34th Parbold Hill Race

14th February 2004

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All Results - All Ages : position 1 to 200

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name club time mins/mile mins/km
11st1st u/40M1st M
B Hussain

22nd2nd u/40M2nd MM HammerBlkburn41:15

33rd3rd u/40M3rd M
A Peers

44th4th u/40M4th MJ HuntWirralAC42:09

55th5th u/40M5th MM LaithwaiteWiganPhx42:20

66th1st M456th MP MullerHorwich42:22

77th6th u/40M7th MP FosterLeigh H42:35

88th7th u/40M8th MG GrovesLpool AC42:37

99th1st M409th MM FarranLeeds Ci43:12

1010th2nd M4010th MN ClementsonHorwich43:19

1111th8th u/40M11th MA RowlandsHorwich44:04

1212th9th u/40M12th MS FarrellStafMoor44:15

1313th10th u/40M13th MA NearyHorwich44:25

1414th11th u/40M14th MS WilkinsonSptWloo44:55

1515th12th u/40M15th MC HoySkemBoun44:57

1616th2nd M4516th ML BrookmanWarr AC45:10

1717th13th u/40M17th ME CullenSkemBoun45:19

1818th14th u/40M18th MB HogganAccringR45:20

1919th1st u/35L1st L
K Hawitt
Warr AC45:22

2020th15th u/40M19th MD YarwoodLivUniv45:24

2121st16th u/40M20th MJ BreytenbachStratfrd45:49

2222nd2nd u/35L2nd L
L Heyes

2323rd1st M6021st MM ConroyLeigh H45:58

2424th17th u/40M22nd MJ FergusonA C Cort46:03

2525th3rd M4023rd MM CollinsLiv RC46:11

2626th4th M4024th MJ HowarthLeigh H46:28

2727th5th M4025th MN AdsheadSptWloo46:41

2828th18th u/40M26th MJ HeldrumLivUniv46:42

2929th19th u/40M27th MR BowkerSptWloo46:42

3030th20th u/40M28th MA UrmstonLeigh H46:47

3131st6th M4029th MN ShepherdWarr AC46:49

3232nd7th M4030th MS BurthemWarr AC46:51

3333rd21st u/40M31st MW GarnerPrestonH47:00

3434th3rd M4532nd MR WalmesleySkemBoun47:09

3535th22nd u/40M33rd MP O'BrienEryri H47:10

3636th23rd u/40M34th MP HarrisonLivpoolH47:11

3737th24th u/40M35th MD Hamilton 47:25

3838th4th M4536th MN StoneCofStoke47:28

3939th25th u/40M37th MI PudgeRossendl47:32

4040th8th M4038th MJ SpencerSpectrum47:42

4141st9th M4039th MC PedderNewburgh48:01

4242nd26th u/40M40th MM Traynor 48:02

4343rd27th u/40M41st MR HartWiganPhx48:03

4444th28th u/40M42nd MI RobertsSkemBoun48:17

4545th10th M4043rd MG CallaghanPembSeft48:22

4646th29th u/40M44th MM JonesSptWloo48:24

4747th11th M4045th MD MasseyHorwich48:26

4848th30th u/40M46th MR CarySptWloo48:26

4949th31st u/40M47th MJ WieczorkAccringR48:27

5050th12th M4048th MK ForsterSpectrum48:33

5151st32nd u/40M49th MC HeysHorwich48:47

5252nd13th M4050th MD BamfordWiganPhx48:51

5353rd14th M4051st MN StephensWarr AC49:01

5454th33rd u/40M52nd MP JannawayPensbyRR49:02

5555th5th M4553rd MP SummersSkemBoun49:03

5656th34th u/40M54th MP Wood 49:13

5757th15th M4055th MN RothwellSptWloo49:15

5858th16th M4056th MR Roberts 49:27

5959th17th M4057th MP Boileau 49:42

6060th35th u/40M58th MJ CrookSkemBoun49:50

6161st1st M5059th MR BrittonStafMoor50:06

6262nd6th M4560th MN Hindle 50:14

6363rd36th u/40M61st MR WalmslyPembSeft50:23

6464th1st M5562nd MB GoreHorwich50:30

6565th7th M4563rd MS LiddellSpectrum50:35

6666th37th u/40M64th MP Child 50:38

6767th38th u/40M65th MK TuzioWiganPhx50:42

6868th39th u/40M66th MA BennWiganPhx50:48

6969th18th M4067th MS JacksonCongletn50:59

7070th40th u/40M68th MS FoleySkemBoun51:00

7171st19th M4069th MF MartinPennyLn51:07

7272nd20th M4070th MG QuinnStockprt51:16

7373rd8th M4571st MS ClaytonLiv RC51:22

7474th9th M4572nd MA GarnettSpectrum51:31

7575th2nd M5073rd MK FowlerBolton51:32

7676th10th M4574th MB ConnollyPicton R51:39

7777th21st M4075th MP Marray 51:43

7878th41st u/40M76th MN TaylorSkemBoun51:50

7979th42nd u/40M77th MJ Buckley 52:02

8080th3rd M5078th MB KennedyNewburgh52:14

8181st43rd u/40M79th ML JonesEllsmrPt52:15

8282nd22nd M4080th MS BroadfootLiv RC52:17

8383rd4th M5081st MJ CrehanWarr AC52:20

8484th44th u/40M82nd MA Shorrock 52:24

8585th45th u/40M83rd MM BalmerPennyLn52:25

8686th46th u/40M84th MM YoungLiv RC52:26

8787th47th u/40M85th MW MerrittLiv RC52:30

8888th48th u/40M86th MP WarburtonChorleyH52:31

8989th11th M4587th MW CoppelovNewburgh52:34

9090th23rd M4088th MM BlandAccringR52:38

9191st3rd u/35L3rd LR MetcalfeEryri H52:45

9292nd49th u/40M89th MJ Fazakerley 53:02

9393rd50th u/40M90th MJ Schofield 53:06

9494th51st u/40M91st MD Young 53:11

9595th12th M4592nd MA BowkerSptWloo53:14

9696th13th M4593rd MD CainPennyLn53:26

9797th14th M4594th MP Campbell 53:30

9898th2nd M6095th MA PeersSpectrum53:31

9999th15th M4596th MD Owens 53:36

100100th16th M4597th MD EvansSptWloo53:40

101101st1st L354th LH Watson 53:45

102102nd17th M4598th MC BrierleyNth Vets53:49

103103rd18th M4599th MJ KeyworthPensbyRR54:00

104104th19th M45100th MB AllmanHorwich54:08

105105th2nd M55101st MP BlandHorwich54:12

106106th52nd u/40M102nd MM HurrellPennyLn54:15

107107th53rd u/40M103rd MM Smith 54:21

108108th54th u/40M104th MI Oatley 54:25

109109th55th u/40M105th MP Roberts 54:29

110110th20th M45106th MN CochraneNewburgh54:30

111111th24th M40107th MA HudsonSptWloo54:32

112112th25th M40108th MB New 54:35

113113th56th u/40M109th MP Cresswell 54:38

114114th26th M40110th MM PitmanWiganPhx54:43

115115th57th u/40M111th MM HoughtonSpectrum54:47

116116th21st M45112th MR Woodland 54:54

117117th58th u/40M113th ML Mercer 55:02

118118th27th M40114th MM BrownGlossopd55:03

119119th5th M50115th MF RobertsPensbyRR55:07

120120th4th u/35L5th LA Lupton 55:08

121121st59th u/40M116th MR Mawdsley 55:09

122122nd6th M50117th MK CarrollPembSeft55:10

123123rd60th u/40M118th MK McKenziaLpool AC55:14

124124th7th M50119th MA CooperWChesh55:16

125125th3rd M55120th MG LargeNth Vets55:29

126126th22nd M45121st MW Johnson 55:30

127127th23rd M45122nd MD JonesWiganPhx55:40

128128th61st u/40M123rd MG Morris 55:47

129129th8th M50124th MM RoughneenNewburgh55:50

130130th62nd u/40M125th MK EdwardsWiganPhx55:51

131131st63rd u/40M126th MN SandersonHallamsh55:58

132132nd64th u/40M127th MG Burcher 56:02

133133rd65th u/40M128th MR Horrocks 56:12

134134th66th u/40M129th MT ManPennyLn56:12

135135th67th u/40M130th MP NeildBowland56:15

136136th3rd M60131st MJ GrestySkemBoun56:16

137137th68th u/40M132nd MB SpeakeReading56:21

138138th69th u/40M133rd MP Lee 56:22

139139th1st L456th LCarole QuirkSkemBoun56:26

140140th28th M40134th MD Biddle 56:27

141141st9th M50135th MG SchofieldChorleyH56:31

142142nd5th u/35L7th LS JacksonLivpoolH56:42

143143rd70th u/40M136th MA Gaskell 56:49

144144th29th M40137th MS RuffleyLeigh H56:50

145145th30th M40138th MM Carr 56:52

146146th10th M50139th MD ShinnDallam56:55

147147th71st u/40M140th MP RobertsFordHale57:02

148148th2nd L358th LN FellowesEryri H57:03

149149th11th M50141st MD FaircloughPembSeft57:12

150150th72nd u/40M142nd MD HainsSptWloo57:13

151151st31st M40143rd MP Hutchings 57:14

152152nd73rd u/40M144th MC QuirkWiganPhx57:20

153153rd24th M45145th MP ButlerLiv RC57:20

154154th32nd M40146th MP Kelly 57:36

155155th12th M50147th MJ LadanowskiFordHale57:44

156156th74th u/40M148th MS Reeves 57:51

157157th75th u/40M149th MM Adams 57:52

158158th76th u/40M150th MP Devine 57:53

159159th6th u/35L9th LP ThurtlePennyLn57:58

160160th25th M45151st MS PembertonPennyLn57:58

161161st77th u/40M152nd MP White 58:22

162162nd78th u/40M153rd MK Bergman 58:23

163163rd79th u/40M154th MJ ThompsonSkemBoun58:24

164164th80th u/40M155th MJ FaragherSkemBoun58:26

165165th33rd M40156th MS McGinnigle 58:34

166166th26th M45157th MM LisleMersyTri58:50

167167th34th M40158th MA WilliamsAltrchm58:52

168168th7th u/35L10th LH SalminenLivUniv58:58

169169th35th M40159th MJ Astill 59:03

170170th81st u/40M160th MH HadziabdicBirkenhd59:07

171171st82nd u/40M161st MA Whittaker 59:08

172172nd27th M45162nd MA Curtis 59:12

173173rd28th M45163rd MS KellyRiversd59:17

174174th13th M50164th MC Wolfarth 59:23

175175th83rd u/40M165th MC Gallagher 59:24

176176th29th M45166th MG StreetRRunners59:34

177177th1st L4011th LP O'KeefeFordHale59:47

178178th84th u/40M167th MM Culshaw 59:51

179179th4th M55168th MD GouldECheshH59:58

180180th2nd L4012th LG DarbyPembSeft1:00:12

181181st85th u/40M169th MM McKinna 1:00:14

182182nd86th u/40M170th MN Tyrrell 1:00:16

183183rd30th M45171st MJ DonohoeAccringR1:00:17

184184th87th u/40M172nd MR Jackson 1:00:29

185185th31st M45173rd MD HenryWiganPhx1:00:34

186186th32nd M45174th MD NicholBurnden1:00:38

187187th33rd M45175th MG Furniss 1:00:40

188188th34th M45176th MJ Evans 1:00:42

189189th3rd L4013th LS WorrallSptWloo1:00:44

190190th35th M45177th MH Chetham 1:00:45

191191st88th u/40M178th MN Kelly 1:00:46

192192nd5th M55179th MA WorthingtonPensbyRR1:00:49

193193rd89th u/40M180th MC McNeill 1:00:51

194194th90th u/40M181st MG McNeill 1:00:51

195195th4th M60182nd ME PughChorleyH1:00:52

196196th6th M55183rd MS RobertsPensbyRR1:00:53

197197th91st u/40M184th MD Winstanley 1:00:54

198198th92nd u/40M185th MM Bretherton 1:00:55

199199th1st M70186th MD HowarthLeigh H1:01:01

200200th36th M40187th MS Nugent 1:01:03

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Number finishing in each age group out of the 408 finishers in the race
Men under 40 135
Men 40 to 44 61
Men 45 to 49 65
Men 50 to 54 34
Men 55 to 59 22
Men 60 to 64 11
Men 65 to 69 5
Men 70 to 74 5
Ladies under 35 16
Ladies 35 to 39 18
Ladies 40 to 44 13
Ladies 45 to 49 13
Ladies 50 to 54 5
Ladies 55 to 59 2
Ladies 60 to 64 2
Ladies 65 to 69 1