37th Parbold Hill Race

17th February 2007

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Welcome to one of the few real cross country races remaining in the UK. A single 7 mile lap over the farmland across the 3 hills around Parbold, Lancashire, incorporating narrow tracks, steep hills, stiles, ditches, walls, and everything else there used to be in proper races!

Today was fine, sunny, and pretty warm for February.

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All Results - All Ages : position 1 to 200

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name club time mins/mile mins/km
11st1st u/40M1st MR BerrySptWloo41:27

22nd2nd u/40M2nd MR BurneyLivpoolH41:50

33rd3rd u/40M3rd MA PeersLivpoolH42:24

44th4th u/40M4th MB BollandHorwich43:11

55th5th u/40M5th ML SiemaszkoLivpoolH43:17

66th6th u/40M6th MR MaddamsHorwich43:24

77th1st M407th MJ HuntWirralAC43:50

88th7th u/40M8th MP SankeyLiv RC44:18

99th8th u/40M9th MG GrovesLivpoolH44:45

1010th9th u/40M10th MG WilliamsStHelens44:54

1111th10th u/40M11th MJ MeldrumLivpoolH45:14

1212th11th u/40M12th MM Vose 45:37

1313th12th u/40M13th MS LaingECheshH45:39

1414th1st M4514th MC PedderNewburgh45:45

1515th1st M5015th MG KairnsPembSeft45:48

1616th13th u/40M16th MN AshcroftWarr AC45:54

1717th2nd M5017th MG SchofieldHorwich46:01

1818th2nd M4018th MR AshworthSptWloo46:12

1919th14th u/40M19th MA AshtonLivpoolH46:20

2020th15th u/40M20th MB GraneyStHelens46:32

2121st16th u/40M21st MD HamiltonSptWloo46:51

2222nd17th u/40M22nd MS NicholsWiganPhx47:17

2323rd2nd M4523rd MS BurthemWarr AC47:40

2424th3rd M4024th MK TuzioWiganPhx47:53

2525th18th u/40M25th MR MarshStHelens47:58

2626th3rd M4526th MS NolanHorwich47:59

2727th3rd M5027th MT DuffyBolton48:01

2828th19th u/40M28th MR Bardon 48:11

2929th4th M4029th MG CallaghanPembSeft48:13

3030th20th u/40M30th MP Ellison 48:20

3131st4th M4531st MD FlemingHorwich48:28

3232nd5th M4032nd MI HayburnStHelens48:31

3333rd1st u/35L1st LK IngramHorwich48:38

3434th21st u/40M33rd MN CritchlowBuxtonAC48:40

3535th22nd u/40M34th MK RentonLivTriat49:08

3636th6th M4035th MI Bamber 49:13

3737th5th M4536th MP FrodshamWChesh49:18

3838th23rd u/40M37th MM ShillabeerStHelens49:22

3939th24th u/40M38th MD FieldLiv RC49:27

4040th6th M4539th MD RalphsNewburgh49:30

4141st7th M4040th MR RobertsGarstang49:32

4242nd8th M4041st MN GrantPennyLn49:41

4343rd9th M4042nd MJ CrookSkemBoun49:44

4444th25th u/40M43rd MT ClarkeLivpoolH49:52

4545th26th u/40M44th MJ ThompsonSkemBoun49:55

4646th27th u/40M45th MM HoughtonSpectrum49:58

4747th4th M5046th MS MorranNth Vets50:02

4848th28th u/40M47th MI HepburnHorwich50:06

4949th7th M4548th MR BowkerSptWloo50:09

5050th10th M4049th MW MasonMacclesf50:21

5151st11th M4050th MD ReynoldsNewburgh50:26

5252nd2nd u/35L2nd LA CrookSptWloo50:28

5353rd29th u/40M51st MS Hewison 50:34

5454th30th u/40M52nd MI WedgeWChesh50:38

5555th8th M4553rd MP BoardmanHorwich50:40

5656th31st u/40M54th MD UptonScarbAC50:46

5757th9th M4555th MN StephensWarr AC50:47

5858th32nd u/40M56th MS RobertsChorleyH50:49

5959th1st M6057th MD WaywellWeshamRR50:50

6060th33rd u/40M58th MP HarrisonLivpoolH51:10

6161st12th M4059th MM CunninghamSptWloo51:11

6262nd3rd u/35L3rd LS CharnockStHelens51:16

6363rd34th u/40M60th ME ReynoldsChorleyH51:27

6464th10th M4561st MN StoneCofStoke51:31

6565th5th M5062nd MA GarrettSpectrum51:37

6666th35th u/40M63rd MK Taylor 51:37

6767th36th u/40M64th MB RiddawaySkemBoun51:43

6868th6th M5065th MR HandleySptWloo51:44

6969th7th M5066th MB WalmsleySkemBoun51:45

7070th37th u/40M67th MG PierceLiv RC51:49

7171st13th M4068th MS FoxWirralAC52:00

7272nd38th u/40M69th MN LawtonChorleyA52:06

7373rd14th M4070th MB Gow 52:08

7474th15th M4071st MA MasonSpringfd52:22

7575th16th M4072nd MA GormanHorwich52:27

7676th39th u/40M73rd MN KellyPennyLn52:31

7777th17th M4074th ML HuggettS D A C52:33

7878th8th M5075th MF-W Duenbier 52:34

7979th11th M4576th MB AbramWiganPhx52:36

8080th4th u/35L4th LL HeyesHorwich52:44

8181st12th M4577th MS MonaghanAchilliR52:50

8282nd40th u/40M78th MG StevensAstley52:51

8383rd41st u/40M79th MJ Wolfe 52:54

8484th13th M4580th MW CoppelovNewburgh52:55

8585th14th M4581st MS BroadfootNth Vets53:00

8686th42nd u/40M82nd MD GriffinStHelens53:00

8787th15th M4583rd MS Dawber 53:02

8888th16th M4584th MP SingletonBW&F53:06

8989th43rd u/40M85th MJ HorrocksChorleyH53:15

9090th17th M4586th MK ForsterSpectrum53:24

9191st44th u/40M87th MR MawdsleyMersyTri53:25

9292nd45th u/40M88th MC HandleyFitnessC53:27

9393rd18th M4089th MJ LeeAstley53:29

9494th46th u/40M90th MP JamesonFitnessC53:34

9595th47th u/40M91st ML Harkness 53:40

9696th19th M4092nd MR BurkeLiv RC53:43

9797th48th u/40M93rd MH HadziabdicBirkenhd53:46

9898th2nd M6094th MB HargreavesLivpoolH53:52

9999th18th M4595th MA BowkerSptWloo53:55

100100th20th M4096th MW MerrittLiv RC54:02

101101st21st M4097th MDon't know???54:05

102102nd49th u/40M98th MI DoyleSkemBoun54:10

103103rd19th M4599th MT JacksonNewburgh54:16

104104th50th u/40M100th MP DonaghueBuckleyR54:18

105105th51st u/40M101st MI PassStHelens54:24

106106th22nd M40102nd MN TaylorSkemBoun54:38

107107th52nd u/40M103rd MM MorganSptWloo54:43

108108th53rd u/40M104th M Robertson 54:48

109109th23rd M40105th MD Turner-Swift 55:01

110110th54th u/40M106th MR AldridgeSpectrum55:05

111111th24th M40107th MP McCarthyMersyTri55:13

112112th55th u/40M108th MC BradburyAstley55:17

113113th9th M50109th MG HandSpectrum55:20

114114th20th M45110th MJ HumphriesMysterun55:26

115115th56th u/40M111th MI HodgeVeganRnr55:29

116116th21st M45112th MS ClaytonLiv RC55:32

117117th25th M40113th MD TaylorChorleyA55:35

118118th57th u/40M114th MP Ollerton 55:36

119119th58th u/40M115th MP StupplesNewburgh55:41

120120th59th u/40M116th MM PilkingtonLanc&Mor55:43

121121st22nd M45117th MJ FouldsHorwich55:44

122122nd60th u/40M118th MC Hannaway 55:44

123123rd23rd M45119th MM RichesAstley55:50

124124th1st M55120th MT BurkePennyLn55:54

125125th10th M50121st MS AdelsbergThanetRR56:05

126126th26th M40122nd MP ButlerRed Rose56:18

127127th27th M40123rd MDon't know???56:19

128128th5th u/35L5th LS JacksonLivpoolH56:22

129129th3rd M60124th MP RobertsBuckleyR56:32

130130th61st u/40M125th MD Higgins 56:32

131131st11th M50126th MD CainPennyLn56:33

132132nd62nd u/40M127th MC Smyth 56:34

133133rd63rd u/40M128th MM JonesSptWloo56:35

134134th28th M40129th MS BurrowesKendalAC56:38

135135th12th M50130th MP ButlerLiv RC56:42

136136th64th u/40M131st MC Fallon 56:43

137137th65th u/40M132nd M K Glover 56:49

138138th29th M40133rd MT LawlorRobyRunn56:50

139139th6th u/35L6th LL FarhallSpectrum56:50

140140th24th M45134th MW PercivalAmblesAC56:52

141141st1st L457th LK ForsterSpectrum56:53

142142nd25th M45135th MA QuickfallNewburgh56:54

143143rd66th u/40M136th MG Creer 56:55

144144th13th M50137th MB FaircloughLiv RC56:57

145145th14th M50138th MJ McGlynnPennyLn56:59

146146th67th u/40M139th MA Clark 57:02

147147th68th u/40M140th MR WilliamsLiv RC57:04

148148th2nd M55141st MB KennedyNewburgh57:06

149149th30th M40142nd MM Smith 57:08

150150th69th u/40M143rd MA GaskellSutton57:17

151151st31st M40144th MP Dawson 57:18

152152nd26th M45145th MS FosterAstley57:19

153153rd70th u/40M146th MJ Metcalfe 57:21

154154th4th M60147th MN GriffithsSpectrum57:21

155155th71st u/40M148th MC LittleAstley57:25

156156th27th M45149th MP Carpenter 57:29

157157th72nd u/40M150th MT ManPennyLn57:30

158158th28th M45151st MR WoodPembSeft57:39

159159th32nd M40152nd MS SaundersBirkenhd57:39

160160th29th M45153rd MM NaughtonAccringR57:40

161161st33rd M40154th MK FieldLiv RC57:46

162162nd34th M40155th MG Johnston 57:50

163163rd73rd u/40M156th MA Swain 57:52

164164th5th M60157th MJ MorrisBuckleyR57:55

165165th15th M50158th MP Richardson 58:01

166166th74th u/40M159th MR Newsham 58:05

167167th75th u/40M160th MA BrunskillLancsFB58:07

168168th35th M40161st MA HudsonSptWloo58:08

169169th7th u/35L8th LD UrquhartBuckleyR58:08

170170th30th M45162nd MB ConnollyPicton R58:11

171171st8th u/35L9th LJ EcclestonStHelens58:12

172172nd76th u/40M163rd MM Bretherton 58:14

173173rd31st M45164th MP DoyleCongletn58:15

174174th1st M65165th MS DaviesAccringR58:18

175175th16th M50166th MA TaylorMysterun58:30

176176th77th u/40M167th MM Morrison 58:57

177177th2nd L4510th LB WaneAstley59:02

178178th9th u/35L11th LP Thurtle 59:04

179179th3rd L4512th LG DarbyPembSeft59:05

180180th78th u/40M168th MK AllenderStHelens59:17

181181st79th u/40M169th MP Morgan 59:19

182182nd32nd M45170th MP WilkinsonSkemBoun59:21

183183rd10th u/35L13th LM AliLivpoolH59:22

184184th36th M40171st MA Roberts 59:24

185185th80th u/40M172nd MD Stonehouse 59:27

186186th4th L4514th LC QuirkSkemBoun59:31

187187th37th M40173rd MM JacksonCongletn59:34

188188th33rd M45174th MA LindopWirks59:36

189189th81st u/40M175th MP SlaterSpectrum59:40

190190th38th M40176th MD Mullen 59:41

191191st39th M40177th MT MurphyNth Vets59:48

192192nd17th M50178th MG SchofieldChorleyH59:53

193193rd40th M40179th MS KennerleyCongletn1:00:02

194194th82nd u/40M180th MS TysomeTrailRun1:00:05

195195th34th M45181st MA SummersSkemBoun1:00:09

196196th83rd u/40M182nd MP White 1:00:11

197197th18th M50183rd MS ThomasChorleyH1:00:18

198198th11th u/35L15th LH DuffieldSkemBoun1:00:24

199199th84th u/40M184th MS Fraser 1:00:25

200200th35th M45185th MM DrewPensbyRR1:00:29

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Number finishing in each age group out of the 452 finishers in the race
Men under 40 142
Men 40 to 44 66
Men 45 to 49 69
Men 50 to 54 37
Men 55 to 59 14
Men 60 to 64 12
Men 65 to 69 6
Men 70 to 74 3
Men 75 to 79 1
Ladies under 35 27
Ladies 35 to 39 18
Ladies 40 to 44 22
Ladies 45 to 49 20
Ladies 50 to 54 9
Ladies 55 to 59 4
Ladies 60 to 64
Ladies 65 to 69 2