36th Parbold Hill Race

11th February 2006

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Welcome to one of the few real cross country races remaining in the UK. A single 7 mile lap over the farmland across the 3 hills around Parbold, Lancashire, incorporating narrow tracks, steep hills, stiles, ditches, walls, and everything else there used to be in proper races!

And mud. Lots and lots of mud. And water...lots and lots of water.

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All Results - All Ages : position 1 to 200

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name club time mins/mile mins/km
11st1st u/40M1st MR BerrySptWloo40:13

22nd2nd u/40M2nd MJ MellorLivpoolH40:53

33rd3rd u/40M3rd MJ McColeLivpoolH40:55

44th4th u/40M4th MA SmithStHelens41:08

55th5th u/40M5th MA PeersLivpoolH41:25

66th6th u/40M6th MM CullenStHelens41:28

77th1st M407th MM FowlerCheshhil41:40

88th7th u/40M8th MG GrovesLivpoolH41:43

99th8th u/40M9th MP DerbyshireWiganPhx41:47

1010th9th u/40M10th MJ HuntWirralAC41:51

1111th10th u/40M11th MJ FergusonAccorte41:55

1212th11th u/40M12th MC WestBuckleyR42:34

1313th12th u/40M13th MJ KouacsSalford42:38

1414th2nd M4014th MR JacksonHorwich42:48

1515th13th u/40M15th MS WilkinsonLiv RC42:52

1616th14th u/40M16th MA ClanseyPembSeft43:00

1717th3rd M4017th MP BirkettSalford43:12

1818th4th M4018th MM MurrayBoltonMt43:25

1919th15th u/40M19th MM LaithwaiteStHelens43:50

2020th16th u/40M20th MT BushWellsCty44:19

2121st17th u/40M21st MP SmithAltrchm44:30

2222nd18th u/40M22nd MP SingletonAmblesAC44:42

2323rd1st M4523rd MG SchofieldHorwich44:43

2424th19th u/40M24th MA AshtonLivpoolH44:47

2525th20th u/40M25th MX DesseWirralAC45:01

2626th21st u/40M26th MI SelbyHorwich45:02

2727th2nd M4527th MP MullerHorwich45:09

2828th22nd u/40M28th MG HeyesHorwich45:18

2929th23rd u/40M29th MB MartinSalford45:29

3030th24th u/40M30th MS RusselRossendl45:30

3131st1st u/35L1st LO WalwynNorwichC45:31

3232nd3rd M4531st MC PedderNewburgh45:33

3333rd1st L352nd LG LaithwaiteStHelens45:53

3434th25th u/40M32nd MS HeatonECheshH46:01

3535th26th u/40M33rd MS LaingECheshH46:02

3636th5th M4034th MM LeeRossendl46:17

3737th1st M5035th MR EagleWilmslow46:18

3838th27th u/40M36th MS Burtham 46:20

3939th28th u/40M37th MC HoyLivpoolH46:23

4040th29th u/40M38th MR JohnstoneWarr RR46:37

4141st30th u/40M39th MI PudgeRossendl46:39

4242nd31st u/40M40th MP HarrisonLivpoolH46:41

4343rd6th M4041st MM CollinsLiv RC46:45

4444th32nd u/40M42nd MJ WilliamsSalford46:53

4545th1st M5543rd MT HeskethHorwich47:06

4646th33rd u/40M44th MK WardHorwich47:08

4747th1st M6045th MF ReillyStockprt47:29

4848th7th M4046th MJ CrookSkemBoun47:38

4949th8th M4047th MS JacksonCongletn47:40

5050th2nd M5048th MD SouthernAltrchm47:42

5151st2nd M6049th MJ ConnollySpectrum47:51

5252nd3rd M5050th MS MorranFellRunA47:54

5353rd34th u/40M51st MM OllernshawGlossopd47:55

5454th4th M4552nd MH LewisBuckleyR47:56

5555th5th M4553rd MJ SpencerSpectrum47:59

5656th6th M4554th MF MartinPennyLn48:07

5757th35th u/40M55th MD MasonHorwich48:09

5858th9th M4056th MR RobertsGarstang48:12

5959th36th u/40M57th MR Bardon 48:16

6060th7th M4558th MD RalphsNewburgh48:22

6161st10th M4059th MR BowkerSptWloo48:28

6262nd37th u/40M60th MN KellyPennyLn48:30

6363rd8th M4561st MT JacksonNewburgh48:37

6464th38th u/40M62nd MC WrightArmy48:44

6565th39th u/40M63rd MM HoughtonSpectrum48:51

6666th40th u/40M64th MJ Brown 48:52

6767th11th M4065th MA GormanHorwich49:01

6868th41st u/40M66th MG Laurent (F) 49:01

6969th12th M4067th MN GarnettSpectrum49:10

7070th42nd u/40M68th MK EdwardsWiganPhx49:20

7171st13th M4069th MB GowSptWloo49:21

7272nd43rd u/40M70th MSittarame (F) 49:22

7373rd14th M4071st MC Merriman 49:25

7474th15th M4072nd MN StephensWarr AC49:30

7575th16th M4073rd MB MorrisMersyfir49:35

7676th44th u/40M74th MB Tate 49:37

7777th17th M4075th MM CunninghamSptWloo49:37

7878th45th u/40M76th MA CriggChorleyH49:44

7979th46th u/40M77th MA KellyRossendl49:47

8080th18th M4078th MS MoseleyBlendale49:49

8181st2nd L353rd LK SmoutHorwich49:50

8282nd47th u/40M79th MC HeysHorwich49:51

8383rd3rd M6080th MJ AmiesCongletn49:51

8484th2nd u/35L4th LR MetcalfeEryri H49:53

8585th9th M4581st MB WalmsleySkemBoun49:54

8686th1st L405th LR IsaacsPensbyRR50:05

8787th48th u/40M82nd MA ShorrockBlkburn50:12

8888th10th M4583rd MA BowkerSptWloo50:31

8989th3rd u/35L6th LD CulshawWiganPhx50:32

9090th19th M4084th MA JohnsonGlossopd50:35

9191st49th u/40M85th MR EdwardsGlossopd50:42

9292nd4th M5086th MN Hindle 50:43

9393rd50th u/40M87th MJ ThompsonSkemBoun50:44

9494th5th M5088th MH YousefianStockprt50:46

9595th20th M4089th MA Duffield 50:47

9696th51st u/40M90th MA RobertsCongletn50:54

9797th52nd u/40M91st MG McCollSale H50:55

9898th21st M4092nd MN RothwellSptWloo50:56

9999th22nd M4093rd MJ HewittGlossopd50:57

100100th53rd u/40M94th MD Charleston 50:58

101101st23rd M4095th MW MerrittLiv RC51:00

102102nd54th u/40M96th MN TaylorSkemBoun51:01

103103rd55th u/40M97th MP Jannaway 51:02

104104th56th u/40M98th MH HadziabdicBirkenhd51:05

105105th24th M4099th MD WilliamsChorleyH51:17

106106th4th u/35L7th LL HeyesHorwich51:18

107107th57th u/40M100th MM HargreavesLivpoolH51:19

108108th58th u/40M101st MM Birchall 51:21

109109th11th M45102nd MP SingletonBpool&Fy51:26

110110th59th u/40M103rd MA Whitaker 51:27

111111th3rd L358th LY WykeWiganPhx51:35

112112th25th M40104th MS ParkerWChesh51:44

113113th6th M50105th MJ OlldernshawGlossopd52:00

114114th2nd M55106th MB KennedyNewburgh52:01

115115th60th u/40M107th MG StevensAstley52:03

116116th12th M45108th MP SummersSkemBoun52:03

117117th61st u/40M109th MCornn (F) 52:04

118118th26th M40110th MM Carr 52:05

119119th4th M60111th MC Liv RC52:07

120120th5th u/35L9th LK WardSptWloo52:09

121121st27th M40112th ME McCallum 52:11

122122nd62nd u/40M113th MA Clark 52:12

123123rd13th M45114th MS ClaytonLiv RC52:13

124124th6th u/35L10th LS CriggChorleyH52:14

125125th28th M40115th MS NicholasPennyLn52:17

126126th29th M40116th MP RainfordLiv RC52:21

127127th5th M60117th MN GriffithsSpectrum52:26

128128th63rd u/40M118th MJ Schofield 52:28

129129th64th u/40M119th MC Jnr 52:31

130130th65th u/40M120th MP HallSkemBoun52:35

131131st7th M50121st MS LiddellSpectrum52:37

132132nd7th u/35L11th LD VrquiartBuckleyR52:40

133133rd66th u/40M122nd MC FallonLiv RC52:47

134134th67th u/40M123rd MJ ClemsonPrestonH52:49

135135th68th u/40M124th MK Taylor 52:53

136136th69th u/40M125th MLouaze David (F) 52:58

137137th6th M60126th MJ MorrisBuckleyR52:59

138138th8th M50127th MR HandleySptWloo53:27

139139th70th u/40M128th MP KinganRiversd53:32

140140th71st u/40M129th MP Aldridge 53:34

141141st9th M50130th MP ButlerLiv RC53:37

142142nd72nd u/40M131st MR Soloman 53:38

143143rd14th M45132nd MD KershawChorleyA53:41

144144th73rd u/40M133rd MP Roberts 53:49

145145th15th M45134th MD CainPennyLn53:50

146146th4th L3512th LK RobertsHelsbyRC53:59

147147th30th M40135th MP HutchingsLivpoolH54:05

148148th16th M45136th MS TilbyPensbyRR54:13

149149th17th M45137th MR WoodPembSeft54:17

150150th74th u/40M138th MA Merriman 54:22

151151st75th u/40M139th MS Jacques 54:38

152152nd31st M40140th MM Howard 54:40

153153rd32nd M40141st MS Townsend 54:42

154154th18th M45142nd MJ KeyworthPensbyRR54:45

155155th33rd M40143rd MD MilesNewburgh54:58

156156th76th u/40M144th MT MannPennyLn54:59

157157th77th u/40M145th MB Wolstenholme' 55:00

158158th8th u/35L13th LA Crook 55:01

159159th19th M45146th MP BurgessStHelens55:02

160160th20th M45147th MG HandSpectrum55:04

161161st78th u/40M148th MN Hayworth 55:05

162162nd5th L3514th LP GaterellPinkPant55:20

163163rd1st L4515th LC QuirkSkemBoun55:21

164164th3rd M55149th MV McKayGlossopd55:26

165165th34th M40150th MA HudsonSptWloo55:36

166166th10th M50151st MA TaylorAbergele55:41

167167th79th u/40M152nd MC McNeil 55:42

168168th21st M45153rd MI McNiellPennyLn55:45

169169th22nd M45154th MJ McGlynnPennyLn55:49

170170th80th u/40M155th MC Hannaway 55:52

171171st23rd M45156th MS BurthemWarr AC56:00

172172nd81st u/40M157th MNeil McGrawGlossopd56:09

173173rd4th M55158th MF SlavinNth Vets56:12

174174th9th u/35L16th LJ EcclestonStHelens56:30

175175th82nd u/40M159th MLe Mercier (F) 56:32

176176th83rd u/40M160th MC BradburyAstleyty56:38

177177th84th u/40M161st MP Morgan 56:39

178178th85th u/40M162nd ML Mercer 56:41

179179th6th L3517th LN FallonLiv RC56:42

180180th35th M40163rd MP McCarthyMersyTri56:43

181181st86th u/40M164th MD Pritchard 56:44

182182nd2nd L4518th LS CainPennyLn56:47

183183rd87th u/40M165th MC Green 56:50

184184th36th M40166th MT JeffersonDorsetDo56:54

185185th24th M45167th MP WilkinsonSkemBoun56:55

186186th25th M45168th MA Greenhalgh 57:00

187187th88th u/40M169th MS Laverty 57:01

188188th26th M45170th MP ForsterWirralAC57:02

189189th27th M45171st MS PrileBoltonMt57:04

190190th7th L3519th LA BellCheshhil57:06

191191st89th u/40M172nd MR Newsham 57:15

192192nd37th M40173rd MM Kavanagh 57:17

193193rd38th M40174th MR McHarrySpectrum57:25

194194th90th u/40M175th MJ Roberts 57:30

195195th39th M40176th MR BurkeLiv RC57:32

196196th40th M40177th MP Dawson 57:33

197197th91st u/40M178th MG Burcher 57:34

198198th3rd L4520th LL ThorntonLiv RC57:35

199199th28th M45179th MP Kelly 57:39

200200th11th M50180th MM LisleMersyTri57:42

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Number finishing in each age group out of the 458 finishers in the race
Men under 40 148
Men 40 to 44 69
Men 45 to 49 64
Men 50 to 54 29
Men 55 to 59 23
Men 60 to 64 15
Men 65 to 69 7
Men 70 to 74 3
Men 75 to 79 3
Ladies under 35 28
Ladies 35 to 39 18
Ladies 40 to 44 19
Ladies 45 to 49 12
Ladies 50 to 54 7
Ladies 55 to 59 9
Ladies 60 to 64 3
Ladies 65 to 69 1