
00:48:58 7m52s4m53s
187187th35th L35187th LGillian Johnson
00:49:01 7m53s4m54s
188188th93rd u/35L188th LCatherine Slater
00:49:02 7m53s4m54s
189189th94th u/35L189th LZoe Tarrach
00:49:02 7m53s4m54s
190190th95th u/35L190th LCeit Bannon
00:49:03 7m53s4m54s
191191st96th u/35L191st L 20028
00:49:04 7m53s4m54s
192192nd97th u/35L192nd LAndrea Thompson
00:49:06 7m54s4m54s
193193rd31st L40193rd LAnn Eggington
00:49:08 7m54s4m54s
194194th16th L45194th LJulie Gibson
00:49:10 7m54s4m55s
195195th36th L35195th LSara Atkinson
00:49:10 7m54s4m55s
196196th37th L35196th LHelen Lester
00:49:10 7m54s4m55s
197197th98th u/35L197th LDawn Golding
00:49:11 7m54s4m55s
198198th38th L35198th LJackie Alcock
00:49:13 7m55s4m55s
199199th32nd L40199th LMandy TurnerChester Triathlon00:49:16 7m55s4m55s
200200th33rd L40200th LAnne Whalley
00:49:17 7m55s4m55s
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Number finishing in each age group out of the 3167 finishers in the race
Men under 40 0
Men 40 to 44
Ladies under 35 1259
Ladies 35 to 39 575
Ladies 40 to 44 559
Ladies 45 to 49 350
Ladies 50 to 54 218
Ladies 55 to 59 130
Ladies 60 to 64 49
Ladies 65 to 69 18
Ladies 70 to 74 6
Ladies 75 to 79 3