Established in 1981, we were probably the first to offer a mobile computerised results service for sports events.

Catering for some of the largest events in the UK, we provide a wide range of facilities for many sports, including Athletics, Road Races, Mountain Biking, Triathlons, and Orienteering. We specialise in high speed accurate results, and can supply printed copies at the rate of 360 per minute.

We have off-the-shelf LED replacements available for some of the older bulb-matrix scoreboards - there is no need to replace the whole board, we can swop in our own electronics for a fraction of the cost of a new scoreboard...this Daktronics one cost less than 8,000 to upgrade in 2009.... the running costs alone fell to just 4% of the original board, but more importantly, it won't need servicing again for another 10 years!

We provide all the computing requirements for the English Schools' Athletics Association. Their Track & Field Championships - the 3rd largest athletics event in the World each year - are televised live for 4 hours each July. We ensure that Sky TV have all the real-time information they need, all backed up with live real-time backup facilities...even down to spare generators, and spare telephones, to cover the most unlikely scenarios.

Our results systems link directly to stadia scoreboards and can stream directly onto our website. We also interface our results directly into massive TV displays as shown in the photo below.

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