Southend Fun Run

5th October 2008

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All Results - All Ages : position 1 to 200

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name club time mins/mile mins/km
11st1st u/40M1st MBen AustinSouthend08:11

22nd1st u/35L1st LJessica JuddThurrock08:36

33rd2nd u/40M2nd MRhys GillardSouthend08:38

44th3rd u/40M3rd MAlex MastersonSouthend08:43

55th2nd u/35L2nd LCamilla SmeeSouthend08:48

66th4th u/40M4th MAshley CapelSouthend08:49

77th5th u/40M5th MJames BlakeSouthend08:59

88th3rd u/35L3rd LAimee GarnettSouthend09:02

99th6th u/40M6th MCharlie Bush 09:15

1010th7th u/40M7th MH Foster-CarterSouthend09:18

1111th8th u/40M8th MChris EatonBasildon09:27

1212th4th u/35L4th LJordan LaceySouthend09:29

1313th9th u/40M9th MJosh HegartySouthend09:40

1414th10th u/40M10th MDean FrostColchstr09:42

1515th11th u/40M11th MTim Berry 09:57

1616th12th u/40M12th MSteven HancockSouthend10:09

1717th5th u/35L5th LPatsy McWeeney 10:12

1818th6th u/35L6th LGeorgina FerrariWoodfdGr10:14

1919th7th u/35L7th LAlexandra MorganSouthend10:19

2020th8th u/35L8th LNatasha FisherChelmsfd10:20

2121st9th u/35L9th LRosa PrideauxChelmsfd10:20

2222nd13th u/40M13th MDominic Lemare 10:21

2323rd10th u/35L10th LLorna Maclean 10:24

2424th14th u/40M14th MEllis Larthe 10:25

2525th15th u/40M15th MGeorge Horne 10:28

2626th16th u/40M16th MDon't know???10:38

2727th11th u/35L11th LAbigail BrownEEssexTr10:39

2828th12th u/35L12th LSummer DannSouthend10:47

2929th13th u/35L13th LElla Norman 10:54

3030th14th u/35L14th LElla StapletonSouthend10:57

3131st15th u/35L15th LLydia WardChelmsfd10:59

3232nd16th u/35L16th LOlivia Aarons 11:11

3333rd17th u/35L17th LAngela Dines 11:12

3434th17th u/40M17th MLorenzo FerrariWoodfood11:14

3535th18th u/40M18th MThomas Metcalf 11:14

3636th18th u/35L18th LEmma JarvisSouthend11:14

3737th19th u/35L19th LEmily BulleidBraintr11:14

3838th20th u/35L20th LAnna Luff 11:24

3939th19th u/40M19th MTom England 11:30

4040th21st u/35L21st LHolly DivineSouthend11:38

4141st22nd u/35L22nd LPoppy DivineSouthend11:40

4242nd23rd u/35L23rd LHayley Jones 11:41

4343rd24th u/35L24th LHannah KaneEEssexTr11:45

4444th20th u/40M20th MBen Stapleton 11:49

4545th25th u/35L25th LLaura Burgess 11:59

4646th21st u/40M21st MAlexander QuaeySthendHS12:02

4747th26th u/35L26th LGeorgia Holdaway 12:04

4848th22nd u/40M22nd MLiam Robson 12:05

4949th27th u/35L27th LHolly Healey 12:08

5050th23rd u/40M23rd MJames Tarpey 12:11

5151st28th u/35L28th LSophie Cripps 12:12

5252nd29th u/35L29th LAbbie Jones 12:12

5353rd30th u/35L30th LMadi Townley 12:19

5454th31st u/35L31st LPaloma Sanz 12:25

5555th32nd u/35L32nd LJane Harding 12:28

5656th33rd u/35L33rd LAmy Luff 12:29

5757th34th u/35L34th LHannah Jones 12:44

5858th35th u/35L35th LRebecca Goode 12:44

5959th36th u/35L36th LVicky Wilson 12:45

6060th37th u/35L37th LHannah McWeeney 12:56

6161st38th u/35L38th LArshy Aziz 13:05

6262nd39th u/35L39th LOlivia Gibson 13:10

6363rd24th u/40M24th MJonathan Butten 13:12

6464th40th u/35L40th LKatie Collins 13:14

6565th41st u/35L41st LSam England 13:23

6666th42nd u/35L42nd LEmily Muggleton 13:28

6767th43rd u/35L43rd LReb Rimmington 13:30

6868th25th u/40M25th MAdil Ali 13:37

6969th44th u/35L44th LSophie Ellis 13:48

7070th26th u/40M26th MLiam Ellis 13:49

7171st27th u/40M27th MChris Jones 13:59

7272nd28th u/40M28th MJames Tarpey 14:07

7373rd29th u/40M29th MDon't know???14:09

7474th45th u/35L45th LRosie Emmett 14:12

7575th46th u/35L46th LKatie Tuffin 14:33

7676th30th u/40M30th MLuke Bonham 14:35

7777th31st u/40M31st MLiam Ellis

7878th47th u/35L47th LRachel Phelps 14:50

7979th48th u/35L48th LEmily Salmon 14:53

8080th49th u/35L49th LVictoria Page 15:27

8181st50th u/35L50th LLucee Sale 15:27

8282nd51st u/35L51st LEmily Solari 15:41

8383rd52nd u/35L52nd LJessie Tatchell 15:42

8484th32nd u/40M32nd MAyden Jenkings 16:21

Number finishing in each age group out of the 84 finishers in the race
Men under 40 32
Men 40 to 44
Ladies under 35 52
Ladies 35 to 39