Preston Festival of Running

10th July 2005

10k Race

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All Results - All Ages : position 1 to 200

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name club time mins/mile mins/km
11st1st u/40M1st MScott NintonSalford31:15 5m01s3m07s
22nd2nd u/40M2nd MNeil TattersalPendleAC32:44 5m16s3m16s
33rd3rd u/40M3rd MSteve HallasPrestonH33:26 5m22s3m20s
44th1st M404th MMike WhyattGarstang34:28 5m32s3m26s
55th4th u/40M5th MRussell Maddam PrestonH34:42 5m34s3m28s
66th5th u/40M6th MM LivingstonePrestonH34:54 5m36s3m29s
77th1st M457th MPaul MullerHorwich35:09 5m39s3m30s
88th6th u/40M8th MBarry NormanWeshamRR35:32 5m43s3m33s
99th7th u/40M9th MSimon Cook 36:46 5m54s3m40s
1010th8th u/40M10th MJohn WinderPrestonH36:59 5m57s3m41s
1111th2nd M4011th MRichard RobertsNth Vets37:12 5m59s3m43s
1212th3rd M4012th MPeter CruseWeshamRR37:18 6m00s3m43s
1313th2nd M4513th MSteve ClaytonPrestonH37:50 6m05s3m47s
1414th9th u/40M14th MPaul DunkerleyWeshamRR38:11 6m08s3m49s
1515th10th u/40M15th MRussell HartSalford38:19 6m09s3m49s
1616th4th M4016th MJohn HampsonPrestonH38:23 6m10s3m50s
1717th3rd M4517th MDavid BarkerPrestonH38:24 6m10s3m50s
1818th1st M5018th MDarren SodenPembSeft38:31 6m11s3m51s
1919th11th u/40M19th MDavid Watson 38:32 6m12s3m51s
2020th12th u/40M20th MAndrew Whaiter 38:36 6m12s3m51s
2121st13th u/40M21st MC Rowland 38:46 6m14s3m52s
2222nd5th M4022nd MJoseph DooleyECheshH38:53 6m15s3m53s
2323rd2nd M5023rd MTony PritchardGarstang38:59 6m16s3m53s
2424th14th u/40M24th MKeith LuntLittlwds39:20 6m19s3m56s
2525th6th M4025th MAndrew HudsonSptWloo39:33 6m21s3m57s
2626th1st u/35L1st LSarah CharnockStHelens39:53 6m25s3m59s
2727th7th M4026th MDavid CarthyTrafford40:01 6m26s4m00s
2828th15th u/40M27th MStuart PerryRochdale40:03 6m26s4m00s
2929th1st M5528th MAndrew McCallum 40:05 6m26s4m00s
3030th3rd M5029th MJohn HollandPrestonH40:09 6m27s4m00s
3131st16th u/40M30th MCraig Hunt 40:12 6m28s4m01s
3232nd1st L402nd LPhilippa WalshPrestonH40:18 6m29s4m01s
3333rd8th M4031st MAndy WiggansIlkley H40:23 6m29s4m02s
3434th17th u/40M32nd MMartin Birchall 40:43 6m33s4m04s
3535th18th u/40M33rd MPaul SandersonTriPres40:51 6m34s4m05s
3636th19th u/40M34th MSimon Parkinson 41:03 6m36s4m06s
3737th9th M4035th MDave DunnLytham41:07 6m36s4m06s
3838th10th M4036th MStuart HammondRossendl41:12 6m37s4m07s
3939th2nd u/35L3rd LP JacksonKeswick41:14 6m38s4m07s
4040th20th u/40M37th MChris Clarke 41:27 6m40s4m08s
4141st21st u/40M38th MJohn Brady 41:38 6m41s4m09s
4242nd3rd u/35L4th LTracey DuttonWiganPhx41:38 6m41s4m09s
4343rd22nd u/40M39th MRob Holmes 41:40 6m42s4m10s
4444th4th M4540th MJohn LavelleRossendl41:45 6m43s4m10s
4545th1st L455th LAnne SweeneyPrestonH41:47 6m43s4m10s
4646th11th M4041st MDave WattsRed Rose41:49 6m43s4m10s
4747th12th M4042nd MBryan HeapLytham42:01 6m45s4m12s
4848th23rd u/40M43rd MMark Skinley 42:04 6m46s4m12s
4949th4th u/35L6th LFiona Benn 42:14 6m47s4m13s
5050th2nd M5544th MJohn Morris 42:23 6m49s4m14s
5151st24th u/40M45th MLee Booth 42:29 6m50s4m14s
5252nd25th u/40M46th MMichael Darwell 42:39 6m51s4m15s
5353rd26th u/40M47th MCarl Vincent 42:44 6m52s4m16s
5454th3rd M5548th MPeter GibsonRed Rose42:46 6m52s4m16s
5555th27th u/40M49th MSean Owens 42:47 6m53s4m16s
5656th13th M4050th MRaj Patel 42:58 6m54s4m17s
5757th28th u/40M51st MMartin Taylor 43:01 6m55s4m18s
5858th29th u/40M52nd MLouis Sanford 43:03 6m55s4m18s
5959th14th M4053rd MJohn Power 43:06 6m56s4m18s
6060th5th u/35L7th LSolenn Caradec 43:06 6m56s4m18s
6161st30th u/40M54th MBen Hopes 43:09 6m56s4m18s
6262nd15th M4055th MMark NurseWitherns43:15 6m57s4m19s
6363rd31st u/40M56th MK Purcell 43:21 6m58s4m20s
6464th4th M5057th MDavid PrestonWeshamRR43:21 6m58s4m20s
6565th32nd u/40M58th MPaul Penny 43:25 6m59s4m20s
6666th16th M4059th MDale Connearn 43:28 6m59s4m20s
6767th6th u/35L8th LBecky FosterSptWloo43:29 6m59s4m20s
6868th5th M4560th MGraham VickersWeshamRR43:32 7m00s4m21s
6969th17th M4061st MChris WhitlockRiversd43:37 7m01s4m21s
7070th1st M6062nd MJohn MitchellBlkburnR43:37 7m01s4m21s
7171st33rd u/40M63rd MMark Dodd 43:42 7m01s4m22s
7272nd1st L359th LJoanne FrodshamWeshamRR43:53 7m03s4m23s
7373rd6th M4564th MTrev McDermott 43:57 7m04s4m23s
7474th4th M5565th MTerry WebsterNorthFyl44:00 7m04s4m24s
7575th34th u/40M66th MAndrew Herbet 44:05 7m05s4m24s
7676th18th M4067th MNigel YoungChorleyH44:08 7m06s4m24s
7777th7th M4568th MRobert Wightmanllkley H44:17 7m07s4m25s
7878th2nd L4010th LMichelle Simey 44:23 7m08s4m26s
7979th35th u/40M69th MMark SumnerCarrefou44:27 7m09s4m26s
8080th5th M5570th MDavid Aspen 44:28 7m09s4m26s
8181st36th u/40M71st MMichael Malcom 44:29 7m09s4m26s
8282nd19th M4072nd MPhil GillardHelsbyRC44:32 7m09s4m27s
8383rd37th u/40M73rd MLeigh Brindle 44:34 7m10s4m27s
8484th8th M4574th MSteven JacksonPrestonH44:42 7m11s4m28s
8585th20th M4075th MHoward CottamWiganPhx44:45 7m12s4m28s
8686th21st M4076th MN Bayntun- RoberLytham R44:46 7m12s4m28s
8787th9th M4577th MBill BrownWeshamRR44:46 7m12s4m28s
8888th38th u/40M78th MStuart AdamsonHorwich44:48 7m12s4m28s
8989th6th M5579th MGraham HowellLivpoolH44:49 7m12s4m28s
9090th5th M5080th MDavid AppllebyPrestonH44:49 7m12s4m28s
9191st39th u/40M81st MEddy LittlePrestonH44:52 7m13s4m29s
9292nd40th u/40M82nd MAndrew McKenna 44:52 7m13s4m29s
9393rd6th M5083rd MSteve PembertonPennyLn44:52 7m13s4m29s
9494th22nd M4084th MPaul GardnerWeshamRR45:04 7m15s4m30s
9595th23rd M4085th MAnthony FowlerMersyTri45:06 7m15s4m30s
9696th41st u/40M86th MNeil AlbertsDarwenDa45:15 7m16s4m31s
9797th42nd u/40M87th MGraeme Sergeant 45:16 7m17s4m31s
9898th43rd u/40M88th MDon Ingham 45:18 7m17s4m31s
9999th44th u/40M89th MGraeme Sergeant 45:19 7m17s4m31s
100100th7th M5590th MDavid WoodNorthFyl45:23 7m18s4m32s
101101st45th u/40M91st MAndrew Stell 45:28 7m18s4m32s
102102nd46th u/40M92nd MAndrew BoneRiversd45:30 7m19s4m33s
103103rd7th u/35L11th LLaura McIntosh 45:33 7m19s4m33s
104104th47th u/40M93rd MStephen YoungPrestonH45:33 7m19s4m33s
105105th48th u/40M94th MDavid Tierney 45:36 7m20s4m33s
106106th49th u/40M95th MRichard Higgs 45:38 7m20s4m33s
107107th50th u/40M96th MShafiq Desai 45:46 7m21s4m34s
108108th24th M4097th MPeter Kerry 45:55 7m23s4m35s
109109th51st u/40M98th MRichard DouglasBlkburnR45:56 7m23s4m35s
110110th52nd u/40M99th MTim HelmoreNorthFyl45:56 7m23s4m35s
111111th53rd u/40M100th MAlan TaylorWeshamRR45:57 7m23s4m35s
112112th54th u/40M101st MJohn Kennedy 46:04 7m24s4m36s
113113th7th M50102nd MAlan ClareyMossleyH46:06 7m25s4m36s
114114th55th u/40M103rd MAndrew Coates 46:07 7m25s4m36s
115115th8th M55104th MMike Winstanley 46:09 7m25s4m36s
116116th8th u/35L12th LT Moorcroft 46:17 7m26s4m37s
117117th8th M50105th MB Cadwallader 46:17 7m26s4m37s
118118th56th u/40M106th MGreg O'Brien 46:21 7m27s4m38s
119119th57th u/40M107th MMark Jordan 0m00s0m00s
120120th58th u/40M108th MJohn InsoleNorthFyl46:24 7m27s4m38s
121121st25th M40109th MMark Walmsley 46:24 7m27s4m38s
122122nd9th u/35L13th LJulie Rawcliffe 0m00s0m00s
123123rd3rd L4014th LPippy HaywoodGarstang46:26 7m28s4m38s
124124th59th u/40M110th MStephen ParsonsHorsfth46:26 7m28s4m38s
125125th60th u/40M111th MMike Kavanagh 0m00s0m00s
126126th61st u/40M112th MAndrew Sweetman 46:30 7m28s4m39s
127127th2nd L3515th LNicola PookePensbyRR46:35 7m29s4m39s
128128th4th L4016th LPippy HaywoodGarstang46:36 7m29s4m39s
129129th2nd L4517th LJanice Johnstone 46:41 7m30s4m40s
130130th9th M50113th MBarry Teal 46:43 7m31s4m40s
131131st10th u/35L18th LA MeadowcroftSptWloo46:48 7m31s4m40s
132132nd62nd u/40M114th MMatt SimpsonTeam Deb46:53 7m32s4m41s
133133rd63rd u/40M115th MSheldon Vickers 46:54 7m32s4m41s
134134th64th u/40M116th MDominic Carroll 46:55 7m32s4m41s
135135th65th u/40M117th MCarl PickupTeam Deb47:04 7m34s4m42s
136136th66th u/40M118th MJohn Wain 47:04 7m34s4m42s
137137th67th u/40M119th MRob FalconLanc&Mor47:07 7m34s4m42s
138138th68th u/40M120th MBarry Farnworth 47:07 7m34s4m42s
139139th69th u/40M121st MAnthony Murphey 47:10 7m35s4m43s
140140th26th M40122nd MPasco De- Palma 47:14 7m35s4m43s
141141st70th u/40M123rd MDavid BrooksNorthFyl47:21 7m37s4m44s
142142nd5th L4019th LSandra SnapeBlkburnR47:24 7m37s4m44s
143143rd71st u/40M124th MWarren Bramley 47:24 7m37s4m44s
144144th72nd u/40M125th MGeorge Clarke 47:25 7m37s4m44s
145145th73rd u/40M126th MThomas Varley 47:28 7m38s4m44s
146146th11th u/35L20th LAllison GrundyTattenhl47:36 7m39s4m45s
147147th10th M50127th MGeorge Wakefield 47:39 7m40s4m45s
148148th74th u/40M128th MCraig Lee 47:41 7m40s4m46s
149149th27th M40129th MM Letwenjuk 47:46 7m41s4m46s
150150th3rd L3521st LAmanda Sterling 47:50 7m41s4m47s
151151st11th M50130th MS WilkinsonWeshamRR47:51 7m41s4m47s
152152nd75th u/40M131st MDarran Bowles 47:56 7m42s4m47s
153153rd10th M45132nd MKeith Ellis 47:58 7m43s4m47s
154154th76th u/40M133rd MStuart Flint 48:00 7m43s4m48s
155155th77th u/40M134th MMark SaynorRed Rose48:00 7m43s4m48s
156156th9th M55135th MJohn JordanNth Vets48:03 7m43s4m48s
157157th78th u/40M136th MRichard Thompson 48:03 7m43s4m48s
158158th79th u/40M137th MSean Mullins 48:03 7m43s4m48s
159159th11th M45138th MGraeme LeathardRRunners48:04 7m44s4m48s
160160th80th u/40M139th MMartin Kirkby 48:07 7m44s4m48s
161161st12th M50140th MRichard Oakley 48:11 7m45s4m49s
162162nd12th M45141st MIain Crossley 48:11 7m45s4m49s
163163rd81st u/40M142nd MC Ireland 48:11 7m45s4m49s
164164th13th M50143rd MM Chimjezuk 48:15 7m45s4m49s
165165th13th M45144th MAlan Graham 48:15 7m45s4m49s
166166th82nd u/40M145th MGareth Gray 48:20 7m46s4m50s
167167th4th L3522nd LS Hargreaves 48:21 7m46s4m50s
168168th5th L3523rd LZoe Burgess 48:23 7m47s4m50s
169169th28th M40146th MMartin Hillson 48:24 7m47s4m50s
170170th14th M45147th MJohn Reynolds 48:29 7m48s4m50s
171171st15th M45148th MChris HorryKilmarsh48:29 7m48s4m50s
172172nd3rd L4524th LJayne HorryKilmarsh48:31 7m48s4m51s
173173rd83rd u/40M149th MJohn McCronePrestonH48:32 7m48s4m51s
174174th10th M55150th MDavid Banks 48:34 7m48s4m51s
175175th84th u/40M151st MJames Mulholland 48:45 7m50s4m52s
176176th85th u/40M152nd MPaul Hulton 48:45 7m50s4m52s
177177th86th u/40M153rd MGary Lewis 48:45 7m50s4m52s
178178th16th M45154th MColin Whaiter 48:49 7m51s4m52s
179179th6th L3525th LK Cunningham 48:54 7m52s4m53s
180180th11th M55155th MJames Arnold 48:57 7m52s4m53s
181181st87th u/40M156th MDavid SargentLanc&Mor49:00 7m53s4m54s
182182nd88th u/40M157th MNigel Haworth 49:00 7m53s4m54s
183183rd29th M40158th MNigel Wadsworth 49:00 7m53s4m54s
184184th89th u/40M159th MStephen Caton 49:00 7m53s4m54s
185185th90th u/40M160th MMartin Salins 0m00s0m00s
186186th30th M40161st MIan Westney 49:04 7m53s4m54s
187187th91st u/40M162nd MGarry Roylance 49:07 7m54s4m54s
188188th31st M40163rd MJonathan Thomas 49:13 7m55s4m55s
189189th32nd M40164th MNick Ratcliffe 49:15 7m55s4m55s
190190th17th M45165th MPrakash Mistry 49:17 7m55s4m55s
191191st92nd u/40M166th MMick Patta 49:22 7m56s4m56s
192192nd18th M45167th MDavid DysonNorthFyl49:23 7m56s4m56s
193193rd93rd u/40M168th MJohn Walsh 49:23 7m56s4m56s
194194th94th u/40M169th MSimon Fielding 49:25 7m57s4m56s
195195th12th u/35L26th LKath KirkDtchDash49:25 7m57s4m56s
196196th19th M45170th MJohn Lomas 0m00s0m00s
197197th95th u/40M171st MAndrew Smith 49:29 7m57s4m56s
198198th33rd M40172nd MOsman SidikLittlwds49:34 7m58s4m57s
199199th20th M45173rd MVijay Vaja 49:35 7m58s4m57s
200200th12th M55174th MMichael OwenWeshamRR49:37 7m58s4m57s
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Number finishing in each age group out of the 616 finishers in the race
Men under 40 213
Men 40 to 44 71
Men 45 to 49 47
Men 50 to 54 28
Men 55 to 59 17
Men 60 to 64 6
Men 65 to 69 5
Men 70 to 74 1
Men 75 to 79 1
Ladies under 35 101
Ladies 35 to 39 49
Ladies 40 to 44 39
Ladies 45 to 49 21
Ladies 50 to 54 5
Ladies 55 to 59 10
Ladies 60 to 64 1
Ladies 65 to 69 1