Southport April Fools Races

1st April 2007

3Km Fun Run
Men's 4 Mile Race
Ladies's 4 Mile Race
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Ladies 4 Mile Race

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All Results - All Ages : position 1 to 200

pos in
pos in
age group
pos in
name club time mins/mile mins/km
11st1st u/35L1st L
Amanda Crook
SptWloo24:01 6m00s3m43s
22nd2nd u/35L2nd L
Kirsty Longley
PembSeft25:06 6m16s3m53s
33rd1st L353rd L
Jane Clarke
25:15 6m18s3m55s
44th3rd u/35L4th LJoanne PerryLanc&Mor25:42 6m25s3m59s
55th1st L505th LSue CooperSptWloo25:53 6m28s4m01s
66th4th u/35L6th LLauren CooperLanc&Mor26:43 6m40s4m09s
77th2nd L357th LKaren Rumsby 27:15 6m48s4m14s
88th5th u/35L8th LVicci Hall 27:35 6m53s4m17s
99th6th u/35L9th LJulia EcclestonStHelens27:46 6m56s4m18s
1010th7th u/35L10th LDeb Farrington 27:54 6m58s4m20s
1111th3rd L3511th LJoanna Evans 28:01 7m00s4m21s
1212th8th u/35L12th LSteff JamesSptWloo28:11 7m02s4m22s
1313th1st L4013th LVictoria HarveySptWloo28:12 7m03s4m22s
1414th1st L4514th LMary TavenerValeRoyl28:20 7m05s4m24s
1515th2nd L5015th LAnne WalworthRed Rose28:21 7m05s4m24s
1616th1st L5516th LKaren FaloonSptWloo28:52 7m13s4m29s
1717th9th u/35L17th LJayne PerryLanc&Mor28:57 7m14s4m29s
1818th3rd L5018th LGen WilliamsMossleyH29:10 7m17s4m31s
1919th10th u/35L19th LAbi BridgemanSptWloo29:50 7m27s4m38s
2020th4th L5020th LChristine PerryLanc&Mor30:07 7m31s4m40s
2121st2nd L4021st LCarole JamesSptWloo30:09 7m32s4m41s
2222nd11th u/35L22nd LDebbie Wildman 30:17 7m34s4m42s
2323rd5th L5023rd LChris CutnerSptWloo30:32 7m38s4m44s
2424th3rd L4024th LHelen NurseLeedsCty31:03 7m45s4m49s
2525th2nd L4525th LJane BlacklinRiversd31:14 7m48s4m51s
2626th12th u/35L26th LLouise Cropper 31:20 7m50s4m52s
2727th6th L5027th LPam AppletonStHelens31:21 7m50s4m52s
2828th13th u/35L28th LCharlotte MurrayChorleyH31:28 7m52s4m53s
2929th14th u/35L29th LAlison Hendry 31:41 7m55s4m55s
3030th15th u/35L30th LMichelle MercerSptWloo31:42 7m55s4m55s
3131st4th L3531st LKathleen Morris 31:44 7m56s4m55s
3232nd5th L3532nd LWendy SkinnerChorleyH31:44 7m56s4m55s
3333rd4th L4033rd LJacki FaradayLiv RC31:50 7m57s4m56s
3434th6th L3534th LSharon PardoeSptWloo32:04 8m01s4m58s
3535th7th L3535th LDonna Spencer 32:10 8m02s4m59s
3636th5th L4036th LJulie YatesLancCons32:13 8m03s5m00s
3737th8th L3537th LSonia Taylor 32:28 8m07s5m02s
3838th7th L5038th LCatherine NevinPennyLn32:30 8m07s5m02s
3939th6th L4039th LClaire CarrParboldP32:41 8m10s5m04s
4040th16th u/35L40th LEleanor ReynoldsStHelens33:22 8m20s5m11s
4141st17th u/35L41st LNiz BowkerSptWloo33:24 8m21s5m11s
4242nd7th L4042nd LAnne O'CallaghanLiv RC33:24 8m21s5m11s
4343rd8th L5043rd LSandra WatersSptWloo33:41 8m25s5m14s
4444th9th L3544th LHelen Renton 33:42 8m25s5m14s
4545th3rd L4545th LJan Lyall 33:45 8m26s5m14s
4646th10th L3546th LNatasha HadleyEllsmrPt33:46 8m26s5m14s
4747th11th L3547th LNerys Fielding 33:53 8m28s5m15s
4848th8th L4048th LLindsey Mutch 34:05 8m31s5m17s
4949th9th L5049th LElaine O' Dea 34:05 8m31s5m17s
5050th18th u/35L50th LV Francome 34:07 8m31s5m18s
5151st12th L3551st LMandy McCulloch 34:09 8m32s5m18s
5252nd9th L4052nd LJan Kiernan 34:16 8m34s5m19s
5353rd10th L4053rd LPauline McKenna 34:21 8m35s5m20s
5454th11th L4054th LElaine Doke 34:23 8m35s5m20s
5555th19th u/35L55th LMelissa GrimshawWomNet34:39 8m39s5m23s
5656th13th L3556th LPaula Varley 34:41 8m40s5m23s
5757th4th L4557th LAnn Miller 34:49 8m42s5m24s
5858th10th L5058th LRos Thompson 34:54 8m43s5m25s
5959th11th L5059th LJune JonesWomNet34:57 8m44s5m25s
6060th20th u/35L60th LMaria Hornby 35:00 8m45s5m26s
6161st1st L6561st LDot FairhurstStHelens35:14 8m48s5m28s
6262nd1st L6062nd LSheila MarshallSptWloo35:24 8m51s5m30s
6363rd12th L4063rd LHilary Burnside 35:33 8m53s5m31s
6464th21st u/35L64th LAmanda Murphy 35:51 8m57s5m34s
6565th13th L4065th LL Nordmann 36:11 9m02s5m37s
6666th14th L3566th LSarah Reynolds 36:12 9m03s5m37s
6767th22nd u/35L67th LJennie Platt 36:13 9m03s5m37s
6868th15th L3568th LSarah CatterallWomNet36:25 9m06s5m39s
6969th12th L5069th LShelia HarrisFormbyH36:37 9m09s5m41s
7070th13th L5070th LPauline PiltonStHelens37:01 9m15s5m45s
7171st14th L4071st LGina BellhouseSptWloo37:04 9m16s5m45s
7272nd2nd L6072nd LJill ScottClayton37:12 9m18s5m46s
7373rd23rd u/35L73rd LHannah MidlenWomNet37:13 9m18s5m46s
7474th15th L4074th LKath Murton 37:14 9m18s5m47s
7575th16th L3575th LRuth HalsteadWomNet37:26 9m21s5m48s
7676th17th L3576th LJoanne Cheetham 37:29 9m22s5m49s
7777th24th u/35L77th LJeanette MurrayChorleyH37:30 9m22s5m49s
7878th16th L4078th LRachel Salmon 37:31 9m22s5m49s
7979th2nd L5579th LE SouthernWirralAC37:36 9m24s5m50s
8080th18th L3580th LAdel Crossley 37:43 9m25s5m51s
8181st5th L4581st LLinda Burrows 37:44 9m26s5m51s
8282nd19th L3582nd LChristine Wood 38:02 9m30s5m54s
8383rd25th u/35L83rd LChristine MorleyLiv RC38:07 9m31s5m55s
8484th26th u/35L84th LJulie DriscollLiv RC38:09 9m32s5m55s
8585th27th u/35L85th LMichelle FosterLiv RC38:21 9m35s5m57s
8686th6th L4586th LJulie Watkinson 38:43 9m40s6m00s
8787th17th L4087th LLiz Clark 38:48 9m42s6m01s
8888th2nd L6588th LValerie LawsonClayton39:35 9m53s6m09s
8989th20th L3589th LRachael Atwell 39:57 9m59s6m12s
9090th28th u/35L90th LJulie Miller 40:03 10m00s6m13s
9191st29th u/35L91st LJemma Thorpe 40:06 10m01s6m13s
9292nd14th L5092nd LGill ThorpeWomNet40:14 10m03s6m15s
9393rd7th L4593rd LDebbie Mawson 40:16 10m04s6m15s
9494th21st L3594th LGail Stonehouse 40:41 10m10s6m19s
9595th8th L4595th LJudy WrightWomNet40:44 10m11s6m19s
9696th22nd L3596th LDympna Jonbs 40:57 10m14s6m21s
9797th9th L4597th LJanice WilliamsJJB41:18 10m19s6m25s
9898th30th u/35L98th LLiz WelshLiv RC42:22 10m35s6m34s
9999th31st u/35L99th LSue TaylorLiv RC42:22 10m35s6m34s
100100th32nd u/35L100th LNicole Dunn 42:25 10m36s6m35s
101101st18th L40101st LLinda Nicholls 42:59 10m44s6m40s
102102nd23rd L35102nd LRachel PerryLiv RC43:03 10m45s6m41s
103103rd33rd u/35L103rd LLisa Lee 43:03 10m45s6m41s
104104th34th u/35L104th LNatasha Wilson 43:03 10m45s6m41s
105105th19th L40105th LH Butler Riley 43:04 10m46s6m41s
106106th10th L45106th LRos Clarke 43:04 10m46s6m41s
107107th35th u/35L107th LEmily Wilson 43:04 10m46s6m41s
108108th3rd L60108th LVera Birchal 43:35 10m53s6m46s
109109th20th L40109th LDebra VisSptWloo43:40 10m55s6m47s
110110th36th u/35L110th LSarah GrievesLiv RC44:10 11m02s6m51s
111111th24th L35111th LTracey Gibson 44:13 11m03s6m52s
112112th11th L45112th LJanet Cowburn 44:18 11m04s6m52s
113113th12th L45113th LAlison Blundell 46:22 11m35s7m12s
114114th37th u/35L114th LPauline FlanneryLiv RC52:51 13m12s8m12s
115115th38th u/35L115th LV WilliamsLiv RC52:5413m13s8m13s
Number finishing in each age group out of the 115 finishers in the race
Men under 40 0
Men 40 to 44
Ladies under 35 38
Ladies 35 to 39 24
Ladies 40 to 44 20
Ladies 45 to 49 12
Ladies 50 to 54 14
Ladies 55 to 59 2
Ladies 60 to 64 3
Ladies 65 to 69 2