Waterloo 5k Race

1st May 2006

15K Results
5K Results
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All Results - All Ages : position 1 to 200

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name club time mins/mile mins/km
11st1st u/40M1st MHarry BoydSptWloo18:00 5m47s3m36s
22nd2nd u/40M2nd MMartin CookePembSeft18:02 5m48s3m36s
33rd3rd u/40M3rd MMichael EvansSptWloo18:33 5m58s3m42s
44th4th u/40M4th MMark BrennanSptWloo19:36 6m18s3m55s
55th5th u/40M5th MMichael LynchSptWloo20:20 6m32s4m04s
66th6th u/40M6th MAshleigh JohnsonLivpoolH20:22 6m33s4m04s
77th1st M507th MJohn RafteryWallasey20:27 6m34s4m05s
88th7th u/40M8th MAlistair White 21:11 6m49s4m14s
99th8th u/40M9th MJonathan Craig 21:33 6m56s4m18s
1010th9th u/40M10th MNeil Wright 21:45 6m59s4m21s
1111th1st M4011th MRichard Johnson 21:47 7m00s4m21s
1212th1st u/35L1st LKathleen MarraySptWloo21:49 7m01s4m21s
1313th10th u/40M12th MDaniel Maguire 21:56 7m03s4m23s
1414th11th u/40M13th MDominic Cooke 22:00 7m04s4m24s
1515th12th u/40M14th MAlex Hannaway 22:34 7m15s4m30s
1616th13th u/40M15th MArbom Nep-Jahjin 22:38 7m17s4m31s
1717th2nd u/35L2nd LSarah CassPennyLn22:50 7m20s4m34s
1818th3rd u/35L3rd LDeb Farrington 22:58 7m23s4m35s
1919th2nd M4016th MJohn Milligan 22:59 7m23s4m35s
2020th4th u/35L4th LKirsty LongleyPembSeft23:01 7m24s4m36s
2121st14th u/40M17th MAnthony Kimber 23:16 7m29s4m39s
2222nd1st L455th LDavid O'Brien 23:17 7m29s4m39s
2323rd15th u/40M18th MRyan Kimber 23:20 7m30s4m40s
2424th16th u/40M19th MMark Ioannou 23:24 7m31s4m40s
2525th2nd M5020th MGraham Bell 23:31 7m34s4m42s
2626th17th u/40M21st MAndrew McKenna 24:10 7m46s4m50s
2727th5th u/35L6th LDanielle Scott 24:21 7m50s4m52s
2828th1st M4522nd MMichael DandyPembSeft24:29 7m52s4m53s
2929th2nd M4523rd MP Coffey 24:34 7m54s4m54s
3030th3rd M4524th MDave Leppert 24:40 7m56s4m56s
3131st6th u/35L7th LLynn Connolly 24:45 7m57s4m57s
3232nd7th u/35L8th LRachel Jacks 24:52 8m00s4m58s
3333rd18th u/40M25th MDon LindopWirkswor24:56 8m01s4m59s
3434th19th u/40M26th MPhilip Dowd 25:14 8m07s5m02s
3535th1st M5527th MChris Ball 25:37 8m14s5m07s
3636th8th u/35L9th LL AbelHearts H25:48 8m18s5m09s
3737th20th u/40M28th MPaul Thomas 26:10 8m25s5m14s
3838th2nd M5529th MJon Swales 26:16 8m27s5m15s
3939th9th u/35L10th LRebecca Scott 26:30 8m31s5m18s
4040th1st L5011th LStella ElliottPensbyRR26:41 8m35s5m20s
4141st1st L4012th LRuth Stockley 27:13 8m45s5m26s
4242nd2nd L4013th LCath LapsleyWomensN27:19 8m47s5m27s
4343rd1st L3514th LDiane Hawkes 27:20 8m47s5m28s
4444th10th u/35L15th LEmma Shreeve 27:26 8m49s5m29s
4545th3rd M4030th MMatt Callaghan 27:38 8m53s5m31s
4646th21st u/40M31st MChris Parry 27:40 8m54s5m32s
4747th1st M7032nd MEddie Lane 27:43 8m55s5m32s
4848th11th u/35L16th LJane Lang 27:44 8m55s5m32s
4949th2nd L4517th LSandra WatersSptWloo27:46 8m56s5m33s
5050th3rd L4518th LGill Laragione 28:02 9m01s5m36s
5151st4th M4033rd MGary Smith 28:09 9m03s5m37s
5252nd5th M4034th MGary Thorp 28:19 9m06s5m39s
5353rd3rd L4019th LJackie Owens 28:23 9m08s5m40s
5454th4th M4535th MAndy Ball 28:28 9m09s5m41s
5555th6th M4036th MPaul Walters 28:43 9m14s5m44s
5656th1st M6537th MJohn Cochrane 28:48 9m16s5m45s
5757th2nd L5020th LSue Kennedy 28:58 9m19s5m47s
5858th2nd L3521st LJulie Elliott 29:01 9m20s5m48s
5959th22nd u/40M38th MDon't know???29:03 9m20s5m48s
6060th4th L4022nd LRuth ScottPicton R29:04 9m21s5m48s
6161st3rd L3523rd LSue Doyle 29:04 9m21s5m48s
6262nd23rd u/40M39th MAndrew Sloman 29:14 9m24s5m50s
6363rd5th L4024th LDenise Forster 29:30 9m29s5m54s
6464th5th M4540th MChris Forster 29:38 9m32s5m55s
6565th24th u/40M41st MStephen CumminsMerseyFB29:49 9m35s5m57s
6666th25th u/40M42nd MChris WilsonMerseyFB29:49 9m35s5m57s
6767th6th M4543rd MMarcus Roberts 29:51 9m36s5m58s
6868th12th u/35L25th LEmma Jay 29:51 9m36s5m58s
6969th7th M4044th MB Hartley 29:56 9m37s5m59s
7070th26th u/40M45th MJeffrey Williams 29:59 9m38s5m59s
7171st13th u/35L26th LKate McQueen 30:04 9m40s6m00s
7272nd14th u/35L27th LMichelle McQueen 30:08 9m41s6m01s
7373rd4th L3528th LCheyl MadeleyStockPCT30:10 9m42s6m02s
7474th4th L4529th LBiddy LindopWirkswor30:19 9m45s6m03s
7575th15th u/35L30th LJayne McLaughlin 30:22 9m46s6m04s
7676th1st M6046th MIan Bryden 30:30 9m48s6m06s
7777th16th u/35L31st LLorr Woolerton 30:33 9m49s6m06s
7878th6th L4032nd LPattie Kilroy 30:33 9m49s6m06s
7979th17th u/35L33rd LRachel Kearney 30:38 9m51s6m07s
8080th3rd L5034th LSheila Harris 30:39 9m51s6m07s
8181st5th L3535th LSally JonesRRunners30:44 9m53s6m08s
8282nd4th L5036th LBarbara Gordon 31:04 9m59s6m12s
8383rd7th L4037th LDiane Poole 31:08 10m01s6m13s
8484th27th u/40M47th MMartin Boyle 31:09 10m01s6m13s
8585th6th L3538th LFiona Richardson 31:12 10m02s6m14s
8686th18th u/35L39th LKathleen LindopWirkswor31:14 10m03s6m14s
8787th19th u/35L40th LMary LindopWirkswor31:17 10m04s6m15s
8888th5th L4541st LImelda O'Brien 31:20 10m04s6m16s
8989th7th L3542nd LMaryyum HussainHearts R31:25 10m06s6m17s
9090th28th u/40M48th MDavid Crocker 31:25 10m06s6m17s
9191st20th u/35L43rd LSally GilbanksHearts R31:29 10m07s6m17s
9292nd8th L3544th LSarah Reynolds 31:34 10m09s6m18s
9393rd6th L4545th LKaren NelsonHearts R31:36 10m10s6m19s
9494th9th L3546th LTracy Rose 31:39 10m11s6m19s
9595th1st L6547th LBarbara Stockley 31:41 10m11s6m20s
9696th7th L4548th LChristine Beyga 31:44 10m12s6m20s
9797th8th M4049th MPaul McKay 31:50 10m14s6m22s
9898th21st u/35L49th LSophie RothwellSptWloo31:53 10m15s6m22s
9999th8th L4550th LLinda Waldron 32:09 10m20s6m25s
100100th8th L4051st LJean Sprackland 32:23 10m25s6m28s
101101st22nd u/35L52nd LEmma Jay 32:34 10m28s6m30s
102102nd29th u/40M50th MColin Gilbanks 32:49 10m33s6m33s
103103rd5th L5053rd LBlaise Renton 33:18 10m42s6m39s
104104th1st L5554th LOlwen Kearney 33:27 10m45s6m41s
105105th6th L5055th LFrances AspinallRossendl33:36 10m48s6m43s
106106th9th L4056th LTracy McGeeHearts R33:48 10m52s6m45s
107107th10th L3557th LSinead Young 33:57 10m55s6m47s
108108th3rd M5051st ML McComb 33:58 10m55s6m47s
109109th9th L4558th LS McComb 33:59 10m56s6m47s
110110th10th L4059th LBev Radcliffe 34:01 10m56s6m48s
111111th9th M4052nd MPeter Wilde 34:02 10m57s6m48s
112112th10th M4053rd MDon't know???34:03 10m57s6m48s
113113th23rd u/35L60th LAshleigh Ibrahim 34:12 11m00s6m50s
114114th10th L4561st LGilla V-Warnke 34:32 11m06s6m54s
115115th30th u/40M54th MMichael Tidsall 34:37 11m08s6m55s
116116th7th M4555th MColin WeedonLiv RC34:41 11m09s6m56s
117117th2nd L5562nd LChris Lisle 34:46 11m11s6m57s
118118th11th L4063rd LSue RobertsWomensN34:51 11m12s6m58s
119119th11th L4564th LAnne Swales 35:04 11m17s7m00s
120120th24th u/35L65th LJackie Duggan 35:20 11m22s7m04s
121121st11th L3566th LMichelle Taylor 35:20 11m22s7m04s
122122nd31st u/40M56th MTom Buck 35:31 11m25s7m06s
123123rd32nd u/40M57th MAmelia Laragione 35:33 11m26s7m06s
124124th12th L3567th LGill Murgatroyd 35:59 11m34s7m11s
125125th12th L4568th LSusan Lamb 36:00 11m35s7m12s
126126th13th L3569th LBerni Deary 36:11 11m38s7m14s
127127th25th u/35L70th LJennifer McKee 36:16 11m40s7m15s
128128th14th L3571st LHelen McGuire 36:22 11m42s7m16s
129129th33rd u/40M58th MDavid Howells 36:22 11m42s7m16s
130130th15th L3572nd LLisa Rigby 36:32 11m45s7m18s
131131st16th L3573rd LJane EcclestonHearts H36:48 11m50s7m21s
132132nd12th L4074th LCeri Wilde 36:59 11m54s7m23s
133133rd13th L4075th LBern Kilroy 37:00 11m54s7m24s
134134th34th u/40M59th MDavid Crocker 38:04 12m14s7m36s
135135th14th L4076th LMandy Jackson 38:04 12m14s7m36s
136136th17th L3577th LAnne McCulloughLiv RC38:39 12m26s7m43s
137137th15th L4078th LDenise TierneyHearts R38:42 12m27s7m44s
138138th7th L5079th LJane FessyHearts R38:56 12m31s7m47s
139139th16th L4080th LChristine Jones 42:42 13m44s8m32s
140140th11th M4060th MDon't know???42:4213m44s8m32s
Number finishing in each age group out of the 140 finishers in the race
Men under 40 34
Men 40 to 44 11
Men 45 to 49 7
Men 50 to 54 3
Men 55 to 59 2
Men 60 to 64 1
Men 65 to 69 1
Men 70 to 74 1
Ladies under 35 25
Ladies 35 to 39 17
Ladies 40 to 44 16
Ladies 45 to 49 12
Ladies 50 to 54 7
Ladies 55 to 59 2
Ladies 60 to 64
Ladies 65 to 69 1