Southport Good Friday Races

9th April 2004

3Km Fun Run
Men's 4 Mile Race
Ladies's 4 Mile Race
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3Km Fun Run

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All Results - All Ages : position 1 to 200

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name club time mins/mile mins/km
11st1st u/40M1st MDaniel ScallyWaterloo10:10 5m27s3m23s
22nd2nd u/40M2nd MElliott SmithSouthpor10:12 5m28s3m24s
33rd3rd u/40M3rd MJordan GrimsleyManchstr10:24 5m34s3m28s
44th4th u/40M4th MMichael EvansSouthpor10:27 5m36s3m29s
55th5th u/40M5th MRobert WalshPreston10:31 5m38s3m30s
66th6th u/40M6th MJack ScallyWaterloo10:53 5m50s3m37s
77th7th u/40M7th MBen MartinWallasey11:02 5m55s3m40s
88th8th u/40M8th MDaniel MillerWigan11:16 6m02s3m45s
99th9th u/40M9th MCiaran BrennanCrosby11:18 6m03s3m46s
1010th10th u/40M10th MAndrew WalkerSouthpor11:20 6m04s3m46s
1111th1st u/35L1st LHelen NelsonCrosby11:22 6m05s3m47s
1212th11th u/40M11th MJames McIverChorley11:25 6m07s3m48s
1313th2nd u/35L2nd LKathleen MarrayFormby11:27 6m08s3m49s
1414th12th u/40M12th MJohn HorrocksLeyland11:30 6m10s3m50s
1515th13th u/40M13th MStephen GrahamWallasey11:32 6m11s3m50s
1616th3rd u/35L3rd LJourdan CotterSt Helens11:34 6m12s3m51s
1717th14th u/40M14th MMaurice CotterStHelens11:34 6m12s3m51s
1818th15th u/40M15th MGreg OwenLiverpoo11:37 6m13s3m52s
1919th16th u/40M16th MSteven GellettHightown11:37 6m13s3m52s
2020th4th u/35L4th LLeanne ScottBurnley11:40 6m15s3m53s
2121st17th u/40M17th MJoshua RobinsonLeyland11:43 6m17s3m54s
2222nd18th u/40M18th MTom DeanPreston11:46 6m18s3m55s
2323rd19th u/40M19th MAdam GouldenChorley11:48 6m19s3m56s
2424th5th u/35L5th LJade HartleyBurnley11:49 6m20s3m56s
2525th20th u/40M20th MChris HeskethSouthpor11:53 6m22s3m57s
2626th6th u/35L6th LHolly RobinsonLeyland11:54 6m22s3m58s
2727th21st u/40M21st MPatrick VisCrosby11:55 6m23s3m58s
2828th7th u/35L7th LStephanie JamesSouthpor12:02 6m27s4m00s
2929th22nd u/40M22nd MJames WalshPreston12:05 6m28s4m01s
3030th23rd u/40M23rd MJamie RalstonFormby12:10 6m31s4m03s
3131st24th u/40M24th MA Howard 12:12 6m32s4m04s
3232nd8th u/35L8th LJessica NelsonCrosby12:17 6m35s4m05s
3333rd9th u/35L9th LLydia HurleyLiverpoo12:18 6m35s4m06s
3434th25th u/40M25th MSean OuthwaiteKingswin12:20 6m36s4m06s
3535th26th u/40M26th MMark YatesChorley12:29 6m41s4m09s
3636th10th u/35L10th LFaye BaldockWaterloo12:29 6m41s4m09s
3737th27th u/40M27th MPaul SchumannLiverpoo12:43 6m49s4m14s
3838th28th u/40M28th MJ Bates-LawlorHuyton12:46 6m50s4m15s
3939th11th u/35L11th LSarah AthertonLiverpoo12:51 6m53s4m17s
4040th29th u/40M29th MLiam EllisWaterloo12:52 6m54s4m17s
4141st30th u/40M30th MGraham EllisWaterloo12:54 6m55s4m18s
4242nd31st u/40M31st MJoe McKernanLiverpoo12:58 6m57s4m19s
4343rd12th u/35L12th LTara BleasdaleChorley13:03 6m59s4m21s
4444th13th u/35L13th LLauren BrennanCrosby13:06 7m01s4m22s
4545th32nd u/40M32nd MRobert FordSouthpor13:06 7m01s4m22s
4646th33rd u/40M33rd MJoe VisCrosby13:07 7m02s4m22s
4747th14th u/35L14th LLucy PatryChorley13:08 7m02s4m22s
4848th34th u/40M34th MSimon TrewhittSouthpor13:10 7m03s4m23s
4949th35th u/40M35th MBlake HardingFormby13:10 7m03s4m23s
5050th36th u/40M36th MMatthew DrydenFormby13:12 7m04s4m24s
5151st37th u/40M37th MC GouldenChorley13:12 7m04s4m24s
5252nd15th u/35L15th LJeannette MurrayLeyland13:13 7m05s4m24s
5353rd38th u/40M38th MDean HardingFormby13:15 7m06s4m25s
5454th16th u/35L16th LEmma LyonsBootle13:17 7m07s4m25s
5555th17th u/35L17th LStephanie EdgeHeswall13:18 7m07s4m26s
5656th18th u/35L18th LEmily LawtonOrmskirk13:20 7m09s4m26s
5757th39th u/40M39th MSean KennySouthpor13:24 7m11s4m28s
5858th40th u/40M40th MJamie CassonLiverpoo13:27 7m12s4m29s
5959th41st u/40M41st MMichael JonesWigan13:29 7m13s4m29s
6060th19th u/35L19th LNichola JacksonPreston13:31 7m14s4m30s
6161st20th u/35L20th LEleanor McGillCrosby13:46 7m23s4m35s
6262nd21st u/35L21st LSusannah MarrayFormby13:51 7m25s4m37s
6363rd1st M5042nd MKeith DaviesCanada13:54 7m27s4m38s
6464th22nd u/35L22nd LKaty LongdenSouthpor14:03 7m32s4m41s
6565th42nd u/40M43rd MPeter GaskellSkem14:04 7m32s4m41s
6666th23rd u/35L23rd LFiona WilliamsLeyland14:04 7m32s4m41s
6767th24th u/35L24th LCharl BleasdaleChorley14:06 7m33s4m42s
6868th43rd u/40M44th MJake LloydSouthpor14:07 7m34s4m42s
6969th25th u/35L25th LJessica CarterBootle14:08 7m34s4m42s
7070th44th u/40M45th MAdam GowSouthpor14:09 7m35s4m43s
7171st45th u/40M46th MMatthew WalmsleyManchstr14:10 7m35s4m43s
7272nd26th u/35L26th LLouise PaceySouthpor14:12 7m36s4m44s
7373rd46th u/40M47th MScott RimmerSptWloo14:15 7m38s4m45s
7474th47th u/40M48th MBen EggingtonSouthpor14:22 7m42s4m47s
7575th48th u/40M49th MTee Jay WalkerBurnley14:24 7m43s4m48s
7676th49th u/40M50th MSam SchofieldBurnley14:25 7m43s4m48s
7777th50th u/40M51st MAlex KayParbold14:26 7m44s4m48s
7878th27th u/35L27th LLucy FisherPreston14:27 7m45s4m49s
7979th28th u/35L28th LFrances HarlandOrmskirk14:33 7m48s4m51s
8080th1st M4052nd MMike KayParbold14:34 7m48s4m51s
8181st29th u/35L29th LEmma ScottBurnley14:36 7m49s4m52s
8282nd51st u/40M53rd MRalph RobertsLytham14:42 7m53s4m54s
8383rd30th u/35L30th LJacqui DaviesCanada14:42 7m53s4m54s
8484th1st L3531st LHeather ScottBurnley14:47 7m55s4m55s
8585th52nd u/40M54th MMichael MurrayLeyland14:51 7m57s4m57s
8686th31st u/35L32nd LLaura OuthwaiteKingswin15:03 8m04s5m01s
8787th53rd u/40M55th MT CowperthwaitePreston15:12 8m09s5m04s
8888th54th u/40M56th MChris DaleBurscoug15:14 8m10s5m04s
8989th55th u/40M57th MJames BaileySouthpor15:24 8m15s5m08s
9090th56th u/40M58th MDaniel CooneyPrescot15:25 8m16s5m08s
9191st32nd u/35L33rd LRachel CotterStHelens15:28 8m17s5m09s
9292nd57th u/40M59th MMatthew ChapmanFormby15:31 8m19s5m10s
9393rd58th u/40M60th MKirsty SchumannLiverpoo15:36 8m22s5m12s
9494th33rd u/35L34th LMaria StanfieldThornton15:38 8m23s5m12s
9595th59th u/40M61st MMike FaircloughBickrstf15:39 8m23s5m13s
9696th34th u/35L35th LAmy NelsonCrosby15:48 8m28s5m16s
9797th60th u/40M62nd MMax RothwellSouthpor15:52 8m30s5m17s
9898th35th u/35L36th LElizabeth GowSouthpor15:53 8m31s5m17s
9999th36th u/35L37th LLucy MarrayFormby15:57 8m33s5m19s
100100th61st u/40M63rd MJack BrownLiverpoo16:00 8m34s5m20s
101101st62nd u/40M64th MLee RimmerSptWloo16:04 8m37s5m21s
102102nd37th u/35L38th LPoppy LangLiverpoo16:07 8m38s5m22s
103103rd38th u/35L39th LLydia McGillCrosby16:11 8m40s5m23s
104104th39th u/35L40th LKate HowgegoSouthpor16:12 8m41s5m24s
105105th63rd u/40M65th MGareth HudsonSefton16:12 8m41s5m24s
106106th64th u/40M66th MAlex BeresfordBootle16:13 8m41s5m24s
107107th65th u/40M67th MAaron McKeownLiverpoo16:13 8m41s5m24s
108108th66th u/40M68th MSachin SharmaCrosby16:15 8m42s5m25s
109109th1st M4569th MMike BeresfordBootle16:16 8m43s5m25s
110110th40th u/35L41st LHarriet KilshawSouthpor16:17 8m43s5m25s
111111th41st u/35L42nd LLydia KilshawSouthpor16:20 8m45s5m26s
112112th42nd u/35L43rd LAla EllithornChorley16:21 8m46s5m27s
113113th43rd u/35L44th LRosalind BellFormby16:23 8m47s5m27s
114114th67th u/40M70th MSean RyanSouthpor16:42 8m57s5m34s
115115th44th u/35L45th LBeth NelsonCrosby16:54 9m03s5m38s
116116th45th u/35L46th LBethany MurraySouthpor17:04 9m09s5m41s
117117th68th u/40M71st MMike MurraySouthpor17:04 9m09s5m41s
118118th46th u/35L47th LAmy LongdenSouthpor17:10 9m12s5m43s
119119th69th u/40M72nd MSam EggingtonSouthpor17:22 9m18s5m47s
120120th70th u/40M73rd MGavin CousinsSouthpor17:24 9m19s5m48s
121121st47th u/35L48th LCharlotte MurrayLeyland17:26 9m21s5m48s
122122nd71st u/40M74th MRobert SigleyTarleton17:34 9m25s5m51s
123123rd72nd u/40M75th MDerek BroadfootLiverpoo17:36 9m26s5m52s
124124th48th u/35L49th LLizzie JacksonLathom17:38 9m27s5m52s
125125th73rd u/40M76th MSean VisCrosby17:38 9m27s5m52s
126126th49th u/35L50th LSophie RothwellSouthpor17:39 9m27s5m53s
127127th2nd M4077th MNeil RothwellSouthpor17:40 9m28s5m53s
128128th2nd L3551st LWendy SchofieldBurnley17:41 9m29s5m53s
129129th74th u/40M78th MMark EcclestonHaydock17:43 9m30s5m54s
130130th50th u/35L52nd LSarah KennySouthpor17:43 9m30s5m54s
131131st75th u/40M79th MJack NewmanSouthpor17:45 9m31s5m55s
132132nd51st u/35L53rd LOlivia ParkinsonSouthpor17:46 9m31s5m55s
133133rd52nd u/35L54th LSophie PreeceSouthpor17:47 9m32s5m55s
134134th1st L4055th LDebbie ParkinsonSouthpor17:50 9m33s5m56s
135135th53rd u/35L56th LKaty FisherPreston17:50 9m33s5m56s
136136th76th u/40M80th MPhilip ParkesSouthpor17:57 9m37s5m59s
137137th3rd L3557th LJulie RalstonFormby17:58 9m38s5m59s
138138th54th u/35L58th LFiona CarySouthpor18:07 9m42s6m02s
139139th77th u/40M81st MRichard CarySouthpor18:08 9m43s6m02s
140140th55th u/35L59th LAmy Howard 18:10 9m44s6m03s
141141st56th u/35L60th LEvie LangLiverpoo18:11 9m45s6m03s
142142nd57th u/35L61st LVanessa CantwellFormby18:15 9m47s6m05s
143143rd4th L3562nd LAnne MarrayFormby18:15 9m47s6m05s
144144th58th u/35L63rd LRebecca ChadwickLiverpoo18:17 9m48s6m05s
145145th59th u/35L64th LKirsty RothwellSouthpor18:22 9m51s6m07s
146146th78th u/40M82nd ME Howard 18:25 9m52s6m08s
147147th60th u/35L65th LJessica CooneyPrescot18:26 9m53s6m08s
148148th79th u/40M83rd MBilly WalkerBurnley18:51 10m06s6m17s
149149th61st u/35L66th LJoanne BrowneBurnley18:51 10m06s6m17s
150150th62nd u/35L67th LHeather HainsFormby18:54 10m08s6m18s
151151st63rd u/35L68th LBeth SullivanFormby18:54 10m08s6m18s
152152nd64th u/35L69th LNatalie PaceySouthpor18:59 10m10s6m19s
153153rd2nd L4070th LLiz ClarkSouthpor19:01 10m11s6m20s
154154th1st L4571st LDebbie MawsonSouthpor19:01 10m11s6m20s
155155th65th u/35L72nd LGemma BroadfootLiverpoo19:20 10m22s6m26s
156156th66th u/35L73rd LJ CowperthwaitePreston19:35 10m30s6m31s
157157th80th u/40M84th MNick WalmsleyManchstr19:40 10m32s6m33s
158158th67th u/35L74th LLaura SchumannLiverpoo19:41 10m33s6m33s
159159th81st u/40M85th MZak HindleySouthpor19:45 10m35s6m35s
160160th82nd u/40M86th MS HindleySouthpor19:45 10m35s6m35s
161161st2nd M5087th MPaul WalmsleyManchstr20:06 10m46s6m42s
162162nd1st M5588th MDavid HughesSouthpor20:18 10m53s6m46s
163163rd83rd u/40M89th MR Culshaw 20:56 11m13s6m58s
164164th3rd L4075th LKathryn MorrisSptWloo21:29 11m31s7m09s
165165th68th u/35L76th LRachel BurkeBootle21:33 11m33s7m11s
166166th69th u/35L77th LHelen WeirSouthpor21:58 11m46s7m19s
167167th70th u/35L78th LMairead RyanSouthpor22:23 12m00s7m27s
168168th4th L4079th LLynn KilshawSouthpor22:23 12m00s7m27s
169169th71st u/35L80th LC HutchinsonSouthpor24:17 13m01s8m05s
170170th5th L4081st LAnn PercySouthpor24:26 13m06s8m08s
171171st3rd M4090th MBarry PercySouthpor24:26 13m06s8m08s
172172nd6th L4082nd LHelen GaskellSkem25:19 13m34s8m26s
173173rd72nd u/35L83rd LDiane RobertsSouthpor29:42 15m55s9m54s
174174th73rd u/35L84th LBonnie SinclairSouthpor30:24 16m18s10m08s
175175th74th u/35L85th LRebecca PercySouthpor30:2416m18s10m08s
Number finishing in each age group out of the 175 finishers in the race
Men under 40 83
Men 40 to 44 3
Men 45 to 49 1
Men 50 to 54 2
Men 55 to 59 1
Ladies under 35 74
Ladies 35 to 39 4
Ladies 40 to 44 6
Ladies 45 to 49 1