We make and hire large display clocks for use at sporting events.

Our new clock model incorporates a Rugby MSF timing signal to guarantee millisecond accuracy, no matter how long they run.

The software is written in-house which enables us to load special programs to cater for special events with complex timing requirements.

Clock Features
Accuracybetter than 1 millisecond per day, 2.5ppm crystal controlled, Rugby MSF corrected
Event Timerreset / set hours / set mins / start / stop / restart
Real Timertime of day is automatically set from the Rugby MSF signal, toggle between event time and time of day as you please
Lap Timerdisplays lap time for 6 seconds, then reverts to displaying the event time
Printerpress a button to print current display time, sequentially numbered with prefix to show this is a button press
Beam breaknoise filtered beam break prints current display time on activation, numbered sequentially with prefix to show it is a beam break, re-armed after 2 seconds - great for downhill events
Countdown modeSet a time, count it down, then count up from zero - great for starting events
Beep count upoptionally gives 3 second beep countup either every minute, or every 30 seconds - great for starting downhill events
Battery12 volt input, small car battery lasts 24 hours

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