Preston Festival of Running

9th July 2006

Fun Run

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All Results - All Ages : position 1 to 200

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name club time mins/mile mins/km
11st1st u/40M1st MAndrew HarrisonPrestonH09:26

22nd2nd u/40M2nd MGeorge Banks 09:28

33rd1st M403rd MGary Banks 09:28

44th3rd u/40M4th MBen EversonKeqms09:52

55th1st u/35L1st LNichola JacksonPrestonH10:03

66th4th u/40M5th MShaun Waldron 10:26

77th5th u/40M6th MMichael O'BrianPrestonH10:47

88th2nd u/35L2nd LSally McIntyreSale H10:54

99th6th u/40M7th MHarry Spen 10:59

1010th7th u/40M8th MOliver Gorney 11:13

1111th8th u/40M9th MJack Gorney 11:18

1212th1st L353rd LTrisha Gorney 11:19

1313th9th u/40M10th MAndrew Eastham 11:26

1414th10th u/40M11th MEdward Harkness 11:33

1515th11th u/40M12th MMathew McDonald 11:48

1616th12th u/40M13th MOliver TylerThe Ding11:53

1717th2nd L354th LPaula Harkness 12:15

1818th13th u/40M14th MRyan AshcroftHorwich12:19

1919th3rd u/35L5th LGeorgia HampsonPrestonH12:23

2020th4th u/35L6th LBeth EversonKeqms12:24

2121st5th u/35L7th LSharon Eastham 12:37

2222nd14th u/40M15th MJoshua Spence 12:59

2323rd15th u/40M16th MWilliam TylerThe Ding13:09

2424th16th u/40M17th MLewis Godfrey 13:14

2525th6th u/35L8th LLeigh Higham 13:15

2626th7th u/35L9th LShannon Perry 13:18

2727th2nd M4018th MStuart Godfrey 13:24

2828th8th u/35L10th LHannah Chadwick 13:28

2929th1st M4519th MJim Chanley 13:41

3030th17th u/40M20th MAndrew Roberts 13:42

3131st2nd M4521st MBarry PreeceRochdale13:43

3232nd9th u/35L11th LO Millington 13:58

3333rd10th u/35L12th LJasmine Watts 14:02

3434th11th u/35L13th LEmma Shepherd 14:07

3535th12th u/35L14th LJemma HampsonSt Mary'14:12

3636th3rd M4522nd MJohn HampsonPrestonH14:12

3737th18th u/40M23rd MJ Bretherton 14:34

3838th13th u/35L15th LM Bretherton 14:39

3939th19th u/40M24th MM Bretherton 14:39

4040th14th u/35L16th LChanice Kirkham 14:55

4141st20th u/40M25th MAndrew Roberts 14:56

4242nd21st u/40M26th MAziz Fellague 14:57

4343rd22nd u/40M27th MAidan Barnes 14:57

4444th1st L4017th LJackie Fellague 14:57

4545th15th u/35L18th LAbigail Watts 14:57

4646th16th u/35L19th LNicola Lynn 14:57

4747th17th u/35L20th LSadie Giles 14:58

4848th3rd M4028th MStephen Roberts 15:00

4949th23rd u/40M29th MStuart Hunt 15:01

5050th24th u/40M30th MDaniel Hunt 15:07

5151st18th u/35L21st LK Parker-Livesey 15:09

5252nd19th u/35L22nd LRoslyn AshcroftHorwich15:11

5353rd2nd L4023rd LKaren Livesey 15:13

5454th4th M4531st MPaul Glover 15:20

5555th25th u/40M32nd MHarry FarringtonSkemRang15:29

5656th26th u/40M33rd MThomas Walne 15:29

5757th27th u/40M34th MStephen Walne 15:31

5858th28th u/40M35th MAlexander Glover 15:47

5959th3rd L4024th LAmanda Marriott 15:48

6060th1st M5036th MStephen Marriott 15:56

6161st20th u/35L25th LNicola Page 15:56

6262nd4th M4037th MChris Page 15:56

6363rd3rd L3526th LDonna Knowles 16:12

6464th21st u/35L27th LFreya Bolton 16:13

6565th22nd u/35L28th LGrace Woods 16:14

6666th29th u/40M38th MG Farrington 16:24

6767th30th u/40M39th MHarry Washington 16:24

6868th23rd u/35L29th LEmma Stewart 16:24

6969th4th L3530th LSharon Mulvaney 16:25

7070th24th u/35L31st LGrace Chadwick 16:31

7171st5th L3532nd LLouise Chadwick 16:34

7272nd25th u/35L33rd LNicola Woods 16:35

7373rd26th u/35L34th LFaizah Kazee 16:44

7474th5th M4040th MAshraf Kazee 16:53

7575th5th M4541st MBrian Woods 16:53

7676th27th u/35L35th LHolly Jackson 17:08

7777th31st u/40M42nd MJames Gelson 17:08

7878th28th u/35L36th LHolly Yeomans 17:09

7979th6th L3537th LCath Charnley 17:14

8080th29th u/35L38th LKathryn GardnerWeshamRR17:16

8181st6th M4043rd MPaul GardnerWeshamRR17:21

8282nd30th u/35L39th LLeona Parkinson 17:22

8383rd31st u/35L40th LLeah Potter 17:33

8484th32nd u/40M44th MNicholas Norris 17:33

8585th7th M4045th MPhillip Norris 17:47

8686th32nd u/35L41st LKeara Mulvaney 18:23

8787th33rd u/35L42nd LRhiana Mulvaney 18:23

8888th34th u/35L43rd LDawn Van Boyd 18:27

8989th35th u/35L44th LShannon Sharp 18:31

9090th36th u/35L45th LShelby Kirkham 18:38

9191st7th L3546th LJanet NorrisRun6018:38

9292nd37th u/35L47th LBethany Norris 18:39

9393rd4th L4048th LJulie Dawling 18:51

9494th38th u/35L49th LOliva WhittakerSt Annes19:57

9595th33rd u/40M46th MCarl Parker 20:24

9696th34th u/40M47th MM Christopher 20:41

9797th39th u/35L50th LO Christopher 20:43

9898th40th u/35L51st LLisa Jackson 20:43

9999th35th u/40M48th MDon't know???21:04

100100th41st u/35L52nd LMaria Whiteside 23:26

101101st42nd u/35L53rd LLeah Dawling 23:57

102102nd43rd u/35L54th LSteph Parker 23:57

103103rd36th u/40M49th MDaniel Parker 23:57

104104th5th L4055th LJulie Roberts 24:16

105105th1st L5556th LIvy Mitchell 24:16

106106th1st M5550th MDon't know???24:16

107107th1st L6557th LValerie Foster 25:12

108108th44th u/35L58th LLois Pau 25:13

109109th6th L4059th LMarie Woodruff 26:20

110110th45th u/35L60th LRebecca Rich 26:21

111111th46th u/35L61st LClaire Ferrie 26:53

112112th2nd M5051st MSimon Rich 26:56

Number finishing in each age group out of the 112 finishers in the race
Men under 40 36
Men 40 to 44 7
Men 45 to 49 5
Men 50 to 54 2
Men 55 to 59 1
Ladies under 35 46
Ladies 35 to 39 7
Ladies 40 to 44 6
Ladies 45 to 49
Ladies 50 to 54
Ladies 55 to 59 1
Ladies 60 to 64
Ladies 65 to 69 1